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Bipper Media's Blog Posts are expertly crafted to drive traffic to your business and with the additiion of our new Social Media Marketing your business will dominate your competition.

Blog Post + Syndication:

Enhance your online presence, engage your audience, and tailor your social media strategy to fit your requirements.

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Bipper Media will write, publish, and syndicate the blog posts on your business profile on Bipper Media’s Content Platform

Content Is Written By Industry Professionals

Our writers are professionals and produce quality content quickly.

Content Is Syndicated

Syndicated, or distributed, to over 300+ major news publications including Google News, Apple News, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Custom Posting

Price: $62.60 Per Post
Tailored and strategic social media posts for your audience. Includes costume graphic, caption, hashtags, and links.

For platforms that allow post linking: Unique content posts that can be connected to all your preferred social media platforms.
* Provided you have access to the accounts.

Social Media Generic Posting

Price: $12.50 Per Post
Efficient and engaging post to enhance your social media presence. Includes generic blog image, title of blog post and link (for platforms that allow post linking) Syndicate your posts across various social media platforms.
* Provided you have access to the accounts. 

Flexible Options

Number of blogs and posts can be adjusted to meet your specific needs and objectives.