What Are Backlinks? Everything You Need to Know

What Are Backlinks and How Do They Work May 25 2024

Did you know that the first result on Google’s results page has 3.8 times more backlinks on average than every other search result on the right page? If you’re looking to get your site to the top of the list, backlinks are a great place to start.

By adding a few of these links to your web pages, you can bring more visitors to your site. It’s an easy way to increase site popularity.

But, what are backlinks and how do they work? Keep reading to find out.

What Are Backlinks and How Do They Work?

A backlink is a kind of link that leads to your website from someone else’s website. So, if another website uses one of your website links, that’s a backlink.

Backlinks are one of the essential search engine optimization (SEO) tips that every company website needs. It’s one of the top things that Google looks for when it’s ranking websites.

If other web pages are linking to your web page, it shows that your page has authority. This tells search engines that other websites trust what you have to say.

Types of Backlinks

Backlink URLs can be do-follow links or no-follow links.

Do-follow links allow Google bots to crawl the links. On the other hand, no-follow links tell these bots not to follow the links.

Crawling refers to the act of Google bots collecting documents from websites to build searchable indexes. With this information, Google can build its search engine results pages.

Because of this ability, do-follow links pass on site authority to the website that the writer links. No-follow links don’t add to a website’s authority.

Checking Current Backlinks

In order to understand how backlinks are affecting your website’s reputation, you should look at what kinds of backlinks it currently has. You can use a free backlink checker tool to see how many websites are linking to yours and how it’s changing your Google ranking.

With this information, you can work on your backlink strategy.

How to Form a Good Backlink Strategy

Backlinks may work towards bettering your business website’s reputation. However, not all backlinks work the same.

The key to building a great backlink strategy is to get quality backlinks.

Avoid Paid Backlinks

Paid backlinks may cause more harm than good when it comes to building a good site reputation. SEO backlinks should be organic.

Having too many paid backlinks can negatively affect how Google ranks your website.

If you do decide to buy a paid backlink then suddenly stop doing so, this can also tank your website’s reputation. Once you buy one, it’s hard to regain a reputable website. It will take a lot of time and patience.

Given these factors, it’s best to avoid these backlinks altogether.

If you’ve already tried paid backlinks, it’s best to stop now and begin the rebuilding process. Your website’s reputation may take a hit in the short term but it’ll be better in the long term.

As you’re rebuilding, you should continue with all of the other great strategies you can use to build backlinks to your website.

Create Guest Posts

Guest posting should be a regular part of your blogging routine. If you’re blogging full time (or want to be doing so), you should be posting guest posts at least once a week.

If you’re not sure where to start, head to Google. Along with your niche, search “blog write for us” or “blogs accepting guest posts.”

You could also reach out to blogging friends and coworkers that you know. You could exchange guest posts to help out one another.

Many of these opportunities may involve making guest post pitches. So, you should have some ideas ready for the blogs you want to write for.

Your pitch may be different for various blogs, depending on the type of content that that blog releases. However, you should never write guest posts that don’t relate to the niche that your business website focuses on.

Focus on the Basics

Another way to increase the number of quality backlinks that your website has is by creating basic content on your website. These basic blogs are more likely to attract backlinks as other websites use them to bolster more advanced blogs.

Focusing on “what is…?” blogs can bolster your backlink collection while improving your reputability.

Additionally, you can publish survey results, share statistics, or provide similar content. These make great resources for writers looking to focus on your niche.

Build Relationships

Forming and nurturing relationships with other bloggers can help increase backlinks as well.

Think about it. If you knew that your friend had a blog post about a topic you’re writing about, you’re more likely to link to that blog post than someone else’s post, right?

It works the same the other way around.

As you build relationships with other bloggers in your niche, they’re going to be more likely to link to your blog.

To start meeting these bloggers, you can comment on their posts, send them an email, or send a message via social media.

Don’t talk about backlinks too early in the relationship. This isn’t your only reason for forming relationships.

Rather, you should show them how you’re willing to help them with their content. You can show interest in their material, show them an article you wrote using their links, or bolster the relationships in another way.

Don’t force or coerce any kind of backlink relationship. Allow things to happen naturally as they realize how informative your website is.

Build Backlinks and Bolster Your Reputation

So, what are backlinks and how do they work? Well, they’re links that allow other sites to link to posts that you’ve made on your site. They help your website build its reputation while bringing more visitors to your website.

If you haven’t started building your website’s backlinks yet, it’s time to get started.

It may take a while to raise your company’s website to the top of the search engine results page. But, the wait will be worth it.

To get started, check out our backlink services today.

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