How to Hire the Best SEO Company: 9 Questions to Ask

Are you struggling to generate brand awareness, website traffic, or online leads? Consider using search engine optimization (SEO) this year. With SEO, you can boost your website to the top of a search engine results page (SERP). Nearly 70% of online activities begin [...]

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5 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Small Business Website

Increase Website Traffic to Local & Small Business Websites Are you a small or local business?  Are you struggling to find an effective way to market your business on the Internet?  If this is you, then welcome!  I'm about to share with [...]

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How Digital Media Enhances Google Search

There's an interesting paradigm shift underway within the search results in Google. On June 25th, Google removed authorship profile pictures from the search results. And no one was exempt! From the New York Times all the way down the local plumber, anyone who had [...]

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Security Guard Company Launches New Website

Whenever Bipper Media brings on a new client and we are able to build their website, it's always the most pleasurable when we are finally able to see their website live and published on the web.  That's the case today when it comes [...]

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Video SEO Tip – Don’t Use Additional Images in Your Page Along With Your Video

In this video seo tip I’m going to walk you through some issues I’m having with getting the correct video thumbnail image to appear in Google search results – and share with you a tip I believe I’ve uncovered.  For those of you interested in […]

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New Business Licenses in Athens, Clarke County Georgia (July 2013)

Business Licenses Issued in Athens Clarke-County, Georgia Here's the latest list of new business licenses issued in Athens, Clarke-County, Georgia as of July 2013.  Next release will be on August 10, 2013. Bear Creek Construction 135 Carlton Ter Athens, Georgia Business: Single Family [...]

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vLab UGA – How To Access, Use vLab At The University of Georgia

The New vLab at UGA The University of Georgia has an amazing new technology in place for students this year called vLab.   vLab allows students to access computer resources and software installed on desktop computers at the Miller Learning Center from any location, and [...]

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Ad Scheduling in Google Adwords Enhanced Campaign (Video)

In this video tutorial I'm going to show you how to setup ad scheduling in the new Google Adwords Enhanced campaign settings. Video tutorial on how to use ad scheduling feature in Google Adwords from Bipper Media for Adwords tips. Here's the video [...]

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How To Leverage Google Authorship For Your Business And Why You Need To Do This (Like Yesterday…)

Here's a concept that you may have never heard about before but it's called "Google Authorship", and it allows anyone publishing content on the web to generate a thumbnail image with their search results. Let me give you a quick example of what [...]

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How To Brand Your Business On The Front Page of Google

The more local and small business owners I speak with, the more I realize one thing is true - everyone is trying to figure out how to gain even the slightest advantage over their competitors and even the big brands who compete in [...]

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3 Things Your Website Needs To Convert Visitors Into Sales

As a business owner, you probably would agree with me that nearly 100% of your current and future customers are on the web.  In fact, I'd argue that not only are nearly 100% of your customers and prospects on the web, but an [...]

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What The Bible Teaches Us About Success & Content Marketing

If there's one thing I've learned over the past 10 or so years of helping people with online marketing is that people have a lot of questions, and I spend a massive amount of time on the phone and on the web answering these [...]

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10 Steps To Getting More Customers From Your Website

Every business nowadays has a website.  Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of these business websites are nothing but "bait-less" hooks lingering in open waters. The problem is, according to most business owners I speak to, they have no idea how to bait that hook [...]

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Looking For A Job? Post Your Resume on LinkedIn, and Make It Searchable in Google

So I just left the LinkedIn seminar on campus (University of Georgia), and want to first give a big shout out to Andrew Cain who did a great job presenting. Since it was a LinkedIn seminar, I of course dove head first into [...]

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Two Factors Behind Explosive Mobile Video Growth, And How To Leverage Them For Your Business

There's very few elements of the web today, if any at all, that are experiencing a more explosive growth curve than video - especially when you isolate mobile video.  Just in the past two years alone, U.S. mobile video viewers increased a whopping [...]

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