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Legal Directories: Top Lawyer Directories in 2021

Legal directories such as Avvo, Justia, and FindLaw play a crucial role in helping law firms increase their online presence.  Not only are legal directories searched heavily by potential clients who need a lawyer, but they are used extensively by other law firms who [...]


Local SEO for Dentists: 20 Proven SEO Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice

Local SEO for Dentists Watch / listen to a video of Local SEO tips for dentists: Here's 20 Local SEO Tips to Grow Your Dental Practice Are you trying to grow your dental practice? Are your dentists struggling to get found in Google [...]


Top 7 Essential Tips On How To Maximize Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about making content and promoting it effectively and is considered an essential part of any successful digital content marketing strategy. These two factors are critical in reaching your target audience goal in the most cost-effective and efficient way that’s [...]


10 Digital Transformation Tips for Small Business

It's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically re-shaped industries across the entire world. One of the primary changes that companies are implementing is a shift toward a digital landscape. Even after COVID restrictions are lifted, though, we can expect to see the [...]


Art of Persuasion: How To Improve Social Media Marketing Influence

Persuading and influencing the audience is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy. The same principle holds true when it comes to using social networking to leverage the influence status of any business. The best thing about social media campaigns is that [...]


13 Local Link Building Tips To Grow Your Local Business in Search

As of this writing, there are more than 1.8 billion websites live on the internet, and that number rises every second. To put that in perspective, if you looked at one website every second, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five [...]


Apple SEO – Apple Search Engine Optimization & What You Need To Know

Image credit: CoyWolf.net https://www.coywolf.news/seo/apple-search-engine/ Apple SEO may be coming soon!Apple is reportedly starting to hire search engineers.And when / if Apple launches their own search engine, this will create a new SEO arms race to get clients found in the top Apple [...]


The Gravity of Social Media Marketing To Business Plus Trends To Follow

As you know it, the advantage of social media channels to businesses, particularly to startups, and the value it holds to those who are about to enter the hostile world of marketing is undeniably huge. According to B2C, 84% of American businesses [...]


The Best Growth Hacking Tips For Ecommerce – A Guide For Startups

The new buzzword in the digital marketing society and the business world right now is ‘growth hacking.' As the gates of opportunities open for startups, the majority of entrepreneurs realize that they need to think outside the box to keep up with [...]


5 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Small Business Website

Increase Website Traffic to Local & Small Business Websites Are you a small or local business?  Are you struggling to find an effective way to market your business on the Internet?  If this is you, then welcome!  I'm about to share with [...]


The Secret Sauce to Local Business Blogging Success

A successful business blogging strategy is one that leverages content, in the form of blog posts, as a way to drive inbound traffic to a website.  The purpose of driving traffic to your website is to increase your brand exposure and ultimately [...]


Synergy Institute Acupuncture & Chiropractic

Synergy Institute Acupuncture & Chiropractic partners with Bipper Media to help grow their business by improving their rankings, prominence, and visibility in Google search.Naperville, Illinois -- Today we are excited to partner with Synergy Institute Acupuncture & Chiropractic to help grow their business [...]


Why Your Business Isn’t Showing on Google Maps (4 Common Reasons)

If you prefer, you can listen to an episode from our SEO Secrets podcast that we did on this topic... just click play below: The main reason why your business isn't found on Google Maps The most common reason why your business isn't [...]


Hyper Local Business Directories

Something I feel that is missing completely from the web are what I call 'hyper local business directories'. The easy thing to do would be to build a directory like Yelp where you have one domain and then sections for each metro [...]


Yext Partners with Amazon Alexa – Latest SEO Secrets Podcast

Yext partners with Alexa... news was announced yesterday morning and I had this episode recorded within a few hours. But I just couldn't squeeze in the time to get it posted until now! Have a listen...You may not follow this type of thing [...]


How we grew website traffic by 242.21% in 6 months using SILOS & Site Structure SEO

SILOS & SITE STRUCTURE SEO I've been on a mission over the last 6 months or more to clean up our content here at Bipper Media. We had dozens of articles and pages that in essence covered the same topic. And there [...]


Voice Search Optimization 2018 – 3 Steps To Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

3 Steps to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search in 2018 and Beyond According to Google, over one-fifth of the searches on Google are voice search. And it's expected that by 2020 (less than 2 years from now), over half of all [...]


The National

The National Athens, GA 30601 [NEXForms id="4" open_trigger="popup" button_color="btn-success" type="button" text="CONTACT US"] (706) 549-3450 Visit Site The National The National provides a casual neighborhood gathering spot reminiscent of the bars and cafés we’ve enjoyed on travels to Europe. Mediterranean [...]


Trappeze Pub

Trappeze Pub Athens, GA 30601 [NEXForms id="4" open_trigger="popup" button_color="btn-success" type="button" text="CONTACT US"] (706) 543-8997 Visit Site Trappeze Pub A vibrant warm interior with intimate booths, plenty of bar and outdoor seating, and larger tables to accommodate groups, have [...]


The Place

The Place Athens, GA 30608 [NEXForms id="4" open_trigger="popup" button_color="btn-success" type="button" text="CONTACT US"] (706) 850-2988 Visit Site The Place We are a relaxed Southern eatery serving refined comfort cuisine to the Classic City. The Place’s menu is built upon a collection [...]