Pricing and Packages for City Pages2019-03-15T11:56:55-04:00

City Page Pricing

Get found by new customers who are searching in Google from surrounding locations / surrounding cities.

City Pages are a powerful SEO strategy that will help your business get more phone calls and more sales from surrounding metro areas.

Read more about City Pages here.

City Page Pricing

  • $349 per City Page (one time fee)
  • 20% off total price when you buy 10 or more city pages
  • 100% original content / well research, optimized, high quality content (included in one time fee)
  • Ongoing content updates and revisions (included in one time fee)

The price of $349 per City Page includes the following:

  • 700 – 1,000 words of high quality, well written and highly optimized (SEO’d) content
  • 2 targeted keyword phrases max per City Page
    • example 1:  locksmith in Orlando, Fl / locksmith in Winter Haven, Fl
    • example 2:  Atlanta personal injury lawyer / Marietta personal injury lawyer
    • example 3:  carpet cleaning in Tampa, Fl / carpet cleaner in St. Pete, Fl
  • $25 per targeted keyword phrase beyond the first 2 (the most optimal city page has no more than 2 targeted keyword phrases)
  • ** 20% total discount when you order 10 or more City Pages

Monthly reporting:  $49 per month (optional add on)

  • Monthly keyword ranking reports for your city pages
  • Monthly % increase or decrease in keyword rankings for your city pages
  • Overall % increase or decrease in keyword rankings for your city pages
  • Monthly chart showing your growth / presence in Google search

City Page FAQ’s

How much does a City Page cost?2019-03-15T16:45:40-04:00

The price per city page is $349.

If you order 10 or more city pages, then we take 20% of the total price.

For example, let’s say you ordered 10 city pages, here’s the price breakdown:

  • Normal pricing:  $349 x 10 = $3,490
  • Discounted pricing:  20% discount on 10 city pages = $2,792

So the price per city page, when 10 or more are ordered, drops down to $279.20 per city page.

In the example above, the discounted price for 10 city pages is $2,792.

If you are ordering more than 50 city pages, we can start giving reduced pricing based on your volume.

Can I order more city pages later and still get the discount?2019-03-15T11:50:47-04:00

Absolutely!  We have several customers that do not order 10 or City Pages initial, but within a 1 year period end up ordering dozens.

Once you reach your 10 city page threshold, we will begin applying your 20% discount to your orders.