6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Google My Business Listing

Local Seo Services June 19 2024Did you know that Google has an estimated 5 billion searches per day? It is no wonder then how valuable Google is to consumers and business owners. It is probably safe to assume that most if not all people use Google to search for just about anything multiple times throughout the day. This fact alone should motivate business owners to create a Google My Business (GMB) listing for their businesses. But if that doesn’t convince you, allow us to share 6 reasons your business needs a GMB listing.

#1: Your Business Will be Found in Google Maps Searches

Your business’s proximity to your potential customer’s location is an important component of your GMB listing. And guess what feature is part of your listing? Google Maps. Many people will search the type of service they are looking for near their home i.e. plumber near me. When they do that, Google Maps will display businesses that match what you are searching for. If you created a listing for your business, then you should show up for local searches. This increases the chances of your business listing being clicked on and visited in the future.

#2: Your Business Can Show Up in Google’s Local 3-Pack

Have you ever noticed that when you do a Google search for say, “hair salon near me,” what pops up at the top of your computer screen is what looks like a vertical rectangle with 3 business listings? Well, that’s the Local 3-Pack. It’s a highly desirable position to be in for any business and therefore involves several key SEO strategies to get you there. It can also take time, but it is worth it because it shows customers where your business is found on Google Maps and it shows up before organic results. And the creme de la creme? If you show up in Google’s Local 3-Pack, you know you’re receiving an impressive amount of calls when compared to your competitors not in the 3-Pack.

#3: 5-Star Google Reviews Make all the Difference

There is nothing like customer reviews to influence a potential customer’s decision to buy from your business. What your overall Google reviews say about your customer service and quality of products is not something to be taken lightly. We all want to make sure we are spending our money at a place that many people highly recommend. Well, with a GMB listing, customers will be able to review your business and provide feedback that is visible to others. If you wow your customers enough, you’ll start seeing more reviews and a higher overall rating, potentially 5 stars. This is a big deal for customers who are between two businesses but ultimately go with the business that had numerous 5-star reviews rather than the business that had a few reviews and an overall 3-star rating.

#4: Your Business Will See Increase in Sales and Website Traffic

While having a GMB listing doesn’t guarantee that you will begin experiencing a steady flow of foot or website traffic, it does better your chances of keeping up with your competitors. You may have some slower months than others, as can be the case for many businesses, but having a Google My Business listing can boost your numbers over not having one. In fact, Google has found that businesses are over 50% more likely to gain location visits from potential customers browsing and customers who find a business through their GMB listing are almost 50% more likely to buy a product or service from that business.

#5 Your Business Will Rank Higher in Search Results

The more consistent and correct the information you provide is, the higher Google will rank you in its Search and Maps results. That’s why your GMB profile is the best way to achieve that. And believe it or not, it can be easy to not fill out everything or even fill everything out correctly or to look consistent with your website and Facebook, for instance. Bottomline: Consistency is key.

#6 Your Business Will Have Increased Engagement

GMB listings feature several opportunities for engagement. How? Well, potential customers can click on a button on your listing that takes them to your website or they can simply call you with one click. If your business is a restaurant or hair salon, customers can even reserve a table or schedule an appointment directly from your listing. The way your listing is laid out, it is convenient and easy for customers to take whatever actions they are interested in, which increases engagement with your business.

Truth be told, there are actually more reasons your business needs a GMB listing, but these are enough to encourage any business owner to get started on creating their own listing. If you would like to learn what else you can be doing to get ahead of your competition, Bipper Media is a Local SEO services company based in Athens, GA that provides local seo services for small businesses locally and around the world.

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