7 Reasons for Hiring an SEO Specialist vs. DIY SEO 

Local Seo June 25 2024

A quick Google search for “DYI SEO” or “Local SEO strategies” can certainly produce a wealth of valuable information for you as a business owner. However, because there are so many layers to the world of SEO, you may find yourself wondering where to begin and what strategy would be best for your particular business. While you can definitely try to execute SEO strategies for your business, you may want to ask yourself if you have a firm enough grasp of it or the time to deliver optimal results yourself? 

Below we have presented 7 reasons (although there are actually more) as to why hiring an SEO specialist may be a worthy investment for your business to be found on Google. 

1. Poorly-Executed SEO Is Worse Than No SEO

Poorly-executed SEO can do more harm than good to a business than having done zero SEO work. How? Well, if you don’t do your research on the keywords you should be ranking for and optimize your GMB listing and website for the wrong keywords, you can guarantee that your competitors will be found before you are ever found in Google Search. Also, if your NAP (name, address and phone number) as well as other business information is completely unaligned throughout the internet, that could stifle your business’s ability to rank well. Of course, there are other things you can do to your GMB listing including keyword stuffing that can get your listing flagged by Google and therefore hinder your success in Google Search.

2. Time

As a business owner, you have many responsibilities on your plate. Adding the implementation of SEO work yourself or even having an employee try to take that on may not be feasible in achieving your SEO goals effectively. By working with a highly-recommended SEO agency, however, you’ll be able to hand that large task off to the professionals. They’ll be able to fill in any gaps and provide great results when it comes to your location and domain authority to boost your rankings. 

3. Keeping up with Latest Trends and Changes

Since the world of SEO was introduced, it has evolved quite a bit over the years. What was the case a year ago, may not be so presently. Keeping up with the latest trends and changes unveiled by Google is something the SEO experts do well. While you are focused on running your business, your SEO specialist will be making sure your business is up to date with the latest trends in order for your listing and website to stay ahead of the curve.

4. You’ll Know Your Market Better than Ever

As part of your SEO specialist’s research process, you will be provided with a market research report of how your business is doing compared to your competition in your area and how you are faring in your market. This would include your business’s previous performance and where the deficiencies are. Of course, a meeting with you would be ideal to go over their findings and recommended next steps. Being able to have a clearer picture of where you are currently and where you need to be is a total game-changer when it comes to fulfilling your business plan successfully. 

5. Helpful with Reputation Building 

As is true with any small business, your reputation can make or break your business. With a multitude of websites specializing in helping customers find local businesses including Yelp, what customers say about your business carries a lot of weight online. Positive customer reviews have the power to compel new customers to purchase from your business. And believe it or not, SEO specialists can help you navigate toward responding quickly and effectively to negative reviews so that it does not affect your reputation in the long run. 

6. Prime Link-Building Implementation

With high rankings occurring as a result of greater domain authority, link-building is an important SEO strategy executed by SEO specialists. Producing quality content that includes powerful backlinks helps build relationships with other brands and boosts traffic to your site in the process. It really is a smart move!

7. You’ll Reap the Benefits of Long Term Growth 

Your SEO campaign is successful only if your business begins to see growth opportunities in the form of new customers and more revenue. When done properly, you should start receiving more phone calls through your listing and website and more foot traffic. An SEO specialist will help your business build momentum for years to come. 

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