improve nolo attorney profileIf you are an attorney, you more than likely heard of  Nolo is one of the most authoritative legal resources on the web with a domain authority of 85 (DA 85) and part of the Martindale-Nolo Legal Network with over 15 million unique visitors per month.

For law firms, Nolo is a great resource for acquiring new clients.  For people in need of legal help, Nolo provides a wealth of resources for getting your questions answered.

For law firms and attorneys on Nolo, the value starts with your profile.  If your profile is highly optimized with helpful and original content, you’ll be better positioned to convert more leads..  If your profile is less than stellar, prospective clients will be more inclined to look elsewhere.

In this article, I want to show you how to create an effective profile on Nolo for your law firm so you are in the best position to convert visitors into leads, and leads into new clients.


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How to create a law firm profile on Nolo that generates more traffic, leads, and clients

So let’s dive into the steps your law firm should take to creating a profile on Nolo that generates more traffic, leads, and clients.  Because ultimately, the reason you signed up with Nolo in the first place is to generate more clients for your practice!

Step 1:  Avoid the plague of “copy and paste” content

One of the biggest mistakes that law firms make with their Nolo profile is they copy content from either their websites or other profiles, and paste it into their Nolo profile.  I understand the need for time efficiency.  But understand that with Nolo being one of the authoritative legal sources on the web, your new profile will be crawled and indexed almost instantly by Google.  If Google sees duplicate content on your profile, they will know the originating source of the content and precedence to that source in the search results.

So if you copied content from your law firm website and pasted it into Nolo, in most cases the authority of your law firm website will be given precedence in the search results.  And if your website has a low level of authority (i.e. it doesn’t rank very well), you have just negated the domain authority of Nolo by having duplicate content in your profile.

However, if produce 100% unique content in your Nolo profile, then you’ll unlock the ranking power behind the Nolo website, which also maximizes your traffic and exposure to your profile from search.

Step 2:  Follow effective website development strategies with your Nolo profile

When a visitor first lands on your Nolo profile, the first tab by default is the “About The Firm” tab.  I recommend thinking of this tab as the equivalent of the homepage of your website.  Which means you need to follow the same best practices in website design as you do on the “About The Firm” tab in your Nolo profile.

An effective law firm website follows a certain structure, pattern, and flow that visitor experience.  For example, the most effective law firm websites have the following characteristics:

Strong tagline above the fold:  A strong tagline prominently displayed above the fold (at the top).  This tagline should quickly convey the value that you, or your law firm, provides to clients.  In the same manner, your Nolo provide should open with a strong tagline that tells visitors how you can help them with their specific legal needs.

This can be achieved by providing a strong, high value / high impact tag line directly next to your Nolo profile picture.

improve nolo attorney profile

Social proof:  Immediately following the tagline, you should provide social proof (testimonials) that show visitors what previous clients think about you and your law firm.  The best way to do this is to provide a raving testimonial from one of your past clients.  The concept should also be implemented in your Nolo profile.

Strong Call To Action / Action Buttons:  an effective law firm website will prominently display a call to action button.  This is the button someone clicks to engage your law firm.  For the homepage of law firm websites, I always recommend having a call to action button displayed above the fold on the homepage, and again in the header or main navigation.  That way, no matter what page I’m on in your website, I always see the call to action button at the top.

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You can achieve the same objective in your Nolo profile by providing a simple call to action to fill out the “Contact Us” form.

Since you can’t put a button in the “About The Firm” tab in your Nolo profile, you can include the call to action toward the top of your content, and again toward the top of each of your tabs.

So template for an effective law firm website, and the strategy to implement in your Nolo profile, is the following:

  • A strong tagline
  • Social proof
  • A strong call to action

This template should be implemented directly at the top of the first tab on your Nolo profile, and then implement your call to action (i.e. “fill out the Contact Us form”) into the top of each of your Nolo profile tabs.

Step 3:  Use keyword phrase variations in your anchor text links

improve nolo attorney profile

On the first tab of your Nolo profile, you have a section called “Websites”.  In this section you can provide links with custom anchor texts that link back to your website.

The biggest mistake that law firms make is to simply provide the URL to their homepage (i.e.

What most law firms / attorneys don’t realize is they can actually have up to 3 links in that section, and each of the links can have customized anchor texts.

This is critically important because in this section, Nolo allows “do follow” links back to your website.  Meaning, they are opening up the authority of their domain and allow you, the law firm, to pass that authority on to your website.

As such I recommend the follow tactic with optimizing the “Websites” section on your Nolo profile:

 Use anchor text variations:  don’t just use one keyword phrase for all 3 of your links.  For example, if you are a personal injury law firm in Chicago, use something like the following as your 3 anchor text:

  • Chicago car accident attorney
  • Personal injury lawyers in Chicago
  • Law Firm Name

URL targeting variations:  And then for the linking URL, make sure you link to various pages within your website…. i.e. do not link all 3 to your homepage.

Again, using the personal injury law firm in Chicago as the example.  You may have a page within your website designated to auto accidents, and a different page designated to personal injury.  You’ll want to link up the most relevant page within your website to the respective anchor text in your Nolo profile.

In the example above, you would link up the URL’s from your law firm website as follows:

  • Chicago car accident attorney (anchor text), linking to your car accident page
  • Personal injury lawyers in Chicago (anchor text), linking to your personal injury lawyers page
  • Law Firm Name (anchor text), linking to your homepage

Again, with so much domain authority coming from Nolo, it’s important to send that link juice into various pages within your website.  This helps you spread that authority throughout your website, and create a more natural, healthy backlink portfolio.  All of which helps you to build the domain authority of your law firm firm website and rank higher in the search results for your targeted keyword phrases.

This also helps to build the page authority of your Nolo profile, since Google will see multiple outbound link variations coming from that page in Nolo.  Which in turn will help your Nolo profile rank higher for a wider range of keyword phrase variations.

Ultimately, by using keyword phrase variations and URL’s for outbound links, you create a more authoritative relationship between your website and your Nolo profile.  This helps both web properties rank better in search and produce more inbound traffic.

Step 4:  Citations for local SEO / Google Maps rankings

improve nolo attorney profile

On the first tab in your Nolo profile (About The Firm), you have a section for both your “Main Office” and “Other Offices” locations.

It’s critically important that you add your NAP (business name, address, & phone #) exactly the way it reads on your Google My Business profile.

Your law firm’s Google My Business profile is what appears in the local / Google Maps search results when someone is searching for a specific lawyer in your local metro area.  And one of the most important ranking factors in Google local search results is the volume, consistency, and authority of NAP citations.


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Again, Nolo is one of the most authoritative law firm directories on the web.  Which means any citation coming from Nolo carries a substantial amount of authority.  Which can either work for you and your local search rankings, or it can work strongly against you.

If your NAP on Nolo is inconsistent with your Google My Business Page, then because of the domain authority from Nolo, the impact from that inconsistent citation will carry a substantial amount of weight and work against you in the competing local search results.

However, if your NAP on Nolo is an exact match to your Google My Business NAP, then the authority of the Nolo site will work strongly in your favor, helping you outrank competing law firms in your market.

There are a few other factors that impact your local search / Google Maps rankings, but the authority and consistency of your NAP carries a substantial amount of weight.  And your Nolo profile is a great opportunity to get it right and benefit from their domain authority.

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In the section called “Other Offices”, this is another great opportunity for you to get powerful NAP citations back to the other locations where your law firm has offices.

The key here is NAP consistency, ensuring your citations are exact matches to your Google My Business listing.

Step 5:  Adding a video to your Nolo profile

improve nolo attorney profile

Adding a video to your Nolo profile is a simple process, but is often overlooked by law firms and attorneys.  Adding a video to your Nolo profile adds more relevance to your profile, which gives visitors a better overall experience when viewing your profile.

This improved user experience, just like with your law firm’s website, helps to build the domain authority of your profile, which translates into higher rankings and more traffic and exposure for your profile.

Again, adding a video to your Nolo profile is as simple as uploading the video from the admin side of your profile.  But when a video is present, it adds a substantial amount of relevance and authority to your profile listing.

Step 6:  Publishing Articles to your Nolo Profile

improve nolo attorney profile

This is perhaps one of the most powerful features of the Nolo profile, yet so few law firms and attorneys capitalize on it… and that is the ability to publish articles directly from your profile.

In essence, Nolo allows you to run the equivalent of a blog from your profile.  And each new article features a section that promotes your Nolo profile as the author.

Just like with your law firm website, publishing fresh articles contributes to building a substantial amount of domain authority.  Each time you publish a new article, Google comes back to crawl your content and re-index your URL.  This contributes to the “freshness” factor of your website, and let’s Google (and your visitors) know that you are active in providing valuable information and legal expertise.

Article Strategy for your Nolo Profile

One of the most powerful and effective ways we increase traffic, rankings, and leads for our law firm clients is through publishing articles on their blog.  The increased content production allows your law firm to get more traffic by having more pages indexed in the search results.  Plus, the continual flow of content production allows Google to come back and crawl your site, attributing frequency and freshness to your domain.

The same is true for your Nolo attorney profile.  Since you have the ability to publish articles directly from your profile, you now have the opportunity to directly contribute to the amount of traffic, rankings, and leads you generate through your profile.

In most cases, a law firm’s clientele come from a specific geographic / metro area.  Even law firms with multiple locations across the U.S. are trying to attract high ticket clients from the proximity of their office locations.

As such, I have found news article marketing to be one of the most effective forms of content blogging for law firms.

For example, let’s say you are an auto accident / personal injury attorney in Atlanta.  You would have a daily supply of news and events to cover where someone was in an auto accident.  This continue supply and flow of auto accident coverage would quickly allow you to build brand authority around the topic of auto accidents.

For our law firm clients, we are publishing upwards of 30 articles per month covering locally targeted news and information.  And the increase in traffic and exposure for their law firms is exponential.

Search Traffic to Law Firm’s Website

Here’s a recent report we provide to one of our clients showing the impact of traffic growth from search as a result of our news blogging on their law firm’s website:

  • Total pageviews:  increase of 207.64%
  • Total new sessions:  increase of 186.81%
  • Pages viewed per visitor:  increase of 6.2%
  • Time on site:  increase of 38.15%

Total traffic increase to blog:  2,052.94%

Search traffic (mostly Google):  increase of 112.21%

These are the types of numbers that your Nolo profile can experience by publishing a steady flow of fresh content and articles.  And I’m suggesting news and information because of the ample supply of this information on a daily basis.

Social Media Strategy for your Nolo Profile

Once you publish a new article on your Nolo profile, I recommend taking the link to that article and sharing it across all of your law firm’s social media profiles to include:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus

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By sharing your articles across your law firm’s social media profiles, you will dramatically increase the number of opportunities for driving traffic to your article and exposure to your Nolo profile.

For our law firm clients, we created a distribution platform that automatically takes each new article from their blog and automatically publishes it on all of their law firm’s social profiles.

We have one client with two office locations in the State of Wisconsin.  Each of these locations have 4 total social profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, & Google Plus), and we are publishing 30 news articles per month on their blog.

So in total, this law firm is creating 240 social media posts (30 articles X 8 social profiles) per month.

Here’s what happens when you start sharing your articles across your social profiles (from last month’s traffic report to our law firm client with two office locations in Wisconsin):

  • Overall social media referrals:  increase of 1,016.14%
  • Social media from the U.S.:  increase of 1,083.33%
  • Social media from Wisconsin:  increase of 539.68%
  • Social Media from Milwaukee:  increase of 564.00%
  • Social media from Madison:  increase of 916.67%

The same outcome can happen when you share your Nolo articles across your law firm’s social media profiles.

The key here is consistency in both publishing new articles and sharing those articles across your social media profiles.

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you law firm, and individual lawyers, as you look to optimize your Nolo profile.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions, in the comments below!