Dominate Google Maps and Grow Your Business with Powerful Local SEO!

We provide world class local SEO services that give our clients top rankings in Google Maps and Google local search who are doing business all over the world.  Business is local, and your customers are searching — get found fast with our powerful local SEO services today!


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Local SEO Packages

Local SEO Packages

Dominate Google Maps and Grow Your Business


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Local SEO

Local SEO Packages for Higher Rankings in Google Maps

Get found fast at the top of Google Maps and Google local search results, get more phone calls, and grow your business!

Powerful Local SEO for any local or small business with a single location where customers come to you.  Also a powerful Local SEO solution for service area businesses like plumbers, landscapers, HVAC, pest control, electricians, roofers, painters, and more… who serve customers in many surrounding areas.

Affordable SEO for local businesses that puts the power of artificial intelligence and platform technology to work for you so your business data is 100% accurate, consistent, and authoritative everywhere your customers are searching.

Attorney SEO“Since Bipper Media took over our SEO, the increase in clients at our law firm has been impressive… it is clear that Bipper Media is at the forefront of all things SEO.”

Attorney Michael C. Daniel

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Local SEO Packages for Google Maps Rankings

Get found fast in Google Maps & grow your business.

google maps local seo

What You Get

  • $349 per month
  • $3,769.20 annual (save $377)
  • GMB Optimization
  • Citation audit & cleanup
  • 100 – 150 high authority citations
  • Data aggregator
  • Business profile on Bipper Media
  • Business profile on Bip Local 
  • 1 DA 50+ .com backlink per month
  • Monthly GMB reports
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* You cannot have a hidden address for the aggregator.

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“As a result of our increased presence in Google search, our personal injury cases have grown by 50% year over year… we are very excited about the amazing SEO work that Bipper Media is doing for our law firm!”

(Attorney Steven Leibel)

Local SEO Dog Grooming

“We’ve been with Bipper Media for only 3 months and we are already seeing an increase in business… this is amazing!”

(Dawg House Grooming)


It’s been amazing to watch how Bipper Media not only got us to #1 in Google, but how they’ve increased our presence in search throughout out our entire market…  somehow Bipper Media has cracked the code!”

Attorney Mo Wiltshire

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Hear from more of our amazing clients…

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“We grew our personal injury case count by 50% year over year as a result of our increased web presence… we are very excited about the work Bipper Media is doing for our law firm!”
Attorney Steven Leibel
Local SEO Testimonial Quote Icon
“Bipper Media helped us close the most profitable quarter in our company’s history with carpet cleaning & flooring jobs, all as the result of our growing presence in Google local search.”
Derrick Kessler / Lewis Co Floors, Inc.
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“Bipper Media’s local SEO services not only saved out business, but also grew our business so much we were able to acquire a second car service company!”
Exclusive Taxi & Car Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of increasing your business rankings, presence, and visibility in search.  More specifically, local SEO refers to your business rankings in Google Maps. map apps, and other local search vehicles such as voice search.

What’s the difference between Tiers?

We refer to the difference between Tiers as the equivalent of “PUNCHING THE GAS…”. But at a technical level, the difference is in the volume of citations and backlinks that we build for your business.

So the higher the Tier, the more citation distribution and backlinks we build on a monthly basis.

What is citation distribution?

Citation distribution is a critical component to building location authority. A citation is a published version of your business data such as your business name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone #, and website URL. The “distribution” part refers to the publishing of your citation on external websites and directories. The more sites and directories we can publish your citations on, the more location authority you’ll build for your business.

We use a combination of manual processes, citation distribution partners, and data aggregators to achieve what we refer to as “citation distribution”.

What are data aggregators?

There are 3 data aggregators: Data Axle (was Infogroup), Foursquare (includes Factual), and Neustar.

These data aggregators are used to distribute and spread your business information all across the web.

Aggregators use AI (artificial intelligence) to learn more about your business, and then distribute your business information across contextually relevant platforms, websites, directories, and mobile apps that are closely related to your business category.

Although this takes time, the continual refinement and distribution of your business data creates self reinforcing loop of trust and authority for your business.

And the more authority we build for your business, the higher your rankings and the more visible your business will be in related searches.

This means, your business will be found faster and easier by more clients in your market who are searching for your types of products and services.

What happens every month?

When you first sign up, you’ll receive a “Welcome email” from us welcoming you onboard and thanking you for signing up.

Within the first 48 hours, our Account Executives will research your business information (name, address, phone #, and website URL) to identify inconsistencies.  Then we’ll send you a follow up email with directions as to what we’ll be doing, and what we need you (the client) to do from this point.

Here’s an overview of the approximately the first 4 months of workflow:

Phase 1: Clean up/citation alignment (approx. first 30 days)

Phase 2: First round of citation distribution after the cleaning/alignment (approx. 45 days from the end of phase 1)

Phase 3: Google will be indexing the citations (approx. 60 days from the end of phase 2)