The Ranking Race: How to Develop a Stronger Backlink Strategy

Backlink Strategy May 25 2024

There are almost 200 million active websites on the internet. You might be wondering how you can start your website with so much competition. You’ll have a chance if you can figure out how to optimize your backlink strategy. 

Using backlinks is a great way to boost your website’s SEO. It is also a great way to cater to the Google algorithm and get your content ranked higher. But where should you start?

Keep reading and learn how to strengthen your backlink strategy.

Create High-Quality Content

Creating high-quality content is the foundation of any backlinking strategy. You need to have a high-quality page if you want your website to go anywhere. The Google algorithm can tell when your content is full of fluff. 

Fluff is useless info that is meant to fill space. Using too much fluff will cause your content to rank lower on Google. Instead of your content landing on Google’s first page, it might land on the 22nd page where no one will find it. 

High-quality content requires fresh and relevant information. Cut out filler words and use words that get to the point. You need to show that your content has information that competing websites do not. 

This can be hard to do, but you can always put a special twist on your content to make it unique. This will make it more eye-catching and attractive to both the algorithm and real people.

Make sure that the content is structured properly as well. 

The Details

You should avoid creating big blocks of text. No one will waste their time reading giant paragraphs. This is because big paragraphs are hard to follow.

People would rather click on another website to find relevant information. You should use small paragraphs that consist of a few sentences. This gives your content more space and makes it easier to read. 

The Google algorithm will also detect this and rank your content higher. Doing this will help your backlink strategy right off the bat. No one wants to link to low-quality content. 

But if you show that your content is high-quality and relevant, you will have a much better chance. Google will favor your site more as well. This will help you with your SEO goals along with your backlinking goals. 

Don’t rush when creating your content. Rushing creates more room for mistakes like typos. It is better to take your time when creating good content. 

It will allow you to put together your ideas more efficiently. 

The broken competitor link strategy is a famous one. It is one of the oldest backlink strategies out there. It is well-known for good reason. 

It is very effective and it gives you the upper hand in your niche. The first step involves checking your competitor sites for broken links. Big websites that use many links are sure to have a few broken ones. 

Clicking on these links will lead you to an error page. The links originally lead to another piece of content. But the page was either removed or changed. 

This caused the link to lead to an error page. But you can use broken links as an opportunity. You can create content to replace these broken links. 

This will give your content more authority and relevance. Having broken links is a sign that a website is becoming outdated. Or the website owner is not paying enough attention to manage those links. 

Taking the time to replace those links yourself will give you an edge over your competition. It will show that your content is more relevant and updated. This will make your content more attractive to the Google algorithm. 

It will also give you more domain authority.

What You Need to Know

Checking for broken backlinks can take a lot of time. This is why backlink checkers exist. 

This makes the task much easier and faster. You can use this tool to scour your competitor’s website and see if they have any broken links you can replace. You can then provide the link to your new, fresh content to that website. 

If you’re lucky, they should take it and use it. This would give your website a way into that other website. This is a great way to attract more traffic to your website. 

It is also a great way to make your website more authoritative and trustworthy. The more backlinks you have, the better. The Google algorithm will see this and promote your website more. 

This is a great way to boost your website and bring more attention to it. 

Create Sharable Content

Creating sharable content is important for several reasons. If your content isn’t sharable, this means that it isn’t very good. People want to share good content because they want other people to see how interesting and informative it is. 

Creating sharable content will make it more likely for you to get more backlinks. Other websites will notice what good content you produce. This makes them want to use your links on their site. 

This is automatically good news for your content. You can create sharable content by making sure that your information is accurate and interesting. Try using statistics and cutting-edge data. 

Using interviews is another great way to attract more attention and interest. Guides to various topics can help, too. Guides show that you are an authority in a certain niche. 

This will show that you are trustworthy and create high-quality content. The content should also have personality and perhaps a bit of humor. This makes it more relatable and interesting. 

Understanding your niche and catering to it is important as well.

Developing a stronger backlink strategy is not as hard as you might expect. You first need to create high-quality content. This will make it easier for people to find your content and see that it has something to bring to the table. 

Filling broken links and creating sharable content are both very important strategies. Using all of these methods should make it easy to get better backlinks. To learn more about growing your website, check out our services

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