What Are Guest Posts? A Quick Guide

Guest Posts June 25 2024

The world of advertising has moved all online. In fact, the world of most reading and sharing of information has moved online. When was the last time you learned a piece of information from a book instead of a web article?

Information gets shared fast, and you can use this to your business’s benefit with guest posts.

You’ve probably already encountered guest posts without knowing what they are, but if you’re just getting into the world of SEO and online advertising, you need to have a grasp on the purpose and definition of a guest post.

What Is a Guest Post?

An article is considered a guest post when it’s written for and published on someone else’s blog instead of your company’s own blog. You can make “posts” on your own blog, but in order to publish elsewhere you are a “guest” making a “guest post”.

When you make a guest post, you increase the range of the people that knowledge of your company’s service can reach. The topic of your article doesn’t have to be directly about your service or product. It just has to be able to tie in so that you can include a backlink to your own site and get the word out about why your company is so great.

How Guest Posts Differ From Other SEO Content

Two major things to remember while making an article for a guest post that differs from writing a post for your own site is its relevance to the outside blog. You can write a guest post for any kind of blog, but make sure that you can create a connection between the blog site’s topics and your own business.

For example, if you sell kayaks and are writing for a parenting blog, you’ll probably want to write a post about kayaking being a great family activity. The same company selling kayaks could write an article about the health benefits of kayaking for a health and wellness blog.

Guest Post Guidelines

There are a few things to keep in mind while writing guest posts. And a lot of this advice applies to writing posts for your own site as well.

High-Quality Writing

Writing well can be of even more important when writing for someone else’s blog. Keep in mind that a poorly written article can be rejected by the blog’s owner or end up making your company look worse to potential clients who aren’t already familiar with your business. A good guest post service will write an article that is both enjoyable to read and shows professional knowledge and decorum.

Social Media Potential

Try to write posts that people are likely to want to share on social media. SEO will help you get found on search engines by people already looking for your content, but with nearly 4.5 billion users worldwide, social media offers your content to an audience that doesn’t even know what they’re looking for yet. Keep topics current, relatable, and trendy so that people are inspired to share your perspectives with their own followers.

Creating Useful Outbound Links

Keep your outbound links relevant to the article. There’s no benefit to including internal links in a guest post as you don’t need clients to read any more articles on a third-party blog. But you should include a couple of links back to your own site and other sites (of non-competitors) to increase traffic. Just make sure that they are relevant or the post will start to look like spam to both people and search engines.

If you work for a guest post company and aren’t choosing the external links or anchor text in a guest post yourself, it’s of the utmost importance that you find a way for the link to appear naturally. It shouldn’t read like an ad but instead like an opportunity to discover more about the topic or a related topic.

How Long Should a Post Be?

Guest posts are typically between 500 and 1000 words, but the length really depends on the content. The goal is to have as many words as it takes to relay the information without relying on fluff.

You may think that an article requires 1000 words to get the message out and then discover that you’ve gotten your point across in 500 words. There are a few options for what to do if that happens.

First, you can change your word length and live with the 500-word article. But if you really want a longer article you can also expand your topic to include more information. The only thing you shouldn’t do is add fluff.

Fluff is any information that is unrelated, common sense, or just for tone-carrying purposes. These always come across as arbitrary, unhelpful, or unprofessional to readers.

Who Should Write A Guest Post

While anyone can get article space on a blog and write guest post articles, it’s a lot of work to keep up for your own company. TO get consistent traffic from guest posts to your site, you’ll need to create content at least once a week. With your other business responsibilities, it just might not be realistic for you to meet this goal.

You could hire another employee to be in charge of creating and distributing your SEO content, but a whole other paycheck to pay and benefits to account for may be too much to ask of your small business. Luckily, you can get professional help with developing SEO strategies and creating content. Full package plans are available to get your website and guest posts to the top of the search engine lists.

Writing A Guest Post Headline

If you plan on writing your own guest posts, you need to know how to make them eye-catching. Even if your SEO is perfect, and your guest post appears at the top of the search engine, if the title isn’t enticing, people won’t click through to read your article.

You want a headline that inspires curiosity, a little FOMO, and of course a desire to keep reading. At the same time, a title that looks like clickbait will turn some readers away because they won’t trust your article.

Guest post titles should get straight to the point of the information that your article relays. Here are some phrases that can help inspire you to create a great title:

  • What is…
  • How to…
  • All About…
  • Tips For…
  • The Top…
  • The Best…

These title starters all lead directly into the information you have to offer while letting your client know why they need your business.

Guest Posts for Better Business Marketing

Well-written guest posts can help your business reach new audiences and create a larger market for you. Make sure that you’re writing high-quality content with a catchy headline, including relevant links back to your business page, and keeping in mind current trends and topics to increase chances of social media shares.

Does all of this feel like a lot? We have a service to help you! Contact us today to begin making the perfect SEO package for your business.

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