The SEO Funnel Framework To Grow Any Business

Seo Funnels Framework June 25 2024

In this latest episode of SEO Secrets, I talk about the power of the SEO funnel framework and how it can literally be used to grow any business.

And not just businesses… SEO funnels can be used to grow non-profits, churches, large and small businesses.

You name it, an SEO funnel can grow it!

I talk about this in the episode, but in 2020 — the year of the COVID 19 pandemic — our SEO funnel was one of the main reasons why we doubled our business.

First, we have a world class SEO team here at Bipper Media.

And I talk about the relevance of your team and how you can can’t grow without an amazing team.

Second however, is the power of our SEO funnel.

So in early 2020, instead of letting team members go to reduce costs, etc… we doubled down on optimizing our SEO funnel.

This led to over 100% growth both in total revenue and total number of SEO clients in 2020.

What is an SEO funnel?

You can listen to the podcast episode of course, but here’s a quick overview of the SEO funnel:

Build your SEO authority

The first step is to build your SEO authority so you are getting more traffic from Google search.

This is applicable to both organic and local / Google Maps search results.

The more SEO authority you have, the more organic search traffic you’ll get.

And organic search traffic is super valuable because your traffic is coming from people who are actively searching for answers and solutions to problems, wants, or needs that your business provides and solves.

Create your free asset giveaway

The next step is to create your free asset giveaway.

This is going to be a free ebook that’s short, simple, and extremely valuable and packed with great high value information.

So something like “3 Reasons Why…” or “The #1 Mistake To Avoid When…”.

Something like that but tailored specifically for your business, product, and service.

For businesses that provide multiple services, I would recommend focusing on your highest ticket items or highest ticket services – the ones your clients would spend the most money on and that are the most profitable for your business.

Create your conversion element

Once you have your free ebook created (or video, or phone call, or whatever you are giving away for free), you need to create your conversion element.

The conversion element is the form, or link to a landing page with a form, where a visitor enters their email to get your free valuable giveaway.

I like using form popups because I can have those appear site wide.

So no matter what page, blog post, etc… a visitor comes in on, they will see the popup form and have the opportunity to enter their email for the free ebook (or whatever you are giving away).

Send leads to your email list

As visitors enter their email to get your free giveaway, you now need to make sure those emails are going to your email list.

There’s a lot of different ways and tools to make this happen, so at the moment I’m going to keep it simple by just saying your leads need to go your email list.

Create your email sequence

You now need to have an email sequence pre-built that goes out to your growing email list.

This is what we refer to as an email sequence.

I recommend at least 7 emails as the minimum in your email sequence.


Because according to old school advertising, the Rule of 7 states that someone needs to see your brand, product, service, or message at least 7 times before they’ll buy from you.

So the email sequence can achieve this by including at least 7 emails in your sequence.

The emails in your sequence need to continue building your rapport with your growing list of leads.

And your growing list of leads are in essence your high value audience of potential customers and prospects.

Create your conversion path

Finally, from within your email sequence you need to create a clear path to purchasing.

Purchasing can mean a lot of different things depending on your business, product, or service.

For our SEO agency, our goal is to get interested clients to schedule a free SEO strategy call.

For a restaurant, your goal is to get new customers to come eat a meal.

For a law firm, your goal is to get new potential clients to call and schedule a consultation.

For an HVAC company, your goal is to get a new customer to call you because their AC or heating units are working properly.

This path to conversion can be as simple as a call to action link at the bottom of all of your emails in your sequence.

Again, there’s a lot of different ways to create your path to conversion, and this is something you can also test within your email sequence.

The path to conversion also needs to be clear on your website.

A conversion (new customer) may not happen directly from your email sequence.

Someone who’s receiving your email sequence may just remember later that they wanted to call you.

Or a family may just plan to go have lunch at your restaurant on a Saturday afternoon.

So from your website, you have to likewise state a very clear and easy path for what a customer needs to do to buy from you.

So that’s the overview of the SEO funnel framework.

It’s a magical thing!

And it’s amplified a hundred fold when you start with the power and momentum that can come from being found in organic search.

Let me know what you think about the SEO funnel framework!

And if you’d like to learn more, just go ahead and schedule a strategy call with us.

Bobby Holland
Bobby Hollandhttps://bippermedia.com
Founder and contributor at Bipper Media.

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