SEO for Law Firms: 5 Keys to Improve Search Rankings

Seo for Law Firms May 22 2024

An astounding 68% of all online activities start with a search engine. That includes people searching for the right local law firm for their needs.

If you’re not using SEO to increase the presence of your law firm, then you’re losing customers to the competition.

Is your current website ranking lower than you’d like? Are you struggling to bring in new clients? If so, use this guide on SEO for law firms to discover five proven techniques that will help.

1. Do Keyword Research

Search engine optimization involves a lot more than keywords, but you can’t neglect keyword research.

Your target clients are asking questions and searching for solutions. For instance, they might search for a personal injury lawyer, or try to find a good article on what to do after a car accident.

These words and phrases are keywords. You want to place relevant and valuable keywords in your content. That way, search engines know that you’re doing a good job answering the questions that people are asking.

So, how do you choose the best keywords? Keyword research involves finding and analyzing search terms. You want to look for keywords that:

  • Are relevant
  • Meet your clients’ needs
  • Have manageable competition
  • Have a high enough search volume

Identify your law firm’s keywords by using a tool or going through the services of a professional SEO company. These are the phrases that people use to find you.

2. Focus on Local SEO

Your audience is local, and you want to target people that are within your service area. This is one of the most valuable SEO tips for lawyers.

Your optimization efforts should be focused on attracting new clients within this area and dominating the local search.

The best way to improve your local SEO is to use Google My Business (GMB). GMB is a tool that all businesses can use, including law firms. Through Google My Business, you can highlight key information, such as the name of your law firm, contact information, your location on Google maps, reviews, and much more.

Google will use this information to determine which businesses to show someone that types in a search query, such as injury lawyers in Milwaukee, for instance.

You also want to ensure your information is up to date across all business listings. Google won’t know what information to trust if it isn’t, which can make it difficult for you to rank and for people to find you.

3. Optimize Your Website

There are many factors that go into website optimization, and each of them plays an important role in improving your SEO score.

For instance, you want to ensure you have a blog on your website packed with relevant content your audience would find useful. You should also make sure you keep this content fresh and post on a consistent basis.

Blog posts are an excellent way to rank for certain keywords.

Make your practice areas and locations clear. Nothing will turn someone away faster than a bad website that’s difficult to navigate.

On that note, you want to make sure you think about the user experience. Your website should be easy to navigate, and information should be simple to find.

The website should load quickly and look good on mobile devices. If a page takes too long to load, it negatively affects your bounce rate. That’s the percentage of visitors that visit your website but navigate away after only viewing a single page.

According to some of the latest data, 58.26% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. That’s over half of people that use their mobile phones to go online. You must ensure your website looks good on a variety of different devices.

There are many technical aspects of SEO that can be tough for small business owners to figure out. That’s why investing in SEO services makes the process much easier and brings you the best results.

4. Start Link Building

If you want to get the word out about your legal services and attract more people, you need to start link building. It’s a common practice in legal marketing and is highly efficient.

To improve your ranking, you need to acquire links from quality websites that Google trusts to improve your authority. Start a link-building campaign to do so.

Backlinks or inbound links go from one website to another. They also act as votes of confidence, which is why getting backlinks from a website with high authority looks good for your firm and also does wonders for your SEO.

So, how do you start getting backlinks?

The easiest way is to start guest posting or guest blogging. Guest posting is when one website allows other websites to make content for them. It’s a very common way for businesses to link to their services and is mutually beneficial to both parties.

For instance, a website that posts on a variety of topics from lifestyle to business and more might also cover legal articles. You could write a post about how to find a family lawyer for them and include a link to your business.

It’s important to remember that these websites often have guidelines they require guest posters to follow. For example, a list of topics they allow or don’t allow.

5. Use an SEO Service

There are many benefits to going with a professional SEO company to optimize your website and improve your rankings. For one, the pros know what they’re doing. They know the best practices and what to avoid.

They also have the skills and tools to optimize your website more quickly and efficiently than you could on your own.

It saves you time and produces the best results. You’ll boost awareness, increase website traffic, and acquire more clients when you use SEO for attorneys.

Plus, if you don’t know where to start, an SEO agency can help you develop a plan that will meet your business goals.

SEO for Law Firms Made Easy

Managing SEO for law firms doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you follow these five tips. Of course, we understand that SEO can be a complicated topic, and you might not know where to start.

Take a look at our collections to see the many ways Bipper Media can help your law firm. And, of course, you can reach out to us if you need guidance or have any questions.

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