7 Of 2021’s Biggest SEO Trends

Seo Trends 2021 June 25 2024

Leads from search engine optimization (SEO) are eight times more likely to become paying customers than those from ad campaigns. If you’re struggling to boost business this year, consider adjusting your SEO strategy. If you’re not up-to-date with the latest SEO trends, your competitors could get the advantage.

Instead, you can follow seven of 2021’s biggest SEO trends to give your ranking the boost it needs!

With a stronger business SEO strategy, you can reach more customers as they’re searching for your business. Then, you can draw more people to your website. Once you start converting visitors into customers, your ROI will rise!

Ready to set your business up for success? Get started with these seven search engine optimization trends today.

1. Core Web Vitals

Google uses its Core Web Vitals to make sure you’re creating a positive user experience online. A great user experience ensures your website is easy to use.

You can update your website for Google’s Core Web Vitals by:

  • Preloading custom web fonts
  • Limiting embedded content and iframes
  • Eliminating unnecessary third-party scripts
  • Deleting unwanted code
  • Enabling browser caching
  • Using better hosting
  • Using page caching

Make sure your pages load quickly. Don’t forget to use mobile optimization, too. Google first uses mobile-first indexing to determine rankings.

2. EAT

If consumers don’t trust your brand, they won’t choose your business. Instead, you can use EAT within your content to boost brand trust.

EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Establishing EAT within your content can show consumers you’re a credible resource. Consumers could start relying on your experience and expertise more often as a result.

In time, you can turn brand trust into loyalty. Retaining loyal customers is sometimes worth 10 times as much as their first purchase.

In fact, a 2% increase in your retention rate can reduce costs by 10%, too. Your ROI could rise as a result!

First, make sure you’re creating high-quality, helpful blog posts this year. Show Google that you’re a useful source of information to your target audience.

Then, take the time to establish your personal brand. Show consumers that you’re an authority in your industry. For example, you can:

  • Link to high-authority websites within your blog posts
  • Back up claims you make with research, studies, and data
  • Gain backlinks from high-authority websites (boosting your domain authority)
  • Use client reviews and badges as social proof on your website
  • Demonstrate your unique experience and expertise within posts
  • Add an author name and short biography to your posts

Once you update your content marketing strategy, start sharing your content online. Look for trusted platforms that are relevant to your industry.

Try guest blogging this year, too. You can share your experience and expertise with a wider audience.

Then, link to your website within the guest blog post. You can direct people to your website and start gaining referral traffic. Your website’s ranking could rise as a result.

Consider working with an experienced SEO company, too. They can help boost your link-building strategy. With their help, your domain authority will improve.

Google will recognize you as a relevant resource with EAT and boost your ranking further.

3. Long-Form Posts

As you start following these SEO trends, make sure to consider the content you’re creating. After all, high-quality content is the backbone of a successful SEO strategy.

Try creating long-form posts this year. Longer posts can help demonstrate your expertise. It can also keep people on your pages longer.

Your dwell times and clickthrough rates will rise, which can boost your ranking.

Make sure to improve your readability, too. For example, organize longer posts using headings and subheadings. Write using shorter sentences and paragraphs as well.

Run your content through Hemmingway App for more ways to improve your content.

4. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets appear at the top of a search engine results page. They can appear in different formats, including:

  • Paragraphs
  • Bullets
  • Lists
  • Recipes
  • Videos
  • Definitions
  • Tables

Formatting your content for featured snippets can help you reach the top of a search page. You’ll appear in front of more people, boosting brand awareness.

First, look for search engine pages that already have a featured snippet. That way, you can tell Google wants to display a snippet for that query.

Then, format your content with a snippet in mind. For example, you can add a bullet list to the beginning of a blog post. Then, break down the content within the remainder of the post.

Keep up with your keyword research, too. Make sure you’re creating content with recent queries in mind.

5. Voice Search

More people are relying on Alexa, Siri, and Google for the answers to their questions. As you follow these 2021 SEO trends, don’t neglect voice search.

Voice search allows consumers to use their favorite assistants to get answers. Consumers no longer have to type out their queries.

Adjusting your SEO strategy to boost your ranking for featured snippets could help you appear for voice searches.

In fact, nearly 41% of all voice search answers come from a featured snippet. Meanwhile, about 75% of voice search results rank in the top three for a query. In order to appear for voice searches, you need to boost your ranking.

Otherwise, you might miss a chance to reach customers. In fact, nearly 50% of consumers are already using voice for general web searches.

6. Video Content

You can also use video content to appear for featured snippets. Videos are engaging and easy for people to consume. In fact, many people prefer videos over text posts.

Start creating more video content as part of your business SEO strategy. Then, add a transcript to your video. Make sure to optimize your content with a focus keyword, too.

7. BERT and Intent

BERT is Google’s algorithm. It uses machine learning to understand what users are looking for. Google considers the user’s search intent when determining rankings.

Make sure you understand the content your users are expecting to find. Write in a conversational tone, too.

Take the time to learn more about your customers, the questions they’re asking, and the content they’re looking for. Then, create content that appeals to their intent.

Boosting Business SEO: 7 of the Top SEO Trends for 2021

A strong business SEO strategy can boost your ranking online. You can increase your ranking to reach more customers and draw more traffic. Give your rankings a boost with these seven SEO trends today!

Looking for more ways to boost your SEO rankings this year? We’re here to lend a hand!

Schedule a free SEO strategy session with our team today.

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