Dentures in Atlanta, Ga. – Benefits of Wearing Dentures

If you live in the heart of the south - Atlanta, Georgia - and are considering a pair of dentures in Atlanta Ga., you have to give Dr. Frazier a call.  You'll save literally hundreds of dollars by making one quick phone call to Dr. Frazier.  Dr. Kris Frazier from Rochelle Family Dentistry. Call Now: (229) 365-0056 Call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentisty: Main Phone: 229-365-0065 Follow Dr. Frazier: Google+ | Google Places | Website | Facebook | Google+ Page Dentures, or false teeth, are a device that was invented to help replace any missing teeth. They are supported by your soft and hard palate. Once the measurements are taken, a specialist in a dental lab designs the unit. Dentures in Atlanta, Ga. can be removable partials or complete sets. Thanks to all of the new materials and techniques, it can be quite difficult to detect an appliance when it fits well. Even though many people [...]

Partial Dentures in Atlanta, Ga. – Benefits of Partial Dentures

If you are looking for the absolute best partial dentures in Atlanta, Ga., then look no further than Dr. Frazier.  Guaranteed to save you a bunch of money on your partial dentures.  Call Dr. Frazier with Rochelle Family Dentistry today at 229-365-0056. Dr. Kris Frazier from Rochelle Family Dentistry. Call Now: (229) 365-0056 Call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentisty: Main Phone: 229-365-0065 Follow Dr. Frazier: Google+ | Google Places | Website | Facebook | Google+ Page Partial Dentures in Atlanta, Ga For those who have missing teeth, you can get a permanent or fixed set of partial dentures in Atlanta, Ga.. Those who have a large amount of missing teeth will need to look into partial dentures to help fill in the missing spaces. Some individuals will need to replace their entire set of teeth with a full set of partial dentures  in Atlanta, Ga.  If you do not fall into one of the aforementioned categories, you [...]

Dentist in Cordele, Ga. – Finding The Best Cordele Ga Dentist For All Your Dental Needs

Dr. Kris Frazier from Rochelle Family Dentistry. Call Now: (229) 365-0056 Call Dr. Frazier at Rochelle Family Dentisty: Main Phone: 229-365-0065 Follow Dr. Frazier: Google+ | Google Places | Website | Facebook | Google+ Page Are you looking for the best dentist in Cordele, Ga. but have yet to find what you are looking for?  Then maybe you need to make a drive to see Dr. Kris Frazier at Rochelle Family Denstistry in Rochelle, Ga.  Dr. Frazier has patients from all over south Georgia come to visit him, including patients from Cordele, Ga. Dentist in Cordele, Ga. We’ve all been told from an early age that we need to brush our teeth. But, of course, this is not the only way to take care of our teeth. Adding flossing and rinsing to your daily routine can help increase the overall health of your mouth. However, the most important thing that you can do for your teeth, while [...]

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Lamar Odom Needs A Dentist (Video)

Getting someone to go to the dentist is not easy task when that person is afraid of what might happen. However, there's nothing like a solid tooth ache to sway the odds in your favor of getting your loved one into the dentist chair.   The good thing is, with pain medication and anesthesia, visiting the dentist to get your tooth ache resolved, or any other dental treatment you are needing, can make the visit a whole lot more appealing. Check out this clip from "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" where Khloe is trying to convince Lamar to go to the dentist to get his tooth ache taken care of.   Who knew Lamar was such a baby when it comes to the dentist?   Finally, I think it's the appeal of conscious sedation dentistry that finally convinces Lamar to agree to go to the dentist.

4 Ways To Deal With The Pain Of A Broken or Chipped Tooth

If you've never experienced this before, then I'm very happy and thankful for you. But sometimes, while eating food or playing around, something can happen where you accidentally chip or break a tooth. Sometimes, when you chip or break a tooth, you may not feel any pain at all since the break did not expose the nerve. However, there are other times where you can break or chip a tooth and it does expose a nerve, and when this happens let me tell you... the pain can be excruciating. So what do you do when you break or chip your tooth and the pain is unbearable? The obvious answer is to get to your dentist as quickly as possible. But what about if it's the weekend, or after hours, and your dentist isn't readily accessible? This can create quite a dilemma, especially if you are experiencing intense pain. If you can't immediately get to dentist, then there are some [...]

3 Easy Tips To Preventing Tooth Decay

When it comes to a healthy smile, and bright white teeth, there are a lot of procedures that your dentist can initiate. These teeth whitening procedures are great for those who want to have white teeth that leaves a favorable first impression. But in order to take the steps to making your teeth whiter and improving your overall smile, the implication is that you have all of your teeth to work with in the first place. Tips To Preventing Tooth Decay Tooth decay is the most common childhood disease and is most prevalent in low income children. The surgeon general estimates that 51 million hours of school is missed by children due to tooth decay and oral health issues and over 164 million work hours are missed by adults due to tooth decay. Tooth decay will actually erode the natural structure of your teeth, causing the form and shape of your teeth to be altered. But there are some [...]

3 Basic Keys To Healthy Teeth & Gums

Let's take a moment and get back to the basics of dental health. In today's day and age of complicated procedures, teeth whitening technology, and cosmetics, we can tend to forget about the core fundamentals of healthy teeth and gums. But at the end of the day, all the technology in the world doesn't replace the healthy habits of taking care of your teeth. The same habits you have learned since you were a kid that your parents and teacher instilled in you. So today we are going to cover 3 basic steps you can take to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums. These steps are fundamental, and should be practiced by kids and adults to ensure overall healthy teeth and gums. 1) Brush Regularly This is a function of consistency, not "let me brush right now for 3 hours straight to make up for years of neglect"! The key to getting the most out of regularly brushing [...]

8 Tips For Brushing Your Teeth More Effectively

You've been brushing you teeth since you were a child. So you know how to brush your teeth, right? But if you seem to have a lot of plaque build up between dental visits, perhaps you should revisit your brushing routine. Here are some steps to brush your teeth and keep that plaque from building up between checkups. 1.  First floss in between each tooth to dislodge any food or plaque that maybe trapped. A toothbrush can not get in between the teeth so flossing first is very important before brushing. 2.  Hold your toothbrush horizontally along your teeth with only some of the bristles on the gums. Tilt your brush so that it is pointing at a 45 degree angle to the gums. 3.  Brush with a small circular motion trying to focus on each tooth individually. Brush with this motion for about twenty strokes. If your gums are healthy,brushing like this should not cause pain. So if [...]

Here’s 3 Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad For Your Dental Health

Before consumers were knowledgeable about the many detriments of smoking, it was considered a rebellious act that made the individual look tough, mysterious or cool. Even "June Cleaver" type moms thought it added to their mystique to have a cigarette during morning coffee chats with friends. Nowadays it is well known that cigarette smoking affects the body negatively in many ways, including the teeth and mouth area. Discoloration of teeth Over time, smoking results in discoloration of the teeth. This affects the smile and overall attractiveness of the person. Although teeth whitening toothpastes are plentiful, discoloration from long-term smoking is difficult to remove with this treatment alone. Professional whitening treatments are available at dentist's office but they are costly and time consuming. If the individual does not quit smoking, the discoloration comes back over time. Halitosis (or bad breath) Smoking results in temporary and long-term bad breath. Individuals who smoke often feel that a mint, chewing gum or mouthwash [...]

3 Steps To Healthier Teeth & Gums

"Gum disease" - now those are words that no one ever wants to hear or have to confront. Gum disease, in its worst form, can actually result in tooth loss or even worse, spread throughout your mouth and affect all of your teeth. Here's a scary statistic for you - did you know that nearly 80% of all adults in the United States have some form of gum disease? Gum disease can take on a few different names that you may be more familiar with such as "periodontal disease" or "gingivitis". And the range, or severity of the disease can range anywhere from mild gum inflammation to serious cases where the damage to the gum results in tooth loss. The prevention of gum disease can be a process that is quite easy for the average American. You may be surprised here, but there are some simple, everyday steps you can take that will dramatically decrease your chances of forming [...]

Whitening At Home vs. Whitening With A Dentist

As you've aged, you may have noticed that your teeth have become yellowed or discolored. Perhaps you've been smoking for a long time, or you drink a lot of coffee. Whatever the driving force may be for your teeth becoming discolored, you may be one of the millions of Americans who are actively searching for ways to get back those pearly whites. As you pursue your research, one of the decisions you need to make (obviously) is how, exactly, you plan on going about getting your teeth. And the first question you should ask yourself is, should I do it myself at home or should I seek professional help from a dentist? Because I understand how difficult of a decision this can be, I decided to compile a short list of some points to consider, and the pros and cons of doing it yourself vs. seeing a dentist. Over the counter products usually contain a lower strength bleaching agent. [...]

How Smoking Impacts Your Dental Health & Teeth

It's no secret, if you smoke then you are dramatically increasing the risk of health issues arising with your mouth, teeth, gums, and overall oral health.  But despite all the warnings and risks that are associated with the habit of smoking, millions of people choose to do it anyway. Why?  Because they are addicted!  And if it was easy for someone to stop smoking, then I don't think we'd have the problem that we have today with the amount of smokers that are in the United States. But the impact of smoking on your overall oral and dental health is significant, in case you didn't know.  And I strongly feel that a discussion on the subject is in order here.  So let's talk about the dental health risks associated with smoking, and why you need to consider quitting - and quitting sooner rather than later. Smoking is, without a doubt, one of the most damaging things you do regarding [...]

4 Dieting Tips For Healthy Teeth

This is part of our dental health and news series that is sponsored by Rochelle Family Dentistry located in Rochelle, Georgia. Looking for ways to get healthier teeth?  Did you realize that the types of food you eat will have a direct impact on your overall dental health?  It might seem obvious to some people, but for others, they have no idea what kind of damage you can cause to your teeth simply from the types of food you eat. The obvious dangers are found in foods with high amounts of sugar.  But there are less obvious food choices that you can make that can have a big impact - for the positive or the negative - on your overall dental health. Here are 4 dieting tips you can implement to start improving the health of your teeth: #1:  Vegetables, whole grains, & fruits The first food group to focus on for improving the health of your teeth is [...]

What Is Preventative Dentistry?

This post is sponsored by Dr. Michael K. Frazier with Rochelle Family Dentistry in Rochelle, Georgia. What is preventative dentistry? Not necessarily the most common question one might ask, but an important one nonetheless.  It's interesting when you start to research the subject of preventative dentistry, you'll find that overall, dentistry is the most proactive practice in preventative medical health.  Based on the general recommendation that you visit your dentist at least twice a year (every six months) for things like checkups, recommendations for dental procedures, etc... it's understandable how dentistry is seen as "proactive".  After all, it's unlikely you are visiting any other doctor more frequently than twice a year, for preventative purposes anyway. So it's a fair question then to ask, what exactly is preventative dentistry? In it's simplest form, preventative dentistry means teaching the patient how to prevent dental problems in the first place! It is the next best thing to having insurance for teeth.  Within [...]

3 Types Of Sedation Dentistry

This post is sponsored by Rochelle Family Dentistry - visit Dr. Michael Kristopher Frazier and his staff in Rochelle, Ga. and find out why clients come from miles away just to bring themselves and their family members to Dr. Frazier! Are you the people who would rather endure a painful tooth ache rather than go and visit the dentist?  Does the thought of sitting down in a dentists' chair make you cringe with fear, to the point where you'd rather just live with that cavity? If this sounds like you, then don't feel like you are alone.  There are literally millions of people in the world who are just like you - people who would rather endure the worst tooth ache than go visit the dentist. If what I just described sounds like you, then you may be the perfect candidate for what's called sedation dentistry - a process where the dentist is able to give you some medication to [...]

3 Types Of Sedation Used By Dentists, And What They Mean To Patients

Are you someone who is afraid to visit the dentist?  Is the thought of getting in that dentist chair and having your mouth examined a thought that incites fear?  If so, then you might be a candidate for one of the many types of sedation dentistry techniques that are available today. Let me first say that if you live in Rochelle, Georgia or anywhere in the south Atlanta area, the very best dental care can be found at Rochelle Family Dentistry with Dr. Michael Frazier and his staff.  Dr. Frazier specializes in making everyone, from children to the elderly, happy, comfortable, and at ease for all of their dental treatments.  Dr. Frazier is a well know and well respected dentist that has clients drive from all over the State of Georgia to come for treatment.  Check out Dr. Frazier on Facebook today. So let's get back to this issue of having some hesitation while visiting the dentist.  This is [...]

If You Enjoy Bad Breath, Then Don’t Read This!

When you wake up in the morning, do people tell you that you have dragon breath?  Are you (or better yet, your spouse) repulsed by the order that's fuming from your mouth when you get out of bed? If so, then you fight the same battle that nearly all of us fight in the morning and that is bad breath!  And there are thousands of people in the United States that take their bad breath with them throughout the day. In some cases, people sincerely can't help their chronic bad breath issues.  It can be a result of medical conditions, or some other external factors out of their control. But for the rest of us, we have no excuses! Especially when there are some basic, fundamental habits that we can adopt that can help fight that dragon breath and put us on a path toward good breath, both in the morning and throughout the day. Causes of bad breath [...]

Mini Dental Implants For Denture Stabilization, What You Need To Know!

Dentures are worn by literally millions of people here in the United States.  They are a great product for those who've lost teeth, or through medical reasons are in the process of losing teeth.  Nobody likes to be seen in public with teeth that are anything less than healthy and whole.  And because of this desire, especially here in the United States, people are anxious to purchase dentures to solve the cosmetic deficiency of no teeth. The problem with dentures, however, is they are most commonly held in place with a temporary fixture.  Most dentures are held in place by closely fitting to the underlying gum along with the bone tissue.  And because of this, the more surface area along the gum the better the seal may hold.  And because the upper gums tend to have more surface area than the lower gum, the upper denture products will ten to hold in place better than the lower dentures. Another [...]

3 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist – Rochelle Family Dentistry

Being Afraid of the Dentist is Common If you are afraid of visiting the dentist then don't feel like you are alone.  Studies show that over 50% of those who visit the dentist are in fact afraid of making the visit, even if they've been to the dentist on a regular basis.  Being afraid of going to the dentist is normal. It can sometimes be a scary thought to visit the dentist and get your teeth poked and prodded, and perhaps even drilled.  But there are some things you can do that will make the prospect of visiting a dentist a whole lot easier to handle. In fact, the steps below will help you not only overcome your fear of the dentist, but they will help you be comfortable and confident each and every time you visit your favorite dentist. #1:  Visit a dentist who understands One of the coolest catch phrases I've heard from a dental office is [...]

3 Best Options To Replace Missing Teeth

This is a sponsored post by Rochelle Family Dentistry, a leading family dental practice in Rochelle, Georgia and part of the Bipper Media article marketing program. Patients that have missing teeth are usually always in some sort of quest to trying to learn about what their best options are for replacing those teeth.  Whether someone is missing a lot of teeth, or if somehow only one tooth has gone missing, exploring the best options to replacing those missing teeth doesn't need to be a difficult task. We wanted to spell out what we believe are the 3 best options to replacing missing teeth.  After reading our suggestions, hopefully you'll be more educated as you explore your options.  And hopefully these tips will help you make the best decision for replacing your missing teeth. After all, for someone who's missing teeth and looking to get them replaced, they want to ensure that the investment they are making will last a long time [...]

3 Keys To Healthier Teeth & Gums

This article is sponsored by Rochelle Family Dentistry and is part of the Bipper Media article marketing program. If you are anything like me with kids in your house, you strive to find any and every way possible to promote healthy teeth and gums.  Few things make a parent more proud than when your kids come back from the dentist with a report that they have no cavities, and everything is looking great with their teeth and gums. But when you have kids who are always wanting gum, candy, soda, and everything else full of sugar, it's an understatement to say that it's a challenge to keep kids teeth and gums healthy.  There are some concerted efforts we can enforce, however, to promote the kind of healthy teeth we all want, and that we want to instill in our children.  And below are three keys to promoting healthy teeth and gums, and this applies to both kids and adults alike. #1:  Regular [...]

Best Dentist & Dental Services In Rochelle, Ga. – Serving Tifton, Cordele, & Warner Robbins

When it comes to dental hygiene, you want to ensure you are getting the absolute best dental services possible for your teeth - which is why Rochelle Family Dentistry should be your first choice for a dentist in the Rochelle, Cordele, Tifton, & Warner Robbins areas. I remember when I was a kid being petrified having to go to the dentist.  I used to kick and scream, fighting my parents every step of the way, whenever my mom told me I had a dentist appointment coming up. And didn't matter what I was being told about the dentist - for some reason I couldn't get over that feeling of fear. That is, until I actually showed up to our dentist office! The waiting room was always so nice, neat, and clean.  I remember their being an area where toys were gathered.  And I always remembered the people in the office were smiling and welcoming to me.  The scene would [...]