The #1 SEO Mistake Website Owners & Bloggers Are Still Making

Produce authentic, original content that provides value to your visitors, or else you may find yourself disappearing completely from the top search results in Google! Back on May 20th, Google Engineer Matt Cutts announced that their latest algorithm update called Panda 4.0 was [...]

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How To Leverage Google Authorship For Your Business And Why You Need To Do This (Like Yesterday…)

Here's a concept that you may have never heard about before but it's called "Google Authorship", and it allows anyone publishing content on the web to generate a thumbnail image with their search results. Let me give you a quick example of what [...]

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From Nowhere To #2 in Google in 5 Months

*** UPDATE:  May 3, 2013 --- my client is now #1 in Google for the keyword phrase "brain injury attorney atlanta".  A substantial achievement considering 1)  the high profile nature of these cases and 2) the hyper competitive environment in Atlanta from the [...]

How This One Simple Keyword Strategy Can Help Your Local Business Stand Out In Google… (and NO! It’s not spam)

When it comes to Google, every business - whether local, regional, global, or even e-commerce (100% online) - wishes they had more exposure in Google's natural search results. Yes, Google makes billions of dollars per year from Adwords which is their pay per [...]

Outbound Linking, The Secret Sauce To ‘Trust & Authority’ For Top Rankings in Google

If trust and authority of your host domain is a key factor in ranking in Google search, then you need to focus on high quality outbound linking.  I'll use, as an example, the page that went from unpublished to PR4 in less than [...]

3 Key Factors For Top Search Results in Google Places

You've heard of Google Places right? If not, and you are a local business, then you need to contact us ASAP! Seriously though, Google Places pages are the primary search results showing up in local searches on Google, both on regular desktop and [...]

How To Write Content That Dominates Google Search

Who in the world doesn't want top search results in Google? If you are reading this article, then it I think it goes without saying that achieving the coveted front page - heck, even the top 3 search results in Google - is [...]

PR4 In 6 Days – How I Did It

Imagine going from non-existent (not even published yet...) to a PR4 (a Google PageRank of 4) in only 6 days!  Sound impossible?  It's not - keeping reading and I'll tell you exactly what I did, how I believed it happened!  This is an [...]

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