Web Design Best Practices for Law Firms

Web Design Best Practices May 22 2024

Recent statistics show that there are currently 62% of the world’s population online. It shows that 93% of Americans are online, and there are around 500,000 new internet users each day.

These statistics show how important having an online presence is. This is why law firms should use web design best practices to attract more clients.

Because there are so many people online, this is where people get their information. If someone is looking for a law firm, this is most likely where they will begin searching.

Keep reading to find out what the web design best practices are for law firms.

Optimized for Mobile

Something you may not understand about web design is how it works with mobile. The reality is that your website is going to look different on every device someone uses.

Most websites have a design that is best for a computer or a laptop. But the majority of people online are usually looking at their phones.

Because of this, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-optimized for those potential clients. If you don’t do this, your website will be difficult to navigate or read.

You will need to choose a mobile responsive web design suitable for most devices. There are several ways you can do this so that you won’t lose valuable website visitors.

If this is something that feels overwhelming, you could always hire a company like BIPPER Media. This company provides a professional website design service for all your law firm needs.


You also need to make sure your law firm website is user-friendly. Website trends that have always been around, including fast and simple websites.

Your website needs to load quickly so that people will not become impatient. It also shouldn’t have any glitches that could result in visitors leaving the page.

Something else you need to focus on is how easy it is to navigate. A high-quality website should provide a clear direction to the visitor.

This can be done by having specific business pages that they can click on. For instance, they may want to see what the company is like; this could be your about page.

Or they may want to find out what your law firm offers; this should be included in the service pages. Having different pages helps people easily navigate the site.

If people have to hunt too much to find what they need to find, they will simply give up. After all, there are thousands of law firm websites, and they may move on to the next option.

SEO Optimized

It is also important that you make sure your website is SEO optimized. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is something that Google uses.

This is what is going to help your website be found by visitors. One way of utilizing SEO is to incorporate keywords into every aspect of your website.

These keywords should be on your company pages as well as your blog posts. This will help your website come up when someone is searching for that particular keyword.

This is another service that BIPPER Media offers so that you do not have to learn SEO on your own.

Personal Touches

Another thing you want to add to your law firm website is a personal touch. Web design best practices include making the website feel friendly and human.

It is easy to come across as very stiff and professional, which isn’t always good. You want to add some warmth to the website, showing visitors that you are human.

One of the best ways to do this is to have photos throughout the website. You could have a page where you introduce everyone who is a part of the law firm.

This could include company photos as well as individual headshots. This is a great way to add a personal touch and create a greater connection with a visitor.

Keep in mind that you still want to keep things relatively professional. Any photos you include should be formal and high-quality, nothing too casual or grainy.

Provide a Solution

It is also very important that your law firm website provide a solution. People who are looking up your website or most likely looking for your specific services.

It isn’t enough to simply show them what you provide and how you provide it. You also need to give them a direction that also provides a solution.

The best way to do this is to include a clear contact page. This could include contact information for your law firm or a form for the visitor to fill out.

This will help them to start the next process of getting in touch. You could also add your social media handles so that they could reach out that way if they prefer.

Don’t Distract 

It is very important to remember that this is a business website. It needs to be clean and polished, not distracting the eye or adding too many elements.

There are many beautiful websites out there with unique and fun designs. But you do not want to go overboard as this is not going to add value.

Your design should reflect the brand, such as colors and logos. Only minimal design elements should be included, with the focus mainly on the pages.

This will help reduce any distractions so that the visitor can focus on why they are on the website.

Web Design Best Practices: Law Firms

When it comes to law firms, web design best practices matter. These are website trends that you should follow for your law firm website.

Some examples of these trends include making the website mobile-friendly. You also want to make sure you SEO optimize the website so that it is easier to find on Google.

Avoid choosing a website design that is too cluttered or flashy. Keep it simple and include a few professional photos to add a personal touch.

Do you need help creating your law firm website? Contact us today at BIPPER Media to book a call to discuss your web design strategy. 

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