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Attorney Michael Daniel“Since Bipper Media took over our SEO, the increase in traffic, rankings, and exposure have been impressive. It’s clear to me that Bipper Media is at the forefront of all things digital media…”

Attorney Michael C. Daniel
Prior, Daniel, & Wiltshire

Star2Star SEO Strategy“We used Bipper Media to help with our SEO efforts here at Star2Star Communications and they were excellent. I would definitely recommend Bobby and his team!”


David Portnowitz, VP Marketing / Star2Star Communications

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One of our law firm clients is ranked #1 in Google for the keyword phrase “car accident lawyer milwaukee”, which is arguably the most valuable keyword phrase in the legal market in the State of Wisconsin.

We have MANY examples of #1 ranked clients just like this throughout the U.S., both local / professional clients and enterprise / corporate clients.

Client’s Latest Website Project

Website Development New CallsThis client runs a limo and airport car service in the Toms River, NJ / Jersey shore market, and within 48 hours of launching this site he had already received 18 calls from new customers.

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How local SEO gave this criminal defense lawyer a monopoly in Google search

It’s a powerful thing when a business earns enough authority in Google local search to become the "featured business" for their most valuable keyword phrase. When a business reaches the featured spot, Google removes all other local search results, which means the featured business just earned a monopoly on Google's front page! I started thinking of this idea of "owning a monopoly in local search" the [...]

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How to rank #1 in Google local search when located outside the center of a city?

One the biggest challenges in local SEO is how to get a business to compete in a large city if that business is located just outside the center of the city, or is located quite a distance out in the suburbs? For example, if a law firm wants to compete for the keyword phrase "car accident lawyer Atlanta", but the law firm is located north in [...]

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Photos: Your secret weapon in local SEO

I consider local SEO to be both an art and science.  There's data attributes, entities, and risks that must be accounted for (science), and there's nuances and techniques that only come from experience (art).  This is one of the reasons I love the work of local SEO and search optimization, because creativity and science merge is grand fashion. It's not very often with local SEO [...]

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20 Local SEO tips to boost your rankings in Google local search

The ultimate list of local SEO tips to boost your presence and rankings in Google local search and Google Maps search results. Here's a list of local SEO tips to help your business account for the trend of localization in search, and to begin improving your rankings and presence in Google local search results.  The local SEO tips below are not listed in any particular order.  I just [...]

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Top 5 Law Firm Directories for Local SEO Rankings

When it comes to getting your law firm ranked in Google local search results, or Google Maps search results, a lot of the local SEO ranking power comes directly from your citation portfolio. What's a citation portfolio? Basically, your citation portfolio is the collection of all the places on the web where your law firm's business name, address, and phone number are published.  This is also [...]

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City Pages for Local SEO: The Top 3 Mistakes, and Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking in Surrounding Cities

Creating City Pages To Rank for City + Service Keyword Phrases #1 ranked city page for keyword phrase "ac repair in atlanta" If you own a business in the suburbs of a large metro area, you might be frustrated because you wish your website ranked in Google for your product or service in that large city, not just in your suburb neighborhood. For example, I have a friend that owns [...]

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The local SEO strategy that drove this dentist into the featured local listing in Google Maps

What's the big deal about being a featured local business? Every local business wants to be ranked #1 in Google Maps, or letter A in the 3 pack local listings.  And rightly so, because the 3 pack is where over 80% of the calls, interactions, and customers are generated. But I would argue there's a more prominent place to be ranked in Google Maps, or Google local search [...]

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How To Increase Google Maps Ranking Fast

There are a few ways to go about increasing your Google Maps rankings fast in the local search results... the equivalent of local SEO on steroids.  Not all of them are the preferred method, as I tend to take a more patient, long term approach with most of our clients.  But there are cases where the client needs to get ranked in Google Maps fast, [...]

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How To Generate High Ticket Cases for your Law Firm

Wouldn't it be great to have a system that could generate high ticket cases and clients for your law firm on autopilot? Ok, the autopilot idea is a bit of a stretch as you'll always need "a little" human intervention.  But the beauty of technology and the internet is that you can attract new high ticket cases and clients for your law firm by simply leveraging [...]

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