The #1 SEO Mistake Website Owners & Bloggers Are Still Making

Produce authentic, original content that provides value to your visitors, or else you may find yourself disappearing completely from the top search results in Google! Back on May 20th, Google Engineer Matt Cutts announced that their latest algorithm update called Panda 4.0 was "rolling out".  The main focus of this latest update was to make the algorithm better detect true authority, in the sense that many websites will copy content from other sites.  And Pando 4.0 is designed to do a better job at detecting the original source of the content. Search Engine Land did a great write up about the impact of the previous versions of Panda update and how it negatively impacted a website that was producing original, high quality content.  While simultaneously, sites that were scraping (copying) content from this authoritative site were still ranking well in the search results. However, when Pando 4.0 was released, the original source (or site) of the content seemed to [...]

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How To Leverage Google Authorship For Your Business And Why You Need To Do This (Like Yesterday…)

Here's a concept that you may have never heard about before but it's called "Google Authorship", and it allows anyone publishing content on the web to generate a thumbnail image with their search results. Let me give you a quick example of what I'm talking about: Notice in the search result above for the keyword phrase "dui attorney athens ga" the listing that has the thumbnail image associated with it - that's an example of Google Authorship at work.  Basically, Google is adding a social layer to their search results to help increase the quality and "legitimacy" of the pages that get indexed.  Allowing content producers to verify themselves, and their content, is one way they can achieve the quality they seek. Now, since this is actually one of my clients, I can tell you that not only is this an example of Google Authorship, but it's also a new search marketing strategy that can have a tremendous impact on [...]

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From Nowhere To #2 in Google in 5 Months

*** UPDATE:  May 3, 2013 --- my client is now #1 in Google for the keyword phrase "brain injury attorney atlanta".  A substantial achievement considering 1)  the high profile nature of these cases and 2) the hyper competitive environment in Atlanta from the top law firms in the south east. Over the past year or so, I've been working hard at researching the intricacies of the Google search algorithm, especially captivated by the social signals and mechanisms that have been integrated with Google+ profiles and Google+ pages for business. The integration of how these social mechanisms work in concert with other properties such as your website, and subsequent web pages under the top level domain, is nothing short of "awesome" on the one hand and "stunning" on the other. And by "awesome" and "stunning" I mean that I sometimes find myself frozen in time as I realize, just at the surface level, the complexities that are work in determining [...]

How This One Simple Keyword Strategy Can Help Your Local Business Stand Out In Google… (and NO! It’s not spam)

When it comes to Google, every business - whether local, regional, global, or even e-commerce (100% online) - wishes they had more exposure in Google's natural search results. Yes, Google makes billions of dollars per year from Adwords which is their pay per click platform.  With Adwords though, the business is having to spend money to be found on the front page of Google. And this is something that gets old real quick for most businesses.  Primarily because most businesses fail to see the return on investment in Adwords. But by no means does this translate into business owners seeing no value in being found on the front page of Google.  In fact, businesses are usually willing to spend more money in getting their business onto the front page of Google in the natural search results, versus spending money on pay per click advertising with Google Adwords.  The primary reason people have a hard time spending money on Google [...]

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Outbound Linking, The Secret Sauce To ‘Trust & Authority’ For Top Rankings in Google

If trust and authority of your host domain is a key factor in ranking in Google search, then you need to focus on high quality outbound linking.  I'll use, as an example, the page that went from unpublished to PR4 in less than 6 days - see the PR4 page here and an initial explanation here. Wouldn't you love to have your website ranked in the #1 position in Google search for your most targeted keyword phrases? Of course you would. If business owners weren't interested in Google search traffic, then Google wouldn't be making billions of dollars a month with Adwords, the platform businesses use to pay for clicks and traffic to their websites. I saw an interesting chart recently that outlined the most relevant factors that Google calculates in determining how to rank websites in their search results.  This chart gives us some insight into what matters most when it comes to ranking. Check it out: One thing [...]

3 Key Factors For Top Search Results in Google Places

You've heard of Google Places right? If not, and you are a local business, then you need to contact us ASAP! Seriously though, Google Places pages are the primary search results showing up in local searches on Google, both on regular desktop and laptop searches, and also in mobile searches. Key factors in top Google Places search results So let me just assume here that yes, you've heard of Google Places and that if you are a local business owner, you already have your Google Places page built and launched (again, if not, stop what you are doing and contact me). Now that you have your Google Places page built, verified, and live on Google, it's now time to find out exactly what you need to do to get your Places page to show up at the very top of the search results for your most profitable keyword search phrases. This means - if I own a tire shop [...]

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How To Write Content That Dominates Google Search

Who in the world doesn't want top search results in Google? If you are reading this article, then it I think it goes without saying that achieving the coveted front page - heck, even the top 3 search results in Google - is a dream that you wish you could achieve. Lucky for you my friends, I'm about to show you how to do it through the simple use of content. That's right - you'll have to write some content. But don't hand your head too low!  After all, Google is the one who established the fact that content is king. And if content is king - meaning, content is that vehicle upon which you achieve top search results in Google - then it's worth finding out how to produce content that's primed for those top search rankings. It's all about the niche keyword phrase (or phrases) A lot of business owners, and marketers, try to bite off way [...]

PR4 In 6 Days – How I Did It

Imagine going from non-existent (not even published yet...) to a PR4 (a Google PageRank of 4) in only 6 days!  Sound impossible?  It's not - keeping reading and I'll tell you exactly what I did, how I believed it happened!  This is an anomaly in the world of PageRank - something I've never seen before. See the PR4 article here That's right folks.  It's something I've never done before and to be honest with you, I've never even seen it done before.  But I wrote an article - an article right here on Bipper Media - that I published and in only 6 days, the article shot up to a PR4 (PageRank of 4). Not sure what PageRank is? learn about it here Now, I'm not professing to be the foremost expert in search optimization or content marketing because to be completely honest with you, I'm still analyzing this process to learn as much as I can from it. [...]

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