The Do’s and Don’ts of SEO for Lawyers

Seo for Lawyers May 25 2024

Did you know that 77% of consumers use the search engine, Google, to find local businesses? You may have built a great website for your law firm but if nobody can find it, it won’t matter!

Luckily, if you have worked with a professional SEO for lawyers, finding your site will be easy. However, there are a few things you should know to make sure you are doing SEO correctly from the start.

Once you know how to outrank your competitors, you can sit back and enjoy leads. Keep reading to learn how to do SEO for lawyers properly.

Do: Use Local Keywords

If you aren’t working with an accomplished SEO company, chances are that you made up your own keywords or did a short search on Google for your specialty. That search likely left out local keywords, which can be your marketing bread and butter if you do it right.

Without local keywords, you may be spending your campaign money on searches from people who aren’t a good fit or are too far from you to access your services.

Local keywords are things like “criminal lawyer near me” or “criminal law office (city name)”. And while these keywords can seem awkward to integrate into your content, they’re what people actually search when looking for similar services.

If you’re writing your own blogs (which you shouldn’t be, who has time for that?) then you’ll be happy to know that adding connecting words like “in” between local SEO keywords won’t hurt your rankings.

Don’t: Make Blogging Your Only SEO Practice

While local keywords and general keywords are important, they’re only one piece of the puzzle. We’d hate to see you getting fewer clients because you’re not diversifying your SEO strategy.

That said, SEO marketing is a complicated topic with rules that change all the time. The best way to stay on top of it is to work with an SEO expert who can help you figure out what you’re doing well and where you need to improve.

For example, you need to be updating your website copy regularly (see next point).

Do: Update Your Website Consistently

When you update your website, even if it’s just changing out a few words here or there, it gives Google a reason to re-visit your page. Once it’s alerted that you’ve made changes, little bots (called spiders) will re-assess your website, which could potentially boost your SEO.

You don’t want to overdo this, however, since Google’s algorithms are smart and they may catch on. Your SEO consultant can help you create a strategy of when to update which pages for technical SEO benefit.

Don’t: Overload Your Pages

When it comes to choosing images and videos for your website there’s a fine line between image quality and load time. Obviously, you want your visual media to be good quality, but you don’t want the images or videos to be so big that they mess up your load time.

People’s attention span these days is shorter than ever and they’ll get annoyed, and then click away from a slow-loading page. Some of the load time depends on your server quality and your web host, but most issues come from too-large content.

Your site’s analytics should show page load time. If you need help finding it or improving it, ask your SEO specialist for help.

Do: Use Your Google Profile

Google is the rule-maker when it comes to SEO. We mortals can merely try to play nice and look out for any rule changes. And just like any ruling party, Google likes it when you use its products. Google My Business is one such product, and it’s free!

These profiles are what show up on the right of a page when someone searches your business on desktop, or at the top of the results on mobile. It shows your business, its hours, location, phone number, and your Google review scores.

Filling this out will not only benefit your SEO presence, but it makes it easier for your clients to find you. Make sure to update your hours online regularly.

If you offer free consultations, Google My Business even has a “book now” feature that allows people to make an appointment without making a phone call: something a lot of people value in these busy times. From there you can have a receptionist or assistant call them back to confirm or gather more information.

Don’t: Forget About Reviews and Testimonials

Since legal matters are confidential, a lot of attorneys don’t post reviews or testimonials on their sites. That’s a mistake! There are plenty of ways your clients can describe the kind of service you provided to them without revealing personal or sensitive details.

You can always prompt your clients to leave you a review, but never bribe them! While there is no clear ethical rule on offering incentives for reviews, it’s generally frowned upon in the SEO space.

Once you get reviews, especially on your Google My Business profile, make sure you respond to them. You won’t need much, just a simple, “Thank you so much for your review, it was a pleasure working with you” type response. This shows current clients that you appreciate them while proving to potential customers that you care about polite business practices.

Do: Offer Online Scheduling

Finally, make sure there’s some form of contact or scheduling software on your site. Ideally, it should be part of your domain, vs opening in a new site (like Calendly). This will increase the time on the page and decrease the bounce rate of your site, leading to better technical SEO scores.

Most popular web hosting sites have these capabilities built-in.

SEO for Lawyers: How to Best Promote Your Law Office

While these are high-quality tips that we stand by, there’s nothing like getting a personalized strategy from an SEO professional. At Blipper Media our clients see excellent ROI on our services and we’re confident that they’re worth the cost.

Book a call with our skilled SEO for Lawyers professionals by clicking here.

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