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Are you looking for the best dentist in Cordele, Ga. but have yet to find what you are looking for?  Then maybe you need to make a drive to see Dr. Kris Frazier at Rochelle Family Denstistry in Rochelle, Ga.  Dr. Frazier has patients from all over south Georgia come to visit him, including patients from Cordele, Ga.

Dentist in Cordele, Ga.

We’ve all been told from an early age that we need to brush our teeth. But, of course, this is not the only way to take care of our teeth. Adding flossing and rinsing to your daily routine can help increase the overall health of your mouth. However, the most important thing that you can do for your teeth, while searching for a dentist in Cordele, Ga is choose a good dentist.

owever, with so many dentists available, how do you choose the right one?

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Dentists Education

First off, you’ll need to make sure that the dentist in Cordele, Ga is educated and certified. Check into the school where the dentist obtained his degree. Was the school reputable or accredited?

Did he belong to a particular honor society? You don’t want your dentist to have gone to a fly by night school or a dentist in Cordele, Ga who just barely passed school.

Dentists Professional Organizations

The next step in choosing a dentist in Cordele, Ga is to look at his current affiliations. Is the dentist involved in any dentistry associations? Has he or she held a position in that organization? The dentist’s involvement in professional associations like the American Dental Association can tell you if they know the best practices and current innovations.

Dentist Track record

Thirdly, find out what kind of experience your dentist has had. How long have they been practicing? Are they part of a long, standing, well-known practice if they are new? Do they have specialties? Check to see if they or any previous practices that they worked at have had complaints filed against them. Ask around town. If no one has heard of them, that may be a red flag.

Or even worse, someone you know may have received bad service. Of course, sometimes one person may have had a bad experience, while everyone else has had a good one. So don’t let one bad review detour you if everything else looks good.

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Dental Services

Not all dentists have the exact same goods and services. When you choose a dentist in Cordele, Ga, call the dentist or go to their website to see the services offered. Make sure that the services offered will fit your current and projected future needs. It can be expensive if you have to go to a specialty office later on. Make sure that they offer comprehensive exams.

A good quality dentist will do more than just have an oral hygienist clean your teeth, especially on the first visit. Do they take x-rays? Do they check your whole mouth or just the teeth? Do they offer counseling or financial programs? It’s significant to consider whether or not the dentist in Cordele, Ga provides information on all aspects of oral hygiene.

Visit the Dentist

After you have done your research, the next step in choosing your dentist in Cordele, Ga is to call for an initial visit. You can even get a good idea of the dentist from the first call with the receptionist. Was she friendly and helpful? Visit Rochelle Family Dentistry

Were you accommodated?

Given a convenient appointment? Were they able get you in soon or did you have to wait for an appointment in a couple weeks or even months? Was the building nice and in a desirable location? Was the dentist polite? Did he or she explain what they were doing?

Did they explain the costs of treatment?

If you have dental work done here is a list of a few things to consider:

  • How does the bite of your teeth feel?
  • Do your gums feel irritated from the work?
  • Does your tongue or floss get caught on your teeth?
  • Did he or she do a good job at polishing your filling or work?
  • Do your teeth hurt when hot or cold touches them?
  • Is there debris left in your mouth or on your teeth?

Post Checkup Evaluation

After you have picked a dentist in Cordele, Ga and visited for the initial consultation, you will need to look at all the negative and positive signs.

Positive Signs:

The dentist took a personal interest in you. He took x-rays and suggested a good treatment plan based on your history and needs. He took your whole being into consideration, not just a problem tooth.

The dentist gave you a thorough examination. A good dental examination includes: teeth, tongue, gums, lips, palate, cheek, and the skin on the neck and face. He or she should also feel the neck for enlargement of the thyroid gland and lymph nodes.

The results should last a long time. High quality, good dental work should last for many, many years or decades.

Low quality work will decay or fall out within a couple years. You can get high quality care inexpensively. Look to see how much time and care the dentist in Cordele, Ga is using when giving you your treatment.

If he treats you like an assembly line, seek care elsewhere. Does the dentist give you treatment options and explain the benefits and disadvantages of each of the options? There are often multiple options, but if the dentist only gives you the most expensive option. Seek a second opinion.

Negative Signs:

They use over aggressive advertising. We’re not talking about just any advertising, but the advertising that is all over the place. You’ve seen them on-line, on TV, on the radio, on billboards, and you get weekly flyers from them. Visit Rochelle Family Dentistry They offer steep discounts to get you to come in and then hit you with the “You need a double root canal” speech.

They often use anesthesia. While this may sound like a good idea to you, sedation brings about additional risks. Unless you have specific issues or are undergoing serious oral surgery, anesthesia is not necessary. They try to sell you supplements or vitamins. They automatically recommend removal of teeth that have root canals or replacement of amalgam fillings.

Claim to have specialties outside the dental arena: like treating headaches, heavy metal toxicity, diseases outside of the mouth, backaches, myofascial pain, or TMJ problems. Or if they indulge in in practices that are considered fringe science or give you a controversial diagnosis like neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis. As you look for a dentist in Cordele, Ga., make you to give Dr. Kris Frazier a call at Rochelle Family Dentistry as patients from Cordele are finding it well worth the drive to visit Dr. Frazier.


  • American Dental Association:  the most widely respected association for dentists in the United States allowing dental patients access to a wide range of resources for healthier teeth and better overall dental health.
  • All about Dentists:  Wikipedia page about Dentists.  This is one of the most authoritative webpages on the internet about dentists where you’ll learn about history, practice, and bibliographical information about the practice of dentistry throughout the world.
  • National Dental Association:  the most widely respected national level dental association where you’ll find dentist from all over the United States as members.  From cities as large as Los Angeles, to a small as dentist in Cordele Ga., you’ll find valuable information about dentist.
  • Georgia Dental Association:  research dentists in Georgia by visiting the Georgia Dental Association website.  Great resource for tapping into a large knowledge base for dentists throughout the state of Georgia.


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