A Short Guide To Local Lead Generation For Loan Agents

Loan agents or loan officers often struggle to generate a steady stream of new clients and leads. After all, clients want to get loans from people and banks they trust. Fortunately, loan agents can use the internet to build authority in their space using local lead generation tactics.

What is Local Lead Generation?

Local lead generation is the process of building marketing materials for the purpose of attracting local clients. As 90% of all online sessions begin with a search engine, it’s easy to see how loan agents could benefit from gaining an online presence that helps them attract warm leads.

To rank high on search engines locally, loan agents have to set up high-quality search engine optimization, content marketing, and advertising strategies. These strategies include getting an A Google Maps ranking, writing keyword-backed content, and targeted advertisements.

A Short Guide for Local Lead Generation for Loan Officers

If loan offers want to maximize their location authority, they need to increase their reach. This short guide will help you get started with local lead generation within the banking industry.

Local Search Engine Optimization for Loan Officers

Creating a viable search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can take some time, and we recommend seeking help from professional marketers. Consider filing out a personal loan application if you don’t have the capital to invest in targeted leads for your business.

SEO strategies can take a while to get off the ground, so it’s vital to start building them as soon as possible. With that said, SEO is the best way to attract leads to your website or social media.

Here are 3 things you should do to increase your reach:

Optimize Google My Business: Be sure to complete every section of your business profile, select your category (i.e., loan agency), and collect and respond to reviews.
Add Posts to Google My Business: Post on social media and add these posts to Google My Business. It’ll encourage others to visit your website/social media.
Optimize Directories and Citations: Make sure that every place that houses your business information includes correct information. Check these sites regularly.

You should also make sure your website is mobile-friendly, includes location pages, and has optimized URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, and headers. It’ll help your content.
Local Content Marketing Strategies Loan Officers
A good deal of your SEO strategy is actually built on top of your content. Loan offices have to make relevant content to appear in search engines when someone uses an industry keyword.

Here are some ways to make great local content:

Use schema markups, local phrases, images, and industry-based jargon.
Create a city, state, or regional landing page for prospective loan clients.
Have an FAQ page that answers common loan-based questions.
Have content that talks about loan-related laws or how to get a loan.
Use press pages, best-of guides, and testimonials to rank locally.
Consider hosting local information seminars to gain more attention.

Another thing that can help SEO is link building. You’ll need an internal linking structure that connects your clients to a call-to-action (i.e., a call) and inbound links to help others find you.

Local Targeted Advertising Strategies Loan Officers

It’s common for business owners to fall back on paid advertisements, but you should only use ads after you’ve set up your SEO and content marketing strategies. Once they’re in place, you can use advertisements to gain more traffic while you wait for your other strategies to work.

Targeted ads can be used as an impressive lead-generation magnet for loan officers, especially on social media. Social media sites already have filters built in to better target your prospects.

Here is how to make a great local ad in 3 steps:

Offer Them Something: To entice clients to click, offer them something for clicking. This could include a free consultation or a guidebook on how to apply for a loan.
Create a Landing Page: Your ad has to link to something, so use a landing page. Make sure the keywords on the landing page are location specific (i.e., Detroit Loan Agent.).
Use Filter to Find Your Target: Once you’ve created your ad and the landing page, use the social media platform’s filters to find your clients (i.e., clients looking for a home).

To check if your advertising campaign was successful, read how many people saw, clicked, and were converted by your ad. These metrics can be found on your social media dashboard.

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