How Guest Post Services Boosts Your Authority and Market Reach

Guest Post Services June 13 2024

Word of mouth is one of the primary reasons why people choose a brand. Some studies suggest that it affects the buying decisions of 74% of customers

The evidence is clear: people make purchasing choices based heavily on a trusted source’s advice. In most cases, this is a friend or family member. But when it’s not a person, it might be a trusted source of information, such as a blog that provides guest post services.

Guest post services allow you to extend your market reach and brand authority through other domain names. At the same time, they let you control the information people are getting.

In this guide, we will discuss in greater depth how blog outreach works. Soon, you’ll be ready to give your marketing services more bang for their buck.

What Are Guest Post Services?

A blog is a standard feature on almost any brand website in the world. And it’s not just out of old internet tradition. It serves to make your brand more engaging, provide helpful information, build links, and be a landing spot for SEO.

Link outreach, otherwise known as guest posting, is a different type of link building. Instead of posting your blogs on your website, another domain becomes their publisher. This domain then links back to you in an organic way.

This method of blog outreach is meant to appear more natural. Instead of finding a blog post directly from your website–with a clear advertising incentive–customers find it elsewhere. Typically, on another website that appears to be more neutral–i.e., the link outreach publisher.

Generally speaking, your local SEO company will source the blog for you. It’s not one that your regular writers will contribute to.

How Guest Posts Boost Benefit Your Company

At a very basic level, link-building through blog outreach is nothing novel. It’s simply a blog post you requisition, albeit on a different publishing website. It’s a great way to boost SEO traffic, but what else can it do?

It Extends Your Reach

Chances are, you’ve already locked down the majority of your customer base. You know where to find them, and how to target them. This allows you to bring on a steady stream of new customers.

There are likely pockets of customers elsewhere, though. These are people your marketing efforts have not reached or identified. For example, somebody who casually stumbles upon a guest blog post while reading through other topics.

Link outreach is great because it reaches a wider audience. Rather than the targeted audience you’ve pushed ads to, you’re getting a general one with no specific demographic. That means there are more opportunities for new customers to find you.

It Creates Organic Customer Engagement

Every business marketing goal is pretty straightforward: spread your message to as many customers as possible. Companies spend millions of dollars trying to do this. They buy ad spots on television, pay for sponsorships, and so on. 

The problem is, little of this is organic. Most of the methods common to marketing services are identifiably from your business. People can get cold feet when they feel they’ve become the target of blatant advertising.

A blog outreach post as a breath of fresh air. It’s someone who isn’t you that’s fielding your content. And they aren’t promoting one particular businessmaking them somewhat neutral. 

In other words, it makes it more likely for customers to engage with you before clicking through. Instead of clicking away by instinct when they see an ad, they stick around–and they convert.

It Gives You Additional Backlinks

One of the key components of search engine optimization is backlinks. This is when another website links to your content. Quality and relevant backlinks establish brand authorityand how fresh content is.

It’s important for other websites to back-link to you. The problem is, most of the websites that would are your competitors. A guest post allows for an organic backlink on a website not affiliated with you. 

The more Google sees backlinks to your site on other sites, the more it promotes you. It’s a back-feeding method of SEO that does a solid job of raising you on search result pages.

It Establishes Brand Authority and Trust

Oftentimes, customers will read your content without the intention to buy, at least initially. They are simply there to educate themselves. Once they have the information they need, they go on their merry way.

This may seem like an unsuccessful transaction, but it’s actually quite important. Trust is a key factor in whether or not people will purchase from you later on. Before they can trust you, it’s often essential to know you are the authority in your domain.

Many brands work very hard to be not just a brand authority, but an authority in their industry as a general principle. They seek to provide information and education on the subjects they know best. 

It Has More Relevant Links

Blog posts on your website exist to make full use of SEO principles. They include all the helpful keywords, relevant links, and SEO-friendly blog structure. Guest posts are slightly different.

Instead, it usually has only relevant links and nothing else. In most cases, this is one carefully thought-out link back to your website. Quantity is not as effective or desirable here.

Contrary to popular belief, you want high-quality guest posts. Many companies will create shotgun bursts of cheap guest blogs with the hope that something sticks. This is a mistake and can hurt your numbers in the long run. 

Remember, the ultimate goal is for somebody to click through and land on your website. A cheap, low-quality blog post does not inspire much confidence. Something of a greater caliber sets the stage for a company people want to give their money to.

Strategize with Bipper Media

Guest post services are another tool in your marketing toolbox, but no less important. They are simple enough: a blog post that you commission, but publish on another website. Simple though they may be, they help create organic blog articles that extend your market reach and establish brand authority.

Bipper Media is your source for building an effective online presence. Check out our summer deal and schedule your strategy call.

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