How to Optimize Your Google Maps Marketing Strategy

Google Maps Marketing May 23 2024

About 30% of all online mobile searches are related to location. Meanwhile, over 75% of people visit a business within a day of completing an online search. Nearly 30% of these searches result in a purchase. With Google Maps marketing, you can start attracting even more customers to your storefront. Not sure how to optimize your Google Maps strategy? Here are a few local marketing tips that can help.

With these local SEO tips, you can generate more foot traffic than ever before. Read on to get on the map today!

Use Your Exact Address

Before continuing with the rest of these Google Maps SEO tips, make sure you’ve already claimed your business location on Google Maps. Start by:

  • Pulling Google Maps up on your computer
  • Searching your business name
  • Clicking on the business name
  • Selecting “Claim this Business. Manage now”
  • Selecting a verification option

Then, follow the on-screen instructions to claim your business.

If your business isn’t already listed on Google Maps, you can add it. First, sign into Google Maps. You can add your business by:

  • Entering your business address in the search bar
  • Pulling up the Business profile
  • Clicking “Add your business” on the left

Otherwise, right-click on the displayed map and click “Add your business.”

As part of your Google Maps SEO strategy, consistency is key. Make sure you’re using the exact USPS-approved address for your business. Confirm that the address is consistent on your website, Google Business profile, and Google Maps listing.

Include all relevant address information, such as a full nine-digit zip code, room number, or suite number. Make sure all abbreviations match up, too.

Otherwise, an inconsistency or formatting error could impact your Google Maps ranking.

Ensuring accurate information can increase your likelihood of ranking in the Local 3-Pack. Appearing in the 3-Pack will help more people find your business online. You can take up prominent space on Google search engine result pages (SERPs) to gain more brand visibility.

Specify the Service Area

When updating your Google Business profile, make sure to specify your service area as well. This step is essential if you serve a wider area beyond a small radius around your store.

For example, a caterer might serve businesses and homeowners within the local area and surrounding cities.

After adding the primary business location to your listing, specify your additional service areas. You can include towns, city names, or miles around your physical address.

Verify Your Listing

About 50% of all local mobile searches concern business information like working hours or a business address. Meanwhile, 75% of local searches result in a phone call. About 86% of shoppers look up the location of a business on Google Maps, too.

Verifying your Google Business listing can help you appear for more of these searches.

After you claim your profile, Google will prompt you to complete their verification process. This process is usually conducted through postal mail. Google will send a postcard featuring a unique PIN, which you’ll use to verify your account.

The process usually takes about two weeks. You can ensure faster facilitation by optimizing your profile. Make sure to include the:

  • Business name
  • Physical address
  • Business hours
  • Local phone number
  • Website link
  • Service areas
  • Primary category and additional categories
  • Products/services you provide

Sometimes, Google also allows phone verification.

Select Relevant Categories

You select business categories to appear on your Google Business profile, too. Listing the correct category and subcategories will help you appear for relevant searches. Make sure you choose categories that help describe your business and the products or services you offer.

Otherwise, you might miss the chance to appear in front of local consumers who want and need your offerings.

Choosing categories and subcategories is especially important if you offer more than one service.

Optimize Content

You can add a helpful, informative description to your Google Business listing to help consumers learn more about your business. The content you add to your listing will help benefit your Google Maps SEO. You can use targeted keywords to begin appearing for relevant searches.

First, take a look at your business description. Give consumers a precise summary of your business and what you offer. When writing your description, try to:

  • Keep it short and concise
  • Include two relevant keywords
  • Add location-based keywords
  • Mention the products/services you offer
  • Add your unique value proposition to stand apart from competitors
  • Link to relevant web pages (like your product pages)

Edit your description to remove any typos or grammatical errors.

Try adding fresh posts to your listing throughout the year, too. Posts can help you highlight events, offers, or new products. Keeping your customers informed can also benefit your customer service strategy.

Posts will only remain visible for a certain amount of time, so keep updating your listing with fresh content.

Optimize Photos

Photos and videos can benefit your maps SEO strategy as well. Make sure to add the target keyword to each photo’s file name and alt text to appear for image searches. Upload high-quality images and avoid stock images to benefit your branding strategy.

Consumers can also add their own photos to your listing (usually when adding reviews).

Encourage Reviews

Encourage customers to post their reviews on your Google Business listings. Positive reviews can build social proof, benefiting your brand’s reputation and credibility. New customers might feel more inclined to trust your business after reading a positive review.

Make sure to follow Google’s guidelines when responding to reviews. Respond in a timely manner to show consumers you’re available to help.

Don’t remove negative reviews. Instead, try to help consumers by offering a solution. New customers will see you’re willing to take action when there’s a problem.

Get on the Map With an Effective Google Maps Marketing Strategy Today

Local SEO can help you reach nearby customers, allowing you to generate foot traffic to your store. Use these Google Maps marketing tips to boost your Google Maps ranking this year. A higher ranking will ensure even more people find your business online.

You don’t have to develop your Google Maps SEO strategy alone, though. Instead, consider hiring an agency this year.

Contact our team today to get started.

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