How to Get the Most Out of Guest Posting for Your Blog

Guest Posting May 25 2024

Did you know that to boost your blog views and Google rankings, you want to write blog posts that are 2000 to 3000 words in length? That is, you want to focus efforts on creating longer blog posts to garner the sales and profits you desire.

You might think that most folks won’t read such long blog posts. But those who are desperately searching for a solution to their problem absolutely will. And those are the folks who are ready to buy – when the right solution to their problem comes along.

Having a guest posting strategy in place can help you create such long blog posts, especially if you aren’t comfortable writing wordier technical articles. Keep reading to see how you can use guest posts to boost your blog views and ultimately get more sales.

What Is a Guest Post?

To start, what are guest posts? It’s when you have experts in your field, influencers, or folks from outside your company writing posts for your blog or website. These are individuals you trust to create content that’s relevant to your business and service offering.

Why would someone want to write content for your website? Well, it’s a give-and-take situation here.

They get to appear on the website of a well-reputed organization such as yours. And you get free high-quality blog content.

Guest posting is so popular because influencers or other experts who are just starting in the business will be easily able to get their names out there if they can get their content on a reputable website. It can help boost their reputation in the industry when they guest post on a major online portal.

Guest authors will usually have a little blurb at the bottom of their posts that tells readers their job title, what services they offer, and where they can be found.

If they enjoyed the piece of writing, readers will click on the website link or other links provided and follow the guest author on other social media channels. The guest author might end up getting a client or two due to this, as well.

As you can see, they aren’t just writing guest posts out of the goodness of their heart. They get as much out of it as you, as the website owner, do.

How Can You Find Guest Authors?

In a lot of cases, people will message you asking if they can become a guest poster on your website. This is even more true if you have a reputable website with lots of views and high-quality content.

Guest posters will want to be associated with a website such as yours. You don’t want to say yes to every single person who sends an offer to write a guest post for you. At first, when you don’t have a lot of content on your website and you are trying to build it up, you might say yes to many of those guest post offers.

Eventually, though you will want to become more discerning and choosy.

Have a System in Place to Curate Guest Post Content

Many businesses have a page on their website where guest posters can submit their ideas for new blog posts.

You could include an email address if you wish or have a contact form, where the individual can send a message requesting to write a guest post for you. If you have specific topics that you want guest posters to write on, you could include those on this page as well.

Ensure that you have someone on your marketing or sales team who goes through this email inbox once a week and curates all the requests that come through. There will be lots of people who will be sending in useless requests, where they dont have an idea of what to write or aren’t talented enough writers to matter.

But there will definitely be some individuals whose guest posts would be worthy enough to go on your website. If they haven’t already sent in the full post, ask them to do so. This way you can gauge their writing style and how much editing it will take (hopefully not too much).

Ensure that you have at least 2-3 people on your team who will go through the blog post to ensure it reads right and the technical aspects are accurate. Also, if you have a legal team, run it by them as well, before posting it on your website.

Ask the guest poster to share the article they wrote on all their social media channels so you can get your website on many potential leads’ radars.

Don’t Use Guest Posts Alone

No matter how many requests for guest posts you get, you should never have only guests post on your website. It should be a mix of posts by your content writing team and by other reputable influencers and writers. This way you will still be able to maintain your voice on the blog.

If you have some guest posters who have a huge following of their own and bring in a lot of traffic to your website, then you could consider making them a permanent guest poster on your blog. Similar to a regular contributor to a news column. But no matter how long they have been writing for you, it should always be curated by your team for quality and accuracy.

Now You Have Your Guest Posting Strategy

You are now ready to execute your guest posting strategy. It might be slow goings at first, especially since it will take time for people to realize that you are accepting guest posts on your website and to contact you with a guest post topic.

But once you gain a reputation in your industry, you will have hordes of writers messaging you to see if they can write for you.

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