Healthy Eating Habits for Busy College Students

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Healthy eating is already challenging as it is, with trying to measure the right portions while also buying and eating the freshest foods possible. Now doing all of that as a college student, on a college budget, living in a college dorm? That just got a little bit more challenging. But nothing is impossible, so below are a few easy habits to form over your four years of college to carry with you even after you graduate to ensure that you are eating happy and healthy meals!


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Now this one might be hard as college students tend to have very irregular schedules and class times when you might typically have meals. Regardless, it’s still important to try your best and have regular eating times every day of the week, and stick to it no matter what. Establish a routine for eating meals, even if it is a smaller snack rather than a full meal during busy times such as in between classes. Skipping meals throughout the day will add up, and it will eventually lead to fatigue and poor concentration. Plus, you’ll likely continue down a path of poor food choices after that. Instead, carry around snacks or small meals in containers with you to campus to eat if necessary, and try to meal prep when you can to ensure you’re eating a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


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No one expects you to cook five course gourmet meals in the kitchen of your college dorm or apartment, so learn a few simple recipes to get by. Knowing how to make staples such as sandwiches, pasta, and rice will take you very far. Substituting different meats and veggies in these basic meals and cooking/meal prepping them is a great way to have some go-to meals when you don’t know what to cook. These require minimal preparation and ingredients are relatively cheap and can be found at any grocery store. Investing in a good pot, cutting board, a few utensils, and other basic essentials will also make this process much easier.


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Consider opting for a meal plan at your college. This way, you can simply eat on campus in between classes. Though the food might not be the best, try to explore the healthy dining options they have there such as the salad bar, grilled rather than fried foods or meats, and fresh fruits and veggies. There might be different nutritionist organizations across campus you can join for more information about healthy eating habits, or you can try to take advantage of campus wellness programs to learn more, if available.


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Snacking is the way of life for college students, but it’s important to keep your snacking to a minimum as much as you can. Avoid snacks that are sugary or full of sodium, as they will make you hungry quicker and crash faster. Consider healthier alternatives like nuts, yogurt, fruit, or crackers. Try to drink plenty of water and healthier drinks like smoothies, and cut out energy drinks like Celsius or coffee for that energy boost. You’ll notice a huge difference in just simply switching out your snacking habits. Pack healthy snacks in your bag so you don’t run off to the nearest vending machine when you get hungry on campus.

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