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BIP City Pages

Get found by new customers who are located in surrounding metro areas.

The easiest way to connect to new customers who are located outside of your main office location.

City Pages are a powerful way to help your business get more phone calls and more sales from surrounding metro areas.

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Powerful SEO

City Pages are built using powerful SEO strategies that put you directly in front of new customers who are searching for your type of business AND who are located in surrounding metro areas.

SEO for Mobile & Desktop

No matter what device people are searching on, city pages are meticulously optimized to get found fast in Google organic and mobile search… allowing you fast access to high value customers in surrounding markets.

Local SEO
Organic Search Traffic Growth

Explosive Growth from Targeted Markets

With city pages optimized for specific markets and metro areas, your website will suddenly see strong growth in traffic from new visitors from those surrounding areas which leads to more phone calls, leads, and sales for your business.

City Page FAQ’s

How much does a City Page cost?2019-03-15T16:45:40-04:00

The price per city page is $349.

If you order 10 or more city pages, then we take 20% of the total price.

For example, let’s say you ordered 10 city pages, here’s the price breakdown:

  • Normal pricing:  $349 x 10 = $3,490
  • Discounted pricing:  20% discount on 10 city pages = $2,792

So the price per city page, when 10 or more are ordered, drops down to $279.20 per city page.

In the example above, the discounted price for 10 city pages is $2,792.

If you are ordering more than 50 city pages, we can start giving reduced pricing based on your volume.

Can I order more city pages later and still get the discount?2019-03-15T11:50:47-04:00

Absolutely!  We have several customers that do not order 10 or City Pages initial, but within a 1 year period end up ordering dozens.

Once you reach your 10 city page threshold, we will begin applying your 20% discount to your orders.

City Page Pricing

  • $349 per City Page (one time fee)
  • 20% off total price when you buy 10 or more city pages
  • 100% original content / well research, optimized, high quality content (included in one time fee)
  • Ongoing content updates and revisions (included in one time fee)

The price of $349 per City Page includes the following:

  • 700 – 1,000 words of high quality, well written and highly optimized (SEO’d) content
  • 2 targeted keyword phrases max per City Page
    • example 1:  locksmith in Orlando, Fl / locksmith in Winter Haven, Fl
    • example 2:  Atlanta personal injury lawyer / Marietta personal injury lawyer
    • example 3:  carpet cleaning in Tampa, Fl / carpet cleaner in St. Pete, Fl
  • $25 per targeted keyword phrase beyond the first 2 (the most optimal city page has no more than 2 targeted keyword phrases)
  • ** 20% total discount when you order 10 or more City Pages

Monthly reporting:  $49 per month (optional add on)

  • Monthly keyword ranking reports for your city pages
  • Monthly % increase or decrease in keyword rankings for your city pages
  • Overall % increase or decrease in keyword rankings for your city pages
  • Monthly chart showing your growth / presence in Google search

Read more about City Pages here.

  • City Page Order Form

  • ex:

  • If you order 10 or more, we apply 20% off the total price

  • Include your [service] + [targeted metro area]... for example:
    dentist in marietta ga
    dentist in sandy springs ga
    dentist in kennesaw ga
    dentist in smyrna ga

  • Payment information

    We will process your payment based on the total number of City Pages specified above. If you ordered 10 City Pages or more, we will apply the 20% discount to the total order price.

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  • Ex: 05/23
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