SEO for Lawyers: 5 SEO Ideas to Increase Your Online Traffic

Seo for Lawyers May 25 2024

Since 96% of people looking for legal advice begin their search online, it’s important that your firm has a top-notch online presence. Search engine optimization (SEO) can boost your visibility, generate online traffic, and help to get you the clients that matter most.

But how can you conduct a comprehensive and effective SEO campaign? How can you create content that converts? Read on to answer these questions and learn the basics of SEO for lawyers.

1. Understand On-Page vs Off-Page SEO

There are two types of SEO that you need to utilize for a comprehensive marketing strategy. On-page SEO refers to manipulations that you make to your own website to make it more appealing to search engine crawlers. These are the bots that index the web and determine the placement of a webpage in Google results pages.

Some on-page SEO strategies include:

  • Using competitive and highly-ranked keywords within all content
  • Creating quality content that has real value to visitors (blog posts, videos, etc)
  • Using internal linking strategies to direct visitors between different areas of your website
  • Having a clear navigation system that improves the user experience
  • Investing in tech that allows for fast load times, which decreases bounce rate and shows crawlers that your page is interesting enough to remain on/browse

Off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to manipulations you make to other areas of the web. These manipulations show crawlers that your page is reputable, relevant, and reliable to those looking for legal services that you offer. Some off-page strategies include:

  • Backlinks (linking to other relevant websites that Google crawlers already find reputable, establishing professional connections with them to make yourself also seem reputable)
  • Creating a good social media presence that redirects to your website
  • Nurturing good reviews on other platforms and getting mentioned on other websites
  • Getting backlinks on other websites to drive inbound traffic to your page
  • Direct email campaigns that target those in need of your legal services

Ultimately, both of these facets (and all of the activities that they include) are essential for an effective lawyer SEO campaign.

2. Perform Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis (sometimes called competitive analysis) is a process where you examine what other law firms are doing to draw in clients. You likely have other legal institutions in your area that have attorneys that practice the same types of law that you do. It’s important that you stand out from them and showcase yourself as more reputable and experienced.

Plug your competitor’s website into Google Analytics to see what keywords they’re ranking for and how high their domain authority is. Assess the quality of their backlinks. Determine which pages on their website drive the most conversions and which pages have the highest bounce rates.

You then can emulate what your competitors are doing successfully. You also can stop yourself from wasting time with unsuccessful SEO methods. This puts you at an advantage since you’ll immediately work to rise above your competitors.

3. Create Quality Content

Another aspect of competitor analysis is browsing other law firms’ websites. This means paying special care to their blog posts and video content. You want yours to be more engaging and informative than those that you see on other web pages.

Quality content is king in SEO because it makes you more interesting to those looking for legal services. Keeping them interested means more conversions and clients. However, it also means looking reputable to Google Crawlers since people will linger on your page longer.

But what makes content “high-quality”?

  • Relevance to your target market
  • Specific information about your services as a law firm (types of law you practice, years of experience, answers to common inquiries, etc)
  • High readability (bold fonts, bulleted lists, short sentences, paragraphs of 3 sentences or less)
  • Image and video content that generates interest and engagement
  • Unique and informative posts that users care about

This content helps you to get an edge over the competitors whose content is less engaging.

4. Use the Right Keywords

It’s also important that you structure your content around keywords that you want to rank for. Using quality keywords ensures that you rank for queries that people interested in your services are making.

For example, when you optimize for the keyword “personal injury lawyer fees,” your page will show up for people who type this into the search engine. You ensure that the audience who matters most can find you.

Picking SEO keywords is a simple process once you understand the tools necessary for success. Go to SEMrush’s keyword magic tool, plug in phrases that you think are relevant to your searches, and examine what comes up.

You want a keyword with a search volume of 100 or more (the higher, the better). This ensures that you rank for phrases that people are actually searching for. You also want a keyword difficulty (KD) of 80 or below so that your page isn’t too hard to rank.

5. Go Local

Law firms generally specialize within a single region. If this describes you, it’s important that you optimize your website for local audiences. This generates online traffic from people who can actually use your services.

Local SEO strategies can help to get these clients through your doors for a consultation. You need to incorporate local keywords in your content that include your state or region. “Near me” keywords such as “car accident lawyer near me” are also excellent choices.

You also will need to claim your Google My Business listing. This lets those whose GPS is activated in your service area find your law firm easily and effectively.

Get Started With SEO for Lawyers

While SEO for lawyers is complex and challenging, it’s essential if you want to gain visibility and clients. Now that you know how to boost the success of your law firm, it’s time to begin the process of creating SEO content.

Bipper Media is committed to providing you with high-quality SEO services including keyword research, link building, and professional content creation. Our experts are excited to discuss your specific needs and boost the success of your attorney team. Schedule your free call to discuss your SEO strategy and come up with an action plan.

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