Law Firm Website Tips To Increase Rankings in Search

One of the benefits to working with law firms over the years is the insights we've gained into effective content strategies that get pages ranked in search, even for their most competitive keyword phrases and practice areas. Law firm websites are typically made up of the following structure: core practice area pages (personal injury, DUI, criminal defense, etc...) admin pages (homepage, free case evaluations, attorney profiles, etc...). And the pages that most law firms are interested in getting ranked in Google are their core practice area pages. For example, if you are a personal injury law firm in Chicago, then you probably have landing pages optimized for the following keyword phrases (as an example): Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Chicago Brain Injury Attorney Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Attorney For each of these landing pages, your goal would be to rank in Google for their related keyword phrases, as this is what would drive the highest quality traffic and [...]

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How Process Is The Key To Digital & SEO Success

So what's the secret to success in search? Is there a magic button that can be pushed and boom... your website is suddenly ranking in the top search results in highly competitive markets? I don't think so. There is no magic button to push that gives you instant results.  But there is, however, a recipe you can follow that will almost certainly bring success to your business in search.  And that secret recipe is called "process". Process is the secret ingredient to success in search. The more you engage with the process of SEO and proceed down its long and winding path, the better your chances are of rising to the top results in Google for your most profitable keyword phrases. Organic search is critically important because it can easily account for 50% or more of sales coming from your online presence. The problem with 90% of the "how to" SEO and digital marketing content out there is they give [...]

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How To Increase Google Maps Ranking Fast

There are a few ways to go about increasing your Google Maps rankings fast in the local search results... the equivalent of local SEO on steroids.  Not all of them are the preferred method, as I tend to take a more patient, long term approach with most of our clients.  But there are cases where the client needs to get ranked in Google Maps fast, and they are willing to do just about anything to make it happen. In these more aggressive cases, there are some tried and true practices that can (not always, but most of the time) drive your business into the top Google Maps search results quickly.  And then depending on factors such as domain and brand authority, age of your domain, and authority of your citation and backlink portfolio, it's relatively unknown if your rankings will stick. So let me share with you just a few of the ways I help clients get rankings quickly in Google [...]

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Enterprise SEO & Localization, How Your Global Business Can Respond to Local Search Relevance

Enterprise SEO & Localization About a year ago or so, we noticed something changing on the front of Google search results for one of our enterprise SEO clients.  For several of their top tier global keyword phrases, we started seeing a larger percentage of localized pages showing up in the search results.  This dynamic is even more profound on mobile devices.  And ever since we first noticed this trend, we've been following it very closely to see how localization in Google would change our enterprise SEO strategy over time. And oh boy... is it ever changing -- and fast! Today, when we search our enterprise SEO client's globally targeted keyword phrases, we see an ever increasing presence of localized pages appearing in the search results.  Here's a quick breakdown of the percentage of localized pages for some of our client's globally targeted keyword phrases: keyword phrase:  tennis camps / 60% localized keyword phrase:  baseball camps / 50% localized keyword phrase:  soccer camps / [...]

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#1 Secret Content Strategy for Law Firm Websites

Law firm websites have a tendency to be very self promotional, often emphasizing the awards the law firm has won or the accolades of their lawyers.  This problem with self promotion goes beyond just law firms, as I see it across many SMB and enterprise level websites as well.  I guess there's a tendency to think when someone lands on your law firm website, you need to first tell them how great you are. But from my experience, this actually has an inverse effect on the visitor.  Since so many law firm websites take this approach, the awards and self promotion becomes nearly invisible to the visitor.    Learn more about how your law firm can compete in search for your hyper competitive keyword phrases.    So what are visitors to law firm websites actually looking for? I would argue the majority of visitors to your law firm's website are looking mostly for one of two things: Question & Answer based content News & [...]

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With Local SEO, Patience Is A Virtue

I was recently asked to answer a question on Quora about local SEO.  The question specifically was Are There Any Apps of Extensions That Can Assist With Doing Local SEO for my Website. At first glance, my mind started to run through all of the apps and tools I use on a daily basis for the local SEO work we do for clients.  But then my mind wandered a bit deeper with the question and I started looking back over the history of our local SEO success with clients. And the one word that kept coming back to me was PATIENCE! I'm going to share my response to that on Quora below because I think it's relevant for our readers here at Bipper Media. Here's my response to the local SEO question that I was asked to answer: First, let me say that “patience” is the #1 virtue with local SEO. If you aren’t ranking well in Google local, or your [...]

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How To Create An Effective Nolo Profile For Your Law Firm

If you are an attorney, you more than likely heard of  Nolo is one of the most authoritative legal resources on the web with a domain authority of 85 (DA 85) and part of the Martindale-Nolo Legal Network with over 15 million unique visitors per month. For law firms, Nolo is a great resource for acquiring new clients.  For people in need of legal help, Nolo provides a wealth of resources for getting your questions answered. For law firms and attorneys on Nolo, the value starts with your profile.  If your profile is highly optimized with helpful and original content, you'll be better positioned to convert more leads..  If your profile is less than stellar, prospective clients will be more inclined to look elsewhere. In this article, I want to show you how to create an effective profile on Nolo for your law firm so you are in the best position to convert visitors into leads, and leads into new clients.    [...]

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Making SEO Work for Law Firms

SEO for law firms is challenging, especially in large metro areas where thousands of people a day are searching for the best lawyers to meet their needs.  More than likely there are hundreds of competing law firms in your market, and rising above the crowd requires a purposeful, definitive strategy.  Here's how savvy law firms succeed in search. There are two key components to successful SEO for law firms that result in top rankings in search: domain authority brand authority Law firms that succeed at both are the ones you see at the top of the organic and local search results over and over again, and their lawyers are called the rain makers, as a result of the inbound traffic and calls coming in from new clients. How to build domain authority for your law firm Let's start with building domain authority for your law firm website.  Domain authority has two major components that fuel your rankings in search and inbound traffic to your website. [...]

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Is Google Testing Beveled / Raised Search Result Display?

I just did a search in Google and saw something that I don't remember ever seeing before.  Check out the pic below, and you'll see a beveled / raised border around each of the search results: Versus the search results that I'm used to seeing which look like this: Notice the difference between the two? The beveled / raised search results definitely help the individual result stand out a bit more definitive. However, this could also be a browser specific style sheet as I was using Firefox when I saw the beveled / raised search results, and Chrome when I get the normal search results. Thoughts on this?

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The Economics of Keyword Phrase Targeting & SEO

I've been thinking a lot lately about what I call "the economics of keyword phrase targeting" for search optimization.  Which means for any given business, product, or service, you can generate a long list of keyword phrases to target and optimize for search.  But out of that list, more than likely only one or two (probably one) keyword phrase will drive more traffic, leads, and sales than all other keyword phrases combined. (think the "80 / 20 rule" for keyword phrase targeting) I've realized, as our SEO consulting business has grown and we work with more enterprise / corporate level clients, the selection process for keyword phrase targeting becomes more intense.  And the downside to bad keyword phrase selection, and the inter-mingling of themes, becomes more costly. This is what's leading me to think in terms of, and consult clients on, the economics of keyword phrase targeting and selection. Here's an example: Let's say you are a $20 million a year sports camp business.  Throughout your website, [...]

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Marketing Attribution vs. Marketing Automation – What’s the difference?

There's actually a huge difference between marketing attribution and marketing automation! I was speaking with a colleague the other day about how enterprise level clients are seemingly fixated on marketing automation; purchasing, setting up, and leveraging marketing automation systems like Marketo, Pardot, InfusionSoft, Leadpages, and more... while mostly neglecting, or not understanding, marketing attribution. However, we agreed that all the marketing automation in the world does you no good unless marketing attribution is in place and being proactively managed. First, let me give you a definition of both marketing automation and marketing attribution to help give some context: Marketing automation:  Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks. (Wikipedia) Marketing attribution:  Marketing attribution is the process of identifying a set of user actions (“events” or "touchpoints") that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome, and then [...]

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Google Local Business Phone Support Shuts Down

If you're a local business or agency running local SEO for clients, you may have noticed the Google local business phone support is no longer available.  I was working on a client issue the other day and, as I normally do, went to request a call from local support.  But after going through the normal URL path, I quickly realized the "Call Me" page was no longer available. Here's what I see now in its place: I'm assuming Google decided to shut down the call me support because it simply wasn't scalable.  You can't hire people to work 24 / 7.  And with the growing volume of mobile phone usage and local business page adoption, the volume had to be substantial Or perhaps Google was running a short time campaign with phone support in order to build up a database of issues.  And then, after they had enough data, they pulled the plug. Nonetheless, I was a definitely a fan of the Google call [...]

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Apple Maps & Local SEO – What You Need To Know

Local SEO for Apple Maps When it comes to local SEO, everyone seems to be fixated on the Google maps search results. Of course, this is justified considering the scale and marketshare Google Maps has in the local search market. But I was having a conversation last week with a prospective client and he mentioned something that really, quite honestly, took me by surprise for some reason. When talking about exposure in the local search, he told me how Apple Maps was seemingly more relevant to his business than Google Maps. Reason being… his customers use the default Siri search on their iPhones, which in turn defaults to the Apple Maps search results. This is interesting, coming directly from someone who has 12 locations for their business throughout the US. I realize that when Apple Maps first debuted, it was a laughing stock on the tech scene as users were getting wildly inaccurate directions. But over the past year [...]

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Your Secret Weapon To Powerful Link Building for SEO

Due to recent algorithm changes at Google, most website owners and agencies are petrified of notion to manually build backlinks to your website.  And rightly so!  For the most part, manually built backlinks are full of deceptive and spammy techniques that can get your website hammered in Google search. But what if there is a way to manually build authoritative backlinks to your website, from relevant and trusted sources that actually offer dofollow backlinks? Sound too good to be true? Well it's not! And I'm going to lift the curtain here and show you how this powerful link building strategy can give your business website a definitive edge in Google search. And not only an edge in organic search results, but this technique can spill over into your Google Map rankings as well.  And if you're local business, then you know Google shows only the top 3 Google Maps listings (letters A, B, & C) on the front page search results.  So driving your business into [...]

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3 Local SEO Tips For Plumbers To Get Higher Rankings in Google Maps

Implementing effective local SEO For plumbers comes with its own unique set of challenges and circumstances.  First, there's a strong sense of urgency from customer demand because, quite frankly, people do not think to call a plumber unless there's an emergency.  And second, when you do call a plumber, you typically have high expectations on their availability, speed in which they can respond to your call, and expertise in resolving your plumbing emergency.  Third, the plumbing industry is highly competitive.  You have a wide range of players in any given market from well established small to medium sized plumbing companies, to the one man show that works out of his house and is just getting started. The shear volume of competitors in the plumbing industry creates a unique challenge in getting plumbers to rank in Google Maps.  Google will only show the top 3 (letters A, B, and C) in the Google Maps search results.  And that's not just unique to [...]

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Should I Focus on Organic SEO Or Local SEO For My Business?

Well, it depends... If your customer base is defined by a geographic region or metro area, then local SEO will be key to increasing phone calls, driving more foot traffic, and converting local leads into customers. If your customer base exceeds a specific geographic area, i.e. the state, national, or global level, then organic SEO, or sometimes referred to as enterprise SEO, is the preferred path. At the local level, more than 75% of local searches convert into leads for a local business.  And of those searches, over 90% will click or call the business that's found in the top 3 local search results - i.e. letters A, B, or C in Google Maps. At the organic level, searches that do not appear to be relevant for a local business, product, or service will exclude the local search results altogether. Let's compare the local search results to the organic search results in Google. Here's a screenshot showing the front page [...]

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4 Business Categories That Benefit Most from Local SEO

I could've taken the easy road with the question of "what business categories benefit most from local SEO?", by saying that all local and small businesses should be leveraging local SEO! But that would've been cop out... And I know you clicked thru to this article to get some meaty details on the types of business categories that benefit the most from local SEO campaigns, so I'm going to share mostly from my own experiences as an agency running local SEO for clients for nearly 10 years.  And hopefully this leaves you more informed than you were before reading this article! First, let me say that I'm approaching this question from the mindset of a local customer.  So I'm putting myself in the customer's shoes here.  And there's a few things we know are true about today's modern local consumer: They are mobile and tech savvy - over half of Google searches occur on mobile devices. They are speaking [...]

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How To Optimize Your Website Title Tags for Local SEO

Someone just asked a great question on Quora about the best way to structure your title tags for local SEO.  This is a great question because most people don't realize the impact your website has on your local search rankings in Google. In every Google Maps listing, or Google business page, there's a URL field where you can enter your website address.  Here's a screenshot of what this looks like: The best strategy for title tag optimization for local SEO is to use the following template: [product / service / business category] [city name] [state abbreviation] For example, let's say you run a junk removal business in Tampa, Florida. The title tag on the page that you put in the URL field on your Google business page should be optimized as follows: Junk Removal Tampa FL Or let's say you are a personal injury law firm in Atlanta, Georgia. The title tag on the page you put in the [...]

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3 Secrets To Improving Your Google Maps Business Listing

I remember when one of our clients said to me, "Bobby, I could care less about the organic search results in Google.  If my business is not found in the Google Maps local search results - and if I'm not found in letter A, B, or C - then my phone is not going to ring!"  Aside from being under that kind of pressure with a new client, I realized at that moment the relevance and importance of Google local search results, and the power of your Google Maps business listing. Your Google Maps business listing is the foundation for all of your local SEO success.  Without a Google Maps business listing, your business will not be eligible to appear in the local search results in Google, and you'll be missing out on new opportunities to connect with your customers.  Getting found in the Google Maps search results means your business can appear in letter A, B, or C on [...]

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How To Get Letter A Google Maps Rankings for Small & Local Business

Getting Letter A Google Maps rankings is quickly becoming the #1 objective for local and small businesses.  And rightly so...  according to recent studies on local search behavior, nearly 60% of all searches have local business intent, and 78% of local searches resulted in off line purchases.  Another study on mobile search activity shows that last year (2015), more searches were conducted on mobile phones than desktop computers.  Because of the high probability of business intent from local searches, and the skyrocketing use of mobile phones for search, businesses are starting to place a high premium on their Google Maps rankings. In 2015, there was a major overhaul to the way Google displayed search results from Google Maps business listings.  Google will only show the top 3 Google Maps business listings on the front page of Google, or letters A, B, or C - this is sometimes referred to as the "3 pack".  Prior to their update in 2015, Google [...]

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Enterprise SEO Tips For Corporate Websites

Enterprise SEO in 2016 - When it comes to implementing an enterprise SEO strategy, things are different for a local or small business than they are for an enterprise level company.  For one, the enterprise level companies would naturally carry more "brand relevance" in the search results than a local or small business.  And brand relevance is a key factor in driving top search results in highly competitive categories.  This is why you see enterprise level websites carry higher PR (PageRank) than their small or local business counterparts.  But the enterprise space is crowded in the top search results for any given keyword phrase.  Which means in order to compete, you have to unlock your corporate website's potential (PageRank) to let authority flow through evenly from the top down.  And in turn, this 'free flowing' authority is like the rising tide of an ocean.  When the overall authority of your corporate website rises, you'll create buoyancy in the search results for all of your top level [...]

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4 Tips To Rebuilding Your Website in 2016

Thinking about rebuilding your website in 2016? Ask yourself these questions: Have you updated your website in the past year with new pages and fresh content? Is your website generating new leads and sales for your business? Are you seeing increased traffic and exposure to your website? Do you leverage social media in conjunction with your website strategy? Is your website mobile friendly? Answers to these questions may help you solidify the decision as to whether or not you need to rebuild your website. The overwhelming majority of small businesses, and even corporations, have not updated their websites in the past 2 years.  As such, these websites are probably seeing declines in traffic and rankings in Google, and are falling short of expectations with new leads and sales. Why is Google important to website traffic?  The majority (over 50%) of traffic coming to your website is probably coming from organic search via Google.  We see this across all of client's data who are made [...]

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What Are Local SEO Citations And How Do They Improve Local Rankings?

Local SEO Citations are instances of your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) that are published on external websites and directories.  Search engines use citations to determine the accuracy and relevance of your business information. image by: Moz Local The most authoritative citations for local SEO are those that are consistent with your Google business page.  The way you publish your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on external websites and directories should be an exact match to the NAP on your Google business page.  For example, if my Google business page is published with the following NAP: Bipper Media 855 Gaines School Rd, Ste A Athens, Georgia 30605 Then every published citation on external websites and directories should be an exact match to that NAP.  If there were citations that spelled out the word "Suite" where my Google business page used the abbreviation "Ste", then I would be creating inconsistencies with my citations, which would dilute the authoritative and impact [...]

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What Is Local SEO And How To Get Top Local Search Rankings?

Local SEO is the process of enhancing your Google business page for higher rankings in local search results.  Nearly 60% of all searches have local intent, and recent studies show that 78% of local searches resulted in off line purchases. This data underscores the relevance of local SEO for any business that generates revenue from a local customer base.  And getting found in the top local search results in Google is the most relevant path to your business connecting to these local customers.  As you'll see below, mobile devices play a critical role in your overall local SEO strategy. Back in 2015, Google updated their local search results to show only the top 3 (letters A, B, and C) local businesses for any given local search query.  Previously, the default presentation of local search results included the top 7 local businesses.  With the default local search results being cut down to the top 3, getting top local search results in Google has [...]

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2016 Local SEO Power Tips To Dominate Google Local Search

I'm a firm believer in the 80/20 rule!  This is especially true when it comes to local SEO for dominating Google local search.  The 80/20 rule implies a small segment of activities can deliver the overwhelming majority of results.  This is also sometimes referred to as the law of exponential growth, and is extremely relevant when it comes to local SEO and dominating the local search results in Googles. One thing I've learned over the years in doing local SEO, is there are a few definitive techniques (the 20th percentile), that deliver the overwhelming majority of the results (the 80th percentile). In other words, there's a long list of things to consider when implementing local SEO.  However, only a few of these things, if implemented effectively, will deliver the majority of your power in ranking in Google local search. Think of these as local SEO power tips that you absolutely MUST implement if you expect to compete in the local search results. So [...]

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Why Am I Losing Organic Search Traffic in Google?

One question I get asked frequently is "why am I steadily losing traffic from Google search?"   This question isn't necessarily coming from people who see dramatic drops in search traffic all at once, but rather a steady decline in traffic over time. For those who are keen observers of their organic search traffic date via Google Analytics, watching traffic bleed away over time can be very disheartening. So I wanted to take a minute to address what might be going on here. *  Disclaimer:  this is not an all inclusive answer - meaning, there could be many other factors contributing to a website losing traffic.  However, this is probably one of the most common reasons. To get started, we have to go back to 2011 when Google announced their "freshness update" to the search algorithm.  Here's a snippet from that announcement: Search results, like warm cookies right out of the oven or cool refreshing fruit on a hot summer’s day, [...]

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Content Marketing For Small Business Local SEO Success

Content Marketing For Small Business Content marketing has a colorful history.  I love the infographic from the Content Marketing Institute that illustrates how back in 4200 b.c., we find perhaps the first sign of content marketing in writing on cave walls.  These writings can be loosely translated to "6 Ways A Spear Can Save Your From A Wild Boar". And then again back in the 1800's, we have what is perhaps the very first organized form of content marketing from the John Deere Company.  You can read more about their company history here. But back in 1895, John Deere published a magazine called The Furrow,  which was published solely for the purpose of being a valuable resource and guide for their customers. Note the key term here -- valuable resource.   When John Deere published the The Furrow in magazine form, mainly because this was the only way to get content into customers (and potential customers) hands, their focus was to teach farmers how [...]

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3 Local SEO Tips For Law Firms in 2016

Local SEO for law firms has changed dramatically over the past 2 years.  We have law firm clients that started with us over 2 years ago, and back then our local SEO strategies included things like Google authorship and video authorship.  However, in 2016, local SEO for law firms is a whole new ballgame - so to speak... and the law firms that get it right, will reap the benefits of the coveted 3 pack search rankings for their most profitable keyword phrases. Knowing that Google continually changes their local search algorithm, along with the way they display local search results, it's imperative that the local SEO strategy for your law firm is optimized for what's to come in 2016.  Those who leverage the latest local SEO strategies will reap the greatest rewards, whereas the law firms that don't, will continue to struggle with questions like "why can't I get top rankings in Google local?" and "how do increase traffic to my law firm website?" [...]

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5 Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses in 2016

Does your business rely on local customers for sales and revenue?  If so, these local SEO tips for small businesses in 2016 might be something you want to spend a minute or two reading.  Google's local search results have changed dramatically over the past year.  And in order for your business to capitalize on the exploding local search traffic, you need to know what to look for in your own local SEO strategy. Regardless of whether you're B2B or B2C business, or if you are a franchise owner, more than likely your business finds relevance at the local market.  And without question, most consumers have used Google at least in their buyer journey.  This trend is more profound at the small and local business level.  Your potential customers are quickly typing into Google who the "best [plugin your business category]" are, and starting their from there. 5 Local SEO Tips for Small Businesses in 2016 #1:  The 'near me' phenomena. [...]

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Local SEO For Restaurants – How To Win In Local Search & Social Media

Local SEO For Restaurants - How To Dominate the Search Results in Google & Facebook Local SEO is the act of building brand authority and relevance for your restaurant on the web.  Local SEO for restaurants is about getting your business found in the top local search results in Google and Facebook.  And this is quickly becoming a key reason in determining whether your restaurant succeeds.  One look at the growth rate of searches in Google and Facebook, especially via mobile phones, you would be remiss to think you can avoid these fundamental strategies to successful local SEO for restaurants. There are two things that can no longer be ignored regarding local SEO for restaurants:  Over 90% of your patrons are using their mobile phone. Over 50% of your new patrons are searching for restaurants in Google and checking you (and other restaurants) out on Facebook. The Relevance of Local SEO for Restaurants Take a quick look around your restaurant and notice what behavior represents the [...]

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Why Local SEO Is The #1 Focus For Most Small Businesses

When it comes to online marketing, there's a myriad of options for the small business to chose from.  You have pay per click marketing which includes the likes of Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter ads, and now even Instagram and Pinterest ads.  And then you have email marketing such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Marketing Cloud. But from my experience working with small businesses for more than 10 years now, I've found local SEO to be the primary objective. Why Local SEO? At the end of the day, most small businesses care about one thing - their phones ringing from new customers, or new customers walking in their front door. What does this translate to? The phone calls and customers walking in the front door translate into new customers and sales! There's a lot of bells and whistles wrapped up in all of the paid marketing platforms that I mentioned above, such as: get in front of customers who are [...]

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3 Easy Steps To Rank For Multiple Local Search Terms

If you are like most local businesses, you probably only have one physical address.  This is the most common local business structure after removing the big box brands from the equation.  But one of the most common questions I get asked is "how can I rank for multiple local search terms?"  What they are asking is, even though I have only one physical address, how can I rank in Google for several other surrounding metro areas? Take one of my personal injury law firm clients as an example.  They have an office location in Cumming, Georgia.  However, they desire to be the dominant personal injury law firm along the entire GA 400 corridor which constitutes no less than 5 other major metro areas.   So how can this personal injury law firm, with only one physical address, reach the 5 other markets they are wanting to target? Here's 3 local SEO tips to ranking for multiple local search terms and local markets Local [...]

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3 Local SEO Secrets To Top Rankings in Google Maps in 2015

There's been a lot of changes in 2015 that have impacted the Google Maps search results and the way local businesses get displayed on desktop and mobile search results.  I'll save the details of those changes for a later post.  But today, I want to share with you 3 things, or 3 changes in strategy, I've implemented in 2015 that have created the greatest positive impacts on our client's local search results. #1:  Understand the top 3 is the new #1 The first realization I had to contend with this year is the fact that Google now only displays the top 3 local search results in Google Maps (or letters A, B, & C).  This was a fundamental shift from their previous display strategies of showing the top 7 (the 7 pack) and top 5 (the 5 pack).  So now, regardless of whether you are on a mobile device or desktop computer, you will only see the top 3 local [...]

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What Is A Backlink?

Ref: Stanford Earlier today, I was asked "what is a backlink?" And this got me a little fire up to answer, since in my world, there's very few people who would ever ask me "what is a backlink?" :-) The simple answer to 'what is a backlink?' is they reinforce / build authority back to a website, which is a factor Google uses to determine rankings. The more backlinks you have from authoritative sources (for example, the homepage of the carries a PageRank of 5, which is a strong indication of overall authority across their entire website), the more relevant and authoritative your own website becomes, which helps you rank higher in search engines and attract more high quality traffic. Analogy of backlinks A common analogy used to describe this effect are citations that reference published works. Let's say you are a college professor at Kennesaw State and your published research receives a citation from a researcher at [...]

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Are The Top 3 Local Search Results in Google the New #1?

If you are a local business and rely on Google traffic from your local metro area, then I'm sure you've noticed some changes lately in the local search results which might dramatically impact your overall local SEO strategy. Back in August, Google updated their local search results from displaying the top 7 businesses, to now showing only the top 3 businesses for any given local search query.  And I'm writing about this now because, over the past few months, I've been hearing a common phrase from our clients that I find very interesting. The phrase I keep hearing is "the top 3 local search results is the new #1!" So what are they saying? Basically, they've identified the update Google made to their local search results by cutting the displayed results from 7 (sometimes 5) down to only 3. The Importance of Mobile in Local Search Nowhere is this philosophy more true than with Google's local search results on mobile phones. Back [...]

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5 Stages of Effective Inbound Marketing

Very few businesses understand how to implement an effective inbound marketing campaign.  Most simply publish a website without putting any thought into their design.  And then, 6 months later, they are wondering why in the world nothing is happening? Effective Inbound Marketing In order to have an effective inbound marketing campaign, you have to understand the entire workflow from beginning to end.  Meaning, from the moment a new prospect sees your content in social media or Google, and all the way through to becoming a new customer, there's a strategic method at work that will dramatically increase metrics such as: visitor to lead ratio lead to customer ratio visitor to customer ratio All three of these metrics are fundamental in the effective implementation of inbound marketing - regardless of the scope and size of your business. 5 Stages to Effective Inbound Marketing Let me lay out the 5 stages of inbound marketing first, and then I'll go a bit more [...]

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The Only 2 Reasons Your Business Exists

Over the years, we've had the privilege of working with a lot of different clients.  From small town independent insurance agents, to billion dollar enterprise companies.  Although the products and services varied as much as the companies themselves, there is undoubtedly one common thread that ties them all together. Why Your Business Exists - 2 Reasons Only Regardless of the size and scope of the business and market, there are really only two reasons I've seen that a business exists: to get new customers to keep your customers over the long-term I realize this is a generalized perspective that I'm spreading across every business in existence.  So there will certainly be anomalies (outliers) in the graph where some businesses exist for other reasons - although none come to mind. And I am not speaking of non-profit businesses, or organizations that exist for humanitarian reasons.  The businesses I'm speaking of are from the "for profit" scope. If you are part of a [...]

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3 Steps To Higher Rankings in Google Local Maps Search Results (Local SEO)

The local search results in Google are becoming increasingly more valuable for locally oriented businesses.  From local retailers to lawyers, dentists, and doctors, to the local carpet cleaner and house painters, being found in the top local search results in Google can mean the difference between your phone ringing with a new customer or client, or not even being found. Statistics show that well over 90% of the calls and clicks go to the businesses that are found in the top 3 local search results.  This results in more calls and more click thru traffic to the business.  And the more click thru conversions, the more your dominant position can be reinforced in Google. There's a couple of core reasons why it's important for businesses to be found in the top local search results Google, which I'll discuss below: Growth in Mobile Phone Searches in Google Local Intent The growth in mobile searches has grown exponentially over the past 12 months.  In [...]

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The Best Strategy For Local SEO Success

If you serve customers from a local market, it's critically important for your business to show up in Google's local search results. These search results are sometimes referred to as Google Maps listings. They are most easily identified as the results marked or ranked from letter A - G. Here's a screenshot of Google local search results on a normal computer screen: And here's a screenshot of the local search results on a mobile device such as an iPhone: Getting your business into the local search results is important for mobile devices such as an iPhone because these results typically show up first before any of the other results. More importantly, mobile search results include a "tap to call" button, making it easy for customers to call your business. So what's the best strategy for a getting your business into Google's local search results? The answer is really two fold: 1)  Have a Google local business page, and... 2)  Create a consistent footprint of citations across multiple local directories. [...]

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Here’s What You Do Now That Google Authorship Is Gone?

On June 25th, Google announced that it would be removing the small little profile pictures that appeared in the search results and that were the result of Google Authorship.  This was obviously a hard pill to swallow for a lot of local and small businesses.  We work with quite a few attorneys, for example, and we understand how important it was to them to have that branded thumbnail image - at least it was for those who had Google authorship profile pics in place. But now that Google Authorship is gone, what can do you now to gain a competitive edge in Google search and stand out definitively from everyone else in the search results? The solution is video authorship. Here's an example of what video authorship is: Notice the thumbnail image that appears in the top search result in Google.  This is one of our clients who's a brain injury attorney in Atlanta.  This is what it looks [...]

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The Secret to Local SEO Success Revealed

Wanna know how to dominate Google search results for your local market?  Here's the formula to local SEO success: (Core Phrase + Metro Area) + (IP address) = Rankings One of the recent phenomena's within Google's algorithm has been the introduction of "IP address / location awareness".  What this means is, Google is now accounting for the physical location of the person who's making a query (searching in Google).  You can see this taking place in searches from both fixed computer locations (i.e. the desktop computer in your office), and of course on mobile devices. So if I'm standing in mid-town Atlanta, for example, and I type the phrase "dui attorney" into my Google search app on my iPhone, the search results I get will emphasize law firms and attorneys who are near my location (mid-town Atlanta) AND who specialize in DUI law. However, if I'm standing in the middle of downtown Chicago and I search the exact same [...]

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How A Local Business Started Getting Calls Immediately With Facebook Mobile Ads

Almost immediately after launching our client's Facebook mobile ad campaign, along with a simple mobile web app featuring a "tap to call" button, they started getting calls from new customers looking for a quote... Facebook mobile ads have been the most effective form of paid advertising I've seen in quite some time.  I realize that's a bit of a "knee jerk reaction" to my recent experience with one of my local business clients.  But folks I'm telling you, it's hard to ignore the results that this one Facebook mobile ad campaign is delivering to my client. The results from the Facebook mobile ad campaign Before I dive deeper into how exactly I built this particular Facebook mobile ad campaign, and how I'm actively managing it, let me first give you some of the initial results so far. Inbound calls:  4 inbound calls from new customers in 3 days. Now this might not seem like a lot to you (and [...]

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Athens SEO Company – Best SEO Website Rankings in Athens, Ga.

An Athens SEO Company: 706-363-0335 SEO in Athens Video Introduction Athens SEO is the process of driving local businesses, products, and services to the top rankings in Google, for their particular keyword phrases, for businesses located in the Athens, Georgia area. As a resident of Athens, Georgia for over 10 years, I've come to know a lot of local business owners in the Athens - Clarke County and Oconee County areas.  One conversation that comes up consistently business owners is the topic of SEO, or search engine optimization. Any discussion with Athens, Georgia would be remiss to not at least include an image of the Arches at the entrance of The University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!!!). For Amazing Results with SEO in Athens, Call Bobby Now @ 706-363-0335 A common question I hear from business owners in Athens and Oconee County regarding the 'art of SEO is, "what magical SEO tactic will drive my website to the top rankings in Google?" [...]

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Where To Find the Best Kia’s, Both New & Used

When it comes to finding the best used Kia in Athens, or the best new Kia, then you have to do some due diligence and put in the time and research to locate the best Kia dealerships.  After all, the last thing in the world you want to do is to go to a used car dealership only to find the people there having anything but your best interest in mind.  That's why, if you are in Athens, Georgia, then you have to go down to Bulldog Kia and find Sam Rivera.  One of the most proactive, professional, and most reputable car salesman in Athens.  Stop by Bulldog Kia today and ask for Sam!

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How To Put Money in Your Pocket with Cost Segregation Services

Are you an owner of a large volume of personal property assets?  Do you own shopping centers, buildings, or other real property assets that are costing you a ton of money in taxes?  If so, then you are more than likely wondering what are some things you can do to help mitigate the tax burden that comes from owning these real properties.  This is especially true if you live in the metro Atlanta area.  Real property in Atlanta can be extremely expensive when it comes to paying taxes.  So something you might want to consider is cost segregation in Atlanta as a means to put money back in your pocket and leverage the U.S. Tax Code to your benefit. Learn more about cost segregation studies today.

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New Businesses in the Bipper Media Directory

I'm so excited to introduce a couple of new clients that we've added recently to our Bipper Media directory. Riskonnect The first new addition to our Bipper Media directory is Riskonnect. Riskonnect just completed a $10 million round of investment and is the global leader in RMIS (Risk Management Information System) solutions. They help risk managers leverage the power of cloud technology for the purposes of predictive analytics and modeling. Their enterprise risk management system is helping clients all over the world save millions of dollars in claims management. Cost Segregation Cash Cost Segregation Cash is a new business that is focused on helping real property owners put money back into their pockets through tax savings and leveraging the U.S. tax code. Cost Segregation Cash is currently focusing on cost segregation in Atlanta and cost segregation services in Athens, Georgia.  Ultimately, if you are a real property owner, and you are looking to put money back into your pockets, [...]

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How To Use A Mobile Lead Generation Site To Get More Business

I probably don't even need to tell you this, but mobile is hot... super hot in fact! Statistics show that consumers, especially local consumers, are starting to search for products and services more from their mobile devices than from their traditional computers and laptops. Let's face it - smartphones and tablets like the iPad are simply replacing and disrupting traditional computer use models. But as a small or local business owner, what does all of this mobile jibber-jabber mean to you and your business? Especially, how can your business leverage the explosive mobile market to increase leads and phone calls into your business? The mobile lead generation site for your business. I would like to share one method (or experience) I've been having with one of our clients that is working like magic in connecting new leads to my client through the use of mobile lead generation site. The concept is simple, actually, when you break down into bite [...]

From Nowhere To #2 in Google in 5 Months

*** UPDATE:  May 3, 2013 --- my client is now #1 in Google for the keyword phrase "brain injury attorney atlanta".  A substantial achievement considering 1)  the high profile nature of these cases and 2) the hyper competitive environment in Atlanta from the top law firms in the south east. Over the past year or so, I've been working hard at researching the intricacies of the Google search algorithm, especially captivated by the social signals and mechanisms that have been integrated with Google+ profiles and Google+ pages for business. The integration of how these social mechanisms work in concert with other properties such as your website, and subsequent web pages under the top level domain, is nothing short of "awesome" on the one hand and "stunning" on the other. And by "awesome" and "stunning" I mean that I sometimes find myself frozen in time as I realize, just at the surface level, the complexities that are work in determining [...]

How This One Simple Keyword Strategy Can Help Your Local Business Stand Out In Google… (and NO! It’s not spam)

When it comes to Google, every business - whether local, regional, global, or even e-commerce (100% online) - wishes they had more exposure in Google's natural search results. Yes, Google makes billions of dollars per year from Adwords which is their pay per click platform.  With Adwords though, the business is having to spend money to be found on the front page of Google. And this is something that gets old real quick for most businesses.  Primarily because most businesses fail to see the return on investment in Adwords. But by no means does this translate into business owners seeing no value in being found on the front page of Google.  In fact, businesses are usually willing to spend more money in getting their business onto the front page of Google in the natural search results, versus spending money on pay per click advertising with Google Adwords.  The primary reason people have a hard time spending money on Google [...]

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Painting in Dallas | How To Find The Best Dallas Painters?

Dallas Painters & Dallas Home Painting Services You've heard it said before that the most valuable investment anyone could ever make is the investment into a home.  For anyone, young or old, looking to make a solid investment into their future, then investment home ownership is one of the best decisions anyone could ever make.  Why else do you think one of the biggest government subsidies and assistance programs is for purchasing a home.  Homeowners are, without a doubt, on their way to building long term wealth through their home, and the long term value of home ownership.  But what about when you've already owned your home for quite some time and you are looking for a way to increase value in your home?  Then you need to consider putting a fresh coat of paint on your home.  And if you've never painted a home before, then hiring a professional home painting service from Dallas will be where you want [...]