Law Firm Directory SEO Strategy

Law Firm Directory SEO

Last week, as we were building backlink and citation resources for one of our law firm clients, we made an interesting discovery regarding NOLO, which is one of 11 specific resources we leverage for all of our legal clients.

NOLO is now free with a subscription to both Martindale &

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This was a pleasant surprise on our part because it ended up saving us $450 which was our normal expenditure for the annual subscription to NOLO.

So for the subscription cost to Martindale /, we got NOLO added in for free!

These 3 law firm directories are part of our 11 specific resources we leverage for all of our law firm clients for building location and domain authority.

Here’s a quick break down on the domain authority for each of these 3 legal resources, which shows you why these legal directories are such an important component to 11 resources we leverage:

The only other resource in our group of 11 that carries more domain authority than these is with a domain authority of 91 (DA 91).

Location and domain authority are important components to our overall SEO & Local SEO strategy for law firms because they contribute to higher rankings in search (both local and organic) and more presence throughout the web.

The combination of ‘higher rankings’ and ‘more presence’ is important because, as you know, the legal market is one of the most competitive business categories in search.  And the competition is more profound in large metro areas.

As such, leveraging the most authoritative external resources becomes an important strategy for law firms to compete in these hyper-competitive markets in search.

So it was a pleasant surprise to see that NOLO was free with our subscriptions to Martindale and

NOLO and are both owned and operated by Martindale-Hubbell.

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