Dental SEO Guide: How to Improve Your Online Presence

Dental Seo May 25 2024

Almost 50% of all Google searches are local. Meanwhile, 75% of searchers never look beyond the first page of search results. Without dental search engine optimization (SEO), your practice might not appear in front of local patients.

Here are five simple tips that can help you improve your dental SEO rankings. With this dental SEO guide, you can learn how to get on the first page of Google.

Each time someone searches for a dentist in your area, your website could appear first.

Read on to discover the dental SEO strategies you need for success today.

Drill into Keyword Research

A successful SEO strategy relies on research. Otherwise, you could make assumptions that might impact your rankings.

First, learn as much as you can about your patients. For example, you might consider their:

  • Age groups
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Household income
  • Career
  • Education
  • Language
  • Pain points
  • Interests
  • Hobbies

Consider the dental pain points they’re experiencing as well. For example, perhaps the majority of your patients are interested in cosmetic dentistry. Maybe they’re more interested in routine cleanings.

If necessary, segment your audience into buyer personas based on your research.

Then, begin gathering keyword research for each group. Your keyword research will determine what content you create. With keyword research, you can create content based on the consumer’s needs and interests.

You’ll have an easier time appealing to the user’s search intent as a result.

Their search intent can help you predetermine what consumers expect to find while completing an online search, based on the keywords they use. Appealing to their search intent can help you attract more website traffic and conversions.

When gathering keyword research, focus on longer keywords that feature four or more words.

These longtail keywords can help you better understand the user’s intent.

Create Fresh Content

Once you’ve gathered your keyword research, you can start creating unique, fresh content for your blog. Content marketing can help you demonstrate your experience and expertise in the dental industry. It can also help you boost your brand credibility.

Establishing your credibility in the industry could help you become a trusted thought leader. If consumers trust you, they might feel more inclined to choose you as their dentist.

When creating content, try experimenting with different formats, including:

  • Blog posts/articles
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • AR/VR

Experimenting with different content formats can help you appeal to different consumers.

Focus on quality over quantity as you use these dental SEO strategies, too. Provide readers with helpful, actionable advice. Don’t forget to consider the user’s search intent!

To optimize your content for SEO, add the target keyword to the post:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Opening and closing paragraph
  • Body text
  • An H1 header
  • SEO title
  • SEO meta description
  • Image file name
  • Image alt text

Google’s bots will crawl and index your content to determine what search terms are relevant to the post.

The SEO title and meta description will appear on search engine result pages (SERPs). Make sure the title and description are relevant and engaging. Then, more people will click on your content.

Improving your clickthrough rate could help boost your SEO rankings.

Love Local SEO

As you begin applying these dental SEO strategies, make sure to consider your local SEO strategy as well. Local SEO can help you reach nearby patients. You’ll appear for more mobile searches, too.

First, make sure to claim and optimize your Google Business listing. Your listing will display your:

  • Business name
  • Address/directions
  • Website
  • Business hours
  • Customer reviews
  • Services/products

Make sure the information on your listing matches what appears on your website.

Ask your patients to post their reviews on your listing throughout the year. Fresh reviews can also boost your rankings on SERPs. Positive reviews will benefit your reputation, too.

A strong reputation could help encourage future patients to choose your practice.

If you generate negative reviews, don’t delete them. Instead, comment back and offer the patient a solution to the problem they experienced. Responding to negative reviews will show current and future patients you want to improve their patient experience.

Brush Up on Trends

As Google makes changes to the search engine algorithm, new SEO trends will emerge. These trends can help you rank ahead of competing dental practices. Neglecting these trends, on the other hand, could cause your ranking to drop.

For example, nearly 50% of consumers use voice assistants to complete general web searches. About 41% of voice search answers come from a featured snippet. Featured snippets appear at the top of SERPs.

Remembering, ranking at the top of SERPs can ensure patients find your practice before any other in the area.

To appear for more voice searches, make sure to keep up with your keyword research. Focus on longer keywords that are phrased as questions.

When writing a blog post for these queries, try providing a brief answer to the question at the beginning of the post. Your answer could appear as a featured snippet or voice search result.

Video content is becoming more popular as well. In fact, it’s the top form of content used in content marketing strategies. Creating more video content can also help you appear in featured snippets.

Freshen Up Your Website

When using SEO for dentists, it’s important to consider your website as well. Google will review your site to determine if you’re offering a positive user experience (UX). A positive UX indicates your site is easy for visitors to use and explore.

Make sure your site is fast, user-friendly, mobile-optimized, and secure. Run your site through Google’s PageSpeed Insights, Mobile-Friendly Test, and Core Web Vitals to check.

If your site is impacting your rankings, look for an SEO agency that offers SEO for dental offices.

With help from an experienced, qualified team, you can improve your organic rankings to reach more patients online.

Dental SEO: Generate Stunning Results Today

Don’t neglect your dental SEO strategy this year. Using SEO for dental offices can help you appear in front of more patients online. As your rankings improve, potential patients will find your practice before any other.

You can book more appointments to help your dental practice grow with SEO!

Need help getting started? Book a free SEO strategy call with our team today.

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