How to Diagnose and Solve the Most Common SEO Problems

Seo Problems May 23 2024

SEO is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available, as it is the best tool to help you build organic traffic to your website. 94% of users skip over search ads in favor of organic results, so an organic search strategy is essential. Fortunately, SEO is easier to start than you may think. However, there are thousands of possible SEO issues that can come up at any time. Here are some of the most common SEO problems businesses face and how you can deal with them!

Duplicate Content

One of the most common SEO problems is having duplicate content on your website. Whether it’s from another site or your own, it will destroy your SEO strategy. Running your content through a plagiarism checker will help, but it won’t solve everything.

If the plagiarism checker can’t find your old content, then it won’t know if there is duplicate content. However, that’s not to suggest that duplicate content is plagiarism. There are plenty of reasons why duplicate content may exist.

For example, there may be printer-only versions of web pages with similar content, web pages with the same content in different languages, or there could be a mobile version that Google is also indexing. To solve this, simply use a proper canonical tag for the page you want Google to index.

Slow Loading Times

Google understands that users won’t stick around for long if your site isn’t loading. Their algorithm is designed to match sites with the best user experience with their users, and a slow website will ruin that experience.

To test this, you can use Google PageSpeed Insights to see how fast your web pages are loading. Ideally, they should be under 0.4 seconds. If not, you may want to condense your heavy files or hire some backend web development services to improve your load times.

Poor Mobile Optimization

A mobile-friendly design is essential to compete in today’s SEO climate. Poor mobile optimization is also one of the most common SEO problems, so it’s worth testing your website for mobile optimization.

To test this, you can go to Google Mobile-Friendly Test, which will tell you how well your website is optimized for different screens. Most traffic comes from mobile devices, so adopting the “mobile-first” strategy is appropriate in today’s world.

No XML Sitemap

Submitting an XML sitemap to Google can go a long way toward helping them crawl, index, and rank all of the pages on your website. Otherwise, certain pages will almost certainly be missed.

There are dozens of tools for creating a sitemap online. If you use WordPress, there are even plugins that can do it automatically. Create a sitemap with all of your web pages and submit it through Google Search Console to help Google index your pages.

Domain Authority

Lacking domain authority (DA) or domain rating (DR) is very common, especially for websites newer than a few years. The majority of websites don’t have a single backlink (links from other sites), which is Google’s primary metric for domain authority. However, there are ways you can improve your DA and DR.

You will have to diagnose the problem using a tool like the SEO Power Booster. This can give you a score on your DA and DR, which most websites need improvement on. With a tool like this, you can also improve your DA and DR over time.

Errors or Redirects

If your pages are showing up with 404 Errors, redirects, or any other issues, this could tell Google that your site is outdated. This is an ongoing problem that every website will face, so don’t panic. Simply use an online tool to find these errors on your website and fix them as needed.

Broken links are another common issue, which you can also find using similar tools. Updating existing website content periodically will help improve these issues and boost your SEO value.

Security Issues

This is one of the most common technical SEO problems on this list. HTTP security issues can do a lot of harm to your SEO strategy. If you have any security issues, backend development is your only solution. Professional website/SEO services can help improve these issues and clear them up.

Alt Tags

Missing alt tags, weak alt tags, or alt tags with missing keywords can hurt your strategy. Not only are these important for accessibility, but Google relies heavily on them for context. Google’s crawlers can’t analyze photos the same way we can, so they need some contextual clues to understand your images.

Whatever images you post, just ensure that you are using accurate and detailed alt descriptions. You don’t have to use the target keyword in every alt tag, but try to use it in at least one image per post!

Keyword Issues

Are you using enough location-specific keywords? Are you using a wide range of short-tail and long-tail keywords? If not, this could be a ticket to much better SEO results.

Diversifying your keyword strategy and making it as relevant as possible will guarantee the highest possible conversion rate. Always add location-specific content (when applicable) and use a wide variety of keywords for the best results.

On the other hand, don’t overuse keywords. This is called “keyword stuffing”, and it can harm your SEO strategy in the long run. Only use keywords when natural and organic.

Fix These SEO Problems Today

Now that you know some of the most common SEO problems and how to fix them, you can see that it isn’t too bad! SEO only requires quality content, a usable site, and consistency. Follow these tips, and you’ll see results!

Keep reading our blog for our latest SEO tips, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or for help with your SEO strategy!

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