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Preparing Meals as a College Student

Figuring out what to eat each day, how to eat healthy, and buying the right amount of food so it doesn’t go bad can appear tedious. You’re no longer living at home where food just appears on the table. Now you have [...]

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For College Students: How to Stay Motivated During Summer Break

As classes end and finals begin, most students simply want to log off and forget about their responsibilities until August rolls around. Honestly, after this semester, I don’t blame anyone for needing a break – and a long one at that.  The [...]

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4 Essential Books that College Students Should Read

When I was younger, I would go through one book a week. Sometimes, I would have two books lined up so whenever I finished the first one, I would have another one ready to be read. That love for reading slowly died [...]

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How to Be More Productive: Time Blocking and Google Calendar

Being productive and staying productive have been issues for me in the past. I get easily overwhelmed thinking of all the tasks I need to complete by the end of the week. I’ve tried many approaches to managing those tasks and the [...]