What Can Citation Cleanup Services Do for Your Business?

Citation Cleanup June 13 2024

It’s estimated that there are 33.2 million small businesses in the US alone. Many of these businesses are either only online or use the online world for exposure.

If you own your own business, citation cleanup is something you should consider. This is important for businesses if you want to have a good online presence.

There are so many aspects of being online and attracting potential customers. It can get very complex and difficult if you aren’t aware of the ends and outs of local citations.

Keep reading to find out what citation cleanup can do for your business.

What Is a Citation Cleanup?

A citation cleanup is a process of removing bad or dirty data from the Internet. This is data that connects back to your website that could be causing damage.

Citations are ways for potential customers to find your business. This is why there is so much importance on local citation and the importance of it being correct.

There is a lot of incorrect information online that you may not even be aware of. This could’ve happened accidentally, or there may have been some errors that came up.

Cleaning up your business citations literally involves cleaning up these citations. Citations that aren’t beneficial or good will be removed completely.

This will allow your good citations to flourish and do what they are supposed to do.

What Does a Citation Cleanup Do?

If you need a citation cleanup, you should consider hiring Bipper Media. This is a company that specializes in all things online for businesses.

This company will be able to handle your citations for you and do everything manually. This ensures you will get a good result without pulling your hair out.

Making sure this is done correctly is very important for your business. You have to make sure your online presence is as good as it can be for better reach.

Removes Incorrect Data

Citation cleanup includes finding and removing incorrect data. For instance, your Google maps citations could be redirecting people to the wrong location.

Your company may have moved locations, and the information was never updated. Or it may have been incorrect from the start, and you never addressed it.

This could also apply to different information regarding your business. You may have names and phone numbers documented online that are no longer valid.

If you are a business that is more than a few years old, there’s probably a lot of incorrect data out there. Things change, and documented data is no longer useful.

It may not seem like this is a serious problem, but it can be damaging to your online presence. Potential customers may follow a citation only for it not to go anywhere.

Or they may be sent to the wrong website or to a dead website. These are all things that can result in you losing potential customers.

Removes Errors

Aside from incorrect data, you also want to remove error-ridden data. This could be something like an address that has an incorrect ZIP code or a misspelled word.

You would be amazed at how many citation errors there are. These are also damaging to your business as they aren’t helpful to potential customers.

This can also negatively impact your Google local search ranking. If google finds citations to not be helpful, it won’t recommend them to people.

Improve Ranking on Google

Having a citation cleanup will help you to show up better and Google’s eyes. Google is what controls what people see online and what businesses get a boost.

Google determines this by identifying websites that provide value. If you are citations aren’t correct, your business won’t be providing the value Google wants.

This could result in your results being buried so far that no one sees them. This will damage your website and will reduce the number of potential customers you find.

You won’t rank in Google Maps and your content may disappear from the search results. These are serious problems that impact the sustainability of your company against the competition.

A More Professional Look

Removing bad citations is going to make your business look better. People will see your business and will appreciate how professional it is.

Hiring a company like Bipper Media simplifies this process and ensures good results. You will receive a citation audit along with a citation report.

This will help you understand what citations need to be cleaned up to put your business’s best foot forward. A team of trained professionals will then tackle this project manually.

Once you have this done, you don’t have to worry about it again for a while. These audits are only necessary maybe once or twice a year for most businesses.

Even then, most businesses don’t need a cleanup very often once the bad data is gone. From there, it will only be a matter of keeping information up to date.

Accurate Online Information

Having all your citations cleaned up will guarantee correct online information. This is extremely important for any kind of business.

Even if you are a physical business, this is going to impact your success. For instance, having an incorrect business address could result in you losing potential customers.

They may not be able to find your business and become frustrated, going to another option. If your business is online-based, this is even more important.

All of your information needs to be correct and up-to-date so that you can find and keep customers. This will also show Google that you have something valuable to offer.

Benefits of Citation Cleanup Services

If you are a business owner, you should consider citation cleanup services. This is where a business performs a citation audit and removes bad data from the Internet.

This will help your Google search ranking as well as your reputation with potential customers. It also ensures your business information is up to date.

Are you interested in getting citation cleanup services for your business website? Contact us today at Bipper Media to get a free citation audit for your business site.

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