Revamp your Summer Style

July 23 2024
Image by StyleCaster

Revamping your wardrobe for the summer is a great way to get into the upcoming excitement of the summer. Changing up your bulky winter clothes or your slightly warmer spring clothes into loose and flowy summer clothes is the best way to make sure you stay cool this hot summer season. It’s also the most practical thing to do allowing you to have a versatile wardrobe for summer beach trips, pool parties, outdoor picnics, and other summer vacations. It’s also a great confidence boost after the long, cold winter season and after the rainy, pollen season that followed. Revamping your wardrobe for the summer is also a great way to update your style preferences and incorporate the trends you like from the season. Below are some of the hottest fashion trends of summer 2023! 


July 23 2024
Image by Wall Street Journal

Bulky handbags are so out, and millions of pockets are so in! Ditch your old purses or carry everything in the palm of your hands and upgrade your wardrobe with some items with tons of pockets! Cargo pants have been taking the world by storm, so yes the 2000s are slowly coming back. But don’t just stop at cargo pants! Try out new styles like cargo skirts or even jackets, all with dozens of pockets to hold your sunglasses, lip gloss, sunscreen, and all of your summer essentials. 


July 23 2024
Image by Amazon

From the introduction of corsets as just plain tops, and luxurious and fancy lace materials placed under basic tees and tanks, fashion trends have officially shifted to the most comfortable but flirty styles yet. Lacy slip dresses and flowy satin nightgowns are taking the fashion world by storm. Though these items used to always be worn indoors, at home, or simply to bed, these styles are now worn out and styled with simple designer pieces and jewelry. 


July 23 2024
Image by FashionFad

Angles and asymmetry – that’s all there is to explain. All sorts of different styles of hemlines are an absolute necessity this summer season. Wearing midi or maxi dresses and skirts with slits in them are a great way to stay cool in the summer while also trying out this new summer trend. Even try outfits with asymmetry on the tops, as well. Off-the-shoulder tops, bodices with cut-outs, etc, are great ways to keep on top of this trend. 


July 23 2024
Image by Curlyhair.com 

Though this might not be a piece of clothing and more like an accessory, this is a summer staple. What better way to keep your hair out of your face while enjoying the warm summer days than a cute and comfy headband? There are dozens of different ways to wear them, regardless of how many more days your hair can go without another wash! The best part? They can be found on almost any site for below $5 for one or more! 


July 23 2024
Image by shipito

Now, we know that athleisure has been every American’s go-to style choice for a lazy, lounge-around type day. This style of athleisure is on a new level! With brands and stores like Aerie and LuluLemon completely taking over the athleisure market, their most common styles are some of the most popular styles you’ll find this summer. Flowy shorts that look like skirts, tight and cropped tank tops, and thin jackets to complete the look will be the highlights of athleisure wear this summer! 

Sharon Joseph
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