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Best Law Firm Directories

When it comes to getting your law firm ranked in Google local search results, or Google Maps search results, a lot of the local SEO ranking power comes directly from your citation portfolio.

What’s a citation portfolio?

Basically, your citation portfolio is the collection of all the places on the web where your law firm’s business name, address, and phone number are published.  This is also referred to as your NAP citation (N = business name, A = address, P = phone number).

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But not all resources or websites are created equal for citations.  Which means, it matters where you create citations for your law firm local SEO strategy, if you expect to rank and compete in Google local search.

And I can assure you, with a lot of law firm local SEO experience under my belt, the legal market is brutally competitive in Google local search, andd you’ll need all the ranking power you can get to compete… especially in large metro areas.

80 / 20 Rule in Law Firm Local SEO Citations

I like to apply the 80 / 20 rule when it comes to creating citations for our local SEO law firm clients.

This means, 80% of the law firm’s local SEO ranking power will come from 20% of the total citation portfolio.

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So the overwhelming majority of your law firm citations published on the web will not carry much ranking power.

But a few of your law firm citations will indeed carry a substantial amount of authority and ranking power.

Below I’ll show you my top 5 favorite directories for building citations and backlinks for our law firm clients.

These are my top 5 for two specific reasons:

  1. they carry a substantial amount of domain authority (DA)
  2. they provide do follow backlinks

Domain authority is important for law firm local SEO strategies as this will be a majority deciding factor in where your law firm ranks in Google Maps.  Again, getting citations built for your law firm is critically important.  But even more important are the places where your law firm citations are published.  The more authoritative the website is where your citation is published, the more ranking power that citation provides back to your law firm’s website and Google Maps listing.  And the more domain authority your law firm has, the higher your rank.

Do follow backlinks to your law firm website is important as well, for both your local SEO rankings and your Google organic rankings.  But for local SEO purposes, do follow backlinks, and especially do follow backlinks from relevant and highly authoritative websites, carry a substantial amount of local ranking power.

And these 5 law firm directories are, in my opinion, the best places to start with your law firm local SEO strategy.  In fact, I believe they are the best places to start for your law firm’s organic rankings in Google as well.  But for now, I’ll stick with the topic of local SEO.

Top 5 Favorite Law Firm & Lawyer Directories

Lawyer DirectoryDomain AuthorityDomain URL

So let’s get to it… here are my top 5 favorite local SEO law firm directory resources.

I’ve listed these law firm directories in reverse chronological order according to domain authority (DA)… that way I save the best one for last!

Law Firm Directory #1:

HG Law Firm Directory

The law firm directory carries a strong DA 71 (domain authority of 71).

What’s interesting about, is I sometimes get different readings as to whether they provide true do follow backlinks or not.  The majority of my research shows they do provide “do follow” backlinks to law firm websites.  But occasionally I’ll find pages where a law firm’s website is actually “no followed”.  I’m not really sure why that is…

Regardless, is a highly authoritative and relevant resource for law firms, and can provide a substantial amount of local SEO ranking power for your law firm with a properly constructed citation and backlink.

Law Firm Directory #2:

Lawyers Law Firm Directory

The law firm directory carries a domain authority of 82 (DA 82). is an extension of the Martindale law firm directory (which is covered below).  But even though Martindale law firm profiles distribute to the directory, the two are completely independent websites and resources.

As such, because of the DA 82 and the fact that it’s a completely separate domain, is one of my favorite resources for law firm local SEO.

Plus, the directory provides do follow backlinks to your law firm website.  Which is another powerful resource to add to your law firm local SEO arsenal.

Law Firm Directory #3:

Nolo Law Firm Directory

The law firm directory carries a powerful DA 85 (domain authority of 85).

Nolo is one of my favorite law firm directory resources because not only do you get a strong citation and backlink in a highly authoritative legal directory, but you can add articles to your law firm profile.

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The ability to publish articles is a big deal because it allows you to contribute to the traffic, exposure, and authority of your law firm profile.

Even better, when you publish articles on your Nolo profile, the articles are actually published on which carries a respective DA 42 (domain authority of 42) and PA 52 (page authority of 52).  Better yet, you can create additional citations and backlinks in your Nolo articles (which are published on to help create a more diverse and relevant backlink and citation portfolio.

This is why Nolo is one of my all time favorites as a resource to drive local SEO rankings for law firms.

Law Firm Directory #4:

Martindale Law Firm Directory

The law firm directory carries a whopping DA 87 (domain authority of 87).

When you create an enhanced profile for your law firm on Martindale, as I mentioned above, the data gets distributed to as well.

But with Martindale carrying a domain authority of 87, and the ability to create both a citation and do follow backlink for your law firm, this is legal directory that you cannot afford to miss.

Law Firm Directory #5:

Findlaw Law Firm Directory

The law firm directory carries a powerful DA 91 (domain authority of 91).

I saved Findlaw for last primarily because of its domain authority.  Having a legal directory resource that carries a DA 91, and allows law firms to create a citation and do follow backlink, is a strong resource to leverage for law firm local SEO.

Likewise with Nolo profiles, Findlaw gives law firms the ability to publish content on their Legal Blogs network.  And the Findlaw legal blogs network also carries a substantial amount of domain authority.

I have found with Findlaw blogs, the profile of the authors typically link out to their LinkedIn profiles, not back to the law firm’s profile on Findlaw.

Also to note, the Findlaw blogs do not always carry the best reputation.

Conclusion on using directories for law firm local SEO

These are my favorite law firm directories for local SEO.  But just because they are my favorite, DOES NOT mean they are the only resource needed for your law firm to get top rankings in Google local search.

Beyond these national level legal directories, you’ll need to dig deeper and find more locally relevant directories and resources to target for your citation and backlink distribution efforts.

Achieving top Google local rankings for law firms, and really any business for that matter, is a process that requires a concerted effort over time.  You need to invest time, effort, and resources into building your brand authority, citations, and backlinks to your law firm website in order to rise to the #1 local rankings… especially in large metro areas for highly competitive legal search phrases.

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If you have questions, feel free to post them in the comments below.

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