law firm content strategy for seo

Law firm websites have a tendency to be very self promotional, often emphasizing the awards the law firm has won or the accolades of their lawyers.  This problem with self promotion goes beyond just law firms, as I see it across many SMB and enterprise level websites as well.  I guess there’s a tendency to think when someone lands on your law firm website, you need to first tell them how great you are.

But from my experience, this actually has an inverse effect on the visitor.  Since so many law firm websites take this approach, the awards and self promotion becomes nearly invisible to the visitor.


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So what are visitors to law firm websites actually looking for?

I would argue the majority of visitors to your law firm’s website are looking mostly for one of two things:

  1. Question & Answer based content
  2. News & information surrounding particular topics

Question & Answer based content for law firm websites

If you think in terms of driving traffic to your law firm’s website from search, the majority of people are turning to Google to ask questions about a particular legal issue.  For example, the data from one of our DUI attorney’s website traffic reveals the following questions are driving the majority traffic to their website:

  • I have a dui how do i get my license back?
  • How long before georgia counts a dui as a second offence?
  • If i already have a dui in one state and got another in another state?
  • What bac is considered to be dui in Georgia?
  • Laws on dui in Georgia?
  • What is the minimum sentence for the 4th dui in the state of georgia?
  • What is 0.8 to be a dui in the state of georgia?
  • How to recover from a dui conviction?
  • Will my dui in Alabama follow me to GA?
  • Best probation violation attorney athens ga
  • Car ins for people with dui?
  • Location for dui schools in Oconee county Georgia?
  • I have a dui for years ago i need to school cdl which company take me phone?

Obviously my DUI attorney client is located in Georgia, but as you can see, people who represent this attorney’s most prospective client based are turning to Google to search for specific answers to questions.  And the strategy we are working on now is to take each question and turn it into a new article on the law firm’s website.

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The same thing is happening across every practice area and location where your law firm does business.

And the beauty of question and answer based content is you can repurpose this content is several different ways.  Once you produce the Q&A based articles for your law firm website, you can then take each article and turn it into a Youtube and Facebook video.  And after you’ve published 3 to 5 of these articles, they can be consolidated into a “Top 5 Questions…” PDF download and used as a lead generation tool to convert visitors into leads for your law firm.

Topically Based News & Information Content for Law Firm Websites

The next best performing type of content to drive an increase of high quality visitors to your law firm website is topically based news and information.  News in itself is a highly sought after product, and millions of news related searches a day happen on Google in your law firm’s target market.  As such, if your law firm produced news and information around particular topics that related to your practice area, you would naturally attract those high quality visitors to your website.

For example, we have a personal injury lawyer in metro Atlanta that specializes in helping car accident victims.  And for anyone familiar with Atlanta, there is no shortage of daily news about auto accidents.

But to drill this topic down even further, our personal injury attorney client isn’t interested in publishing all accident related news, they specifically want news and information published where the accident victim was not liable or at fault.  Even further, they want us to cover news where a commercial vehicle was actually at fault and caused the accident or injury.

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For this particular client, we are publishing 30 news articles per month (one per day / 7 days a week).  And each news article published on their blog is also shared throughout all of their social media profiles.  Finally, each news article published on their Facebook page is also boosted in their target metro areas.

The consistency of publishing news and information on this law firm’s blog has results in substantial month over month growth in traffic, both from search and social media.

And one of the greatest long term benefits we’ve seen is the growth in domain authority.

So not only does the law firm benefit short term from exponential growth in traffic to their website, but they also get higher rankings in Google search as a result of the growth in domain authority.

And the more we publish high quality news and information, the more this law firm’s brand grows in their market place.

We have another law firm client that specializes in brain injury cases in Wisconsin.  And we also publish 30 news articles per month on their blog and distribute to their social media profiles.

This particular law firm client has two office locations in Wisconsin, one in Milwaukee and one in Madison.  And for each office location, they have 4 social media profiles (so 8 total) that we publish each news article to from their blog.

Now, let’s do the math and look at the volume of content production happening from this law firm’s website.

  • 30 news articles per month
  • each distributed to 8 social profiles (4 social profiles X 2 locations)
  • this equals 240 social media posts per month, along with the 30 news articles published on their blog per month

And here’s a quick summary from their latest monthly report showing the last 6 month’s of growth in traffic as a result of this effort:

  • Total pageviews:  increase of 207.64% (13,267 vs. 4,355)
  • Total new sessions:  increase of 186.81%  (8,567 vs. 2,987)
  • Pages viewed per visitor:  increase of 6.2% (1.55 vs. 1.46)
  • Time on site:  increase of 38.15% (55 seconds vs. 44 seconds)
  • Blog homepage:  traffic increase of 2,052.94%
  • Search traffic (mostly from Google):  increase of 112.21% (1,460 vs. 688)
  • Social media (mostly Facebook):  increase of 33,760% (3,386 vs. 10)

Some of those numbers are extreme, such as the 33,760% growth in traffic from social media (mostly Facebook).  But it goes to show that previously, this law firm had virtually no presence in social media.

Domain Authority & Increased Rankings for Law Firm Websites

Finally, the use of smart content for law firm websites results in substantial growth for domain authority.  And domain authority is how your law firm rises above all of your competitors in the search results, both local and organic.

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Factors that result in the growth of domain authority for your law firm website, as a result of the Q&A based content and topically related news and information, are as follows:

  • increased content product equals increased crawl rates from Google
  • increased traffic from search increases your click thru rates from search results
  • increased time on site from visitors clicking thru to more content
  • increased pages viewed per visitor
  • lower / decreasing bounce rate as visitors actually find what they were looking for
  • social signals increase domain authority as Google sees more content from your site in social channels

In essence, the more smart content you produce and share throughout social media, the more all of the metrics above improve on your website, which translates into an ever growing domain authority, which drives higher rankings and more inbound traffic from search to your law firm website.