9 Tips to Rank Higher On Google Search

Google Search June 25 2024

Google conducts more than 3.5 billion searches each day. With about 93 percent of online experiences starting with a search engine, your target audience is expected to make first contact with your business through a Google search.

But these searches are unlikely to click results on the second page of Google. This means if you aren’t ranking on the front page of Google, you aren’t getting traffic. As a marketer, you need to come up with business marketing strategies that can improve your position on the search engine results page and boost your traffic and ROI.

This post dives deep into how you can use digital marketing to rank higher on Google search.

Here’s 9 tips to rank higher on Google search:

Tip 1 – Improve Your On-Site SEO

On-page SEO helps Google search engines understand your website and its content, determining whether it is relevant to a searcher’s request. As search engines become more sophisticated, your search engine’s greater focus is towards relevance and semantics in search engine results pages (SERPs), so it can meet user intent.

To rank higher on search engines, you should ensure that your website and its content are well-optimized to the latest practices. You can optimize your meta descriptions and titles to include your target keywords, ensuring that they’re the right length for search engines. Also, optimize your image alt tags to help Google understand the context and relevancy of your images.

Tip 2 – Optimize Keywords to Your Content

Your keywords can help Google determine whether your content is relevant. This can help you improve your search rankings. Before you write your content, you should conduct extensive keyword research to decide on the most valuable keywords to use.

If you’ve already written content, you can incorporate more high-value keywords into your existing content. Researching, analyzing, and selecting the most searched keywords can also help you understand the language your target audience uses during searches. When you use the same searched keywords, your page is more likely to pop up on the first page of their searches.

Tip 3 – Monitor Your Technical SEO

Is your website insecure or unresponsive? Or does it load slowly?

These technical SEO issues may be costing your site a chance on the first page of Google searches. Google prefers websites that are safe, easy to access, and user-friendly and ranks them higher. If your website has an unresponsive design, loads slowly, or lacks a secure connection, your site won’t have a spot on SERPs. This is where optimizing for technical SEO comes in.

Since Google crawls pages, indexes them, and ranks them, good technical SEO can help you increase your site load time, secure your connection, and have clear and actionable navigation on your site. This way Google can find, crawl, and index your site so you can rank higher on search engines.

Tip 4 – Match Your Content to Search Intent

Your content should not only match the keywords people are searching for but also the search intent of your target audience. Stuffing your content with keywords isn’t enough to influence your customers’ purchasing decisions today. To attract more relevant traffic to your site and build a credible online presence, you need to understand the clients’ search intent.

Since each of your consumer’s Google search queries has a purpose, you need to analyze the goal and create valuable content that matches their needs. It helps you engage your visitors better and encourage them to the desired action of your business advertising campaign, whether it’s making a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter.

Tip 5 – Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Have you been struggling to increase traffic or get more qualified leads? There is a possibility that your bounce rate is too high. This means customers who visit your landing page bounce off before you have a chance to convert them. Reducing your bounce rate can help you increase your conversion rate.

You can start by creating more landing pages with compelling layouts and CTAs. What’s more, you can add visual content like images and videos to your page. It’ll help make your content more compelling and easier to understand, making visitors stay longer on your page.

Tip 6 – Publish High-Quality Content

Google serves to answer people’s questions as intuitively as possible. Although keywords helped, they have become unreliable due to overstuffing and misuse. Besides, most of your target audience won’t use the right keyword during their Google search.

To keep up, you’ll need to publish premium and long-form content. When creating your content, you should ensure it’s unique, well-written, mistake-free, and relevant. This way it’ll have a great chance of showing up in SERPs.

Tip 7 – Build Backlinks to Your Site

Having backlinks shows Google that another site finds your content credible enough to link to it within their content. If your site has more backlinks, search engines will conclude that your website possesses valuable and relevant content worth ranking well on the SERPs. This way your site’s rankings and visibility on the search results improve.

To find backlink opportunities, you need to look at your outbound links report. If you’re linking to a high authority website and sending them a lot of traffic, you can reach out to them and form a partnership.

Tip 8 – Optimize for Local Search

About 46 percent of Google searches are local. This means without local SEO your business may be losing out on a lot of traffic. To optimize for local SEO, your on-page optimizations, content, and link building must focus on localized intent.

You should also make sure you get your business listed in local directories and improve your online reputation with positive online reviews. What’s more, you can claim your Google My Business listing. It helps your local community see you when they search through Google maps.

Tip 9 – Optimize for Voice Search

Most people prefer asking questions on their smartphones through voice search. This is why you should consider voice search optimization if you want to rank higher on Google. Since people don’t speak the way they type, you can start by incorporating conversational voice search phrases into your content. It’ll drive more voice searchers to your site.

Top-Rated Digital Marketing to Rank Higher on Google Search

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