Maximize Your SEO Impact: The Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses to Use

Best Seo Tools for Small Businesses June 24 2024

Did you know that over half of all website traffic comes via organic listings on search engines? This figure highlights the importance of having a sound SEO strategy.

If you’re a new or small business, that’s magnified. You need to get noticed before competitors when people search for your products on services. But you need the right tools to make SEO for small businesses a cost-effective marketing strategy. 

This guide provides you with a list of the best SEO tools for small businesses. They are a combination of free and premium tools, but all have unique and exciting ways to help you get that coveted top spot on Google. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a market-leading platform for any company. For small businesses, it’s best to begin looking at your website traffic and other data. You can discover helpful information here, such as your best traffic source or most popular web page.

This tool creates a powerful picture of your presence, including demographics, behavior, and engagement. This picture will help you direct your SEO efforts to the area that will bring you the best results.

Google Analytics is a comprehensive tool, and since it comes from an internet giant, expect lots of helpful and valuable updates in the future.

Google Search Console

Sticking with Google for now, let’s move on to talk about the other must-have tools from this company if you want to master SEO.

Google Search Console is like your technical or admin assistant. This will help you resolve any problems on your site that could hurt your SEO efforts. For example, it will tell you if there is a performance problem, crawl error, or mobile usability issue.

Regularly visiting your search console will help keep your site in top condition. This is important for SEO, as a website with bugs or usability problems won’t fare well in the search rankings.

If you have a new website, set up your search console as one of your first tasks before you start any SEO work.


SEMRush is a premium and powerful SEO tool that’s a popular option for small businesses. It provides keyword research and competitor analysis, helping you find feasible routes to the top of the search rankings.

Let’s look at the keyword features in more detail. You can use the tool to search for a keyword, and it will provide a list of ideas. It will tell you helpful information like keyword volume and difficulty.

This will help you fine-tune your content strategy and write blog posts targeting your niche’s best keywords. You can also see what your competitor is doing to rank well on Google.

For example, you can look at the backlinks they get to their website. This is a helpful way of finding sites where you may be able to win similar backlinks for your business.


If you run your website on WordPress, the best SEO plugin is Yoast.

Yoast will help ensure all your content is well-optimized for search engines. Plus, it’s user-friendly, so it’s easy to pick up if you don’t have a background in SEO or websites.

The tool will give you feedback on each published content item with a red, amber, and green traffic light system. It analyzes things like keyword use, readability, and metadata.

It makes it easy to see if you have an underperforming web page needing SEO work.

Yoast also has other helpful tools. It helps you create a sitemap and SEO-friendly URLs. Using it on your website can help ensure your on-page SEO is as good as possible.


Ahrefs is another SEO tool for competitive research and backlink analysis. It has a robust tool for checking backlinks and leads site auditing.

This tool gives you comprehensive information on how your site and competitors stack up concerning backlinks. It will help you find new sources for backlinks, such as ones currently linking to competitors.

Ahrefs also has a search feature to find out how your competitors rank for different keywords.

If you are putting together a content strategy for your SEO, Ahrefs also has some useful features for this. It will show you the most popular content by niche, helping provide some inspiration.


Moz has many free tools that are useful for anyone working on SEO. For example, Mozbar is a free Chrome plugin that will help you analyze data on any website you visit. 

The pro tool you pay for has many additional features if you want to get ahead with SEO. For example, it has a valuable tool for local SEO for small businesses. The tool helps you manage your presence and ensure map directories have all your relevant contact information.

Moz Pro also offers some features you get with other premium SEOs. This includes keyword research and site auditing. Plus, you can track your keyword rankings to see how your SEO efforts perform over time.

Customers like the user-friendly interface, and the platform has many helpful SEO articles and guides on their website.


Our final tool is Ubersuggest, a brand created by SEO expert Neil Patel. It’s a valuable tool for many small business owners. It’s beginner-friendly with a straightforward interface.

Like similar SEO tools, you can use Ubersuggest for keyword tracking and new keyword research. The tool also helps you find information on your competition and guidance on keyword difficulty.

You can also use the tool to get inspiration in the form of popular content listings. Plus, it has site auditing capabilities to help you identify and fix issues on your site that may hamper your SEO efforts.

Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses

These SEO tools are a secret weapon for your small business. When used consistently, the best SEO tools for small businesses help boost your online visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

The most effective SEO results happen when you have the helping hand of experts. So why not book a strategy call with our team to discover how our SEO services can help your small business?

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