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Silos Seo Site Structure June 25 2024

I’ve been on a mission over the last 6 months or more to clean up our content here at Bipper Media.

We had dozens of articles and pages that in essence covered the same topic.

And there were even more articles that arguably could be considered sub-topics of content covered in the main articles.

In summary, we’ve found – and continue to find – dozens of articles and pages of content that could potentially be consolidated into one authoritative page.

About 5 years ago or so, the main stream content strategy was to create a new article or page whenever you have a something new to say or a new topic to cover.

I’m not really sure where this idea originated, but I ultimately think it’s flawed and sets you (your website) on a course of having a highly unstructured website.

And the more unstructured your website, the less momentum and authority your pages will have to rank for competitive keyword phrases.

So we’ve been archiving our articles and pages here at Bipper Media and consolidating content into a much smaller number of pages.

As an example, we have a lot of authority for the topic “rank high in Google Maps”.

There’s one main article that has always achieved the highest rankings, most traffic, and highest level of customer conversions for our business.

However, there were easily a dozen other articles throughout our site that talked directly or indirectly around the same topic.

Some of the articles were directly about the exact same topic.

Whereas others could be considered sub-topics around the main topic of “rank higher in Google Maps.”

So we started on a quest to inventory the full expanse of the articles that were either directly or indirectly about this topic.

We pulled the best, most relevant content from each of these pages and then integrated that content into the main top level page for this topic.

The content on the main page went from less than 1,000 words and has swelled to nearly 5,000 words… all by consolidating content from related articles and concentrating on the optimization of one single page.

This is a process I refer to as “shoring up” content.

But it’s ultimately a part of the wider SEO strategy we refer to as site structuring.

Site structuring is the process of taking a website, reorganizing the pages and content into a highly structured form, and then consolidating content and shoring up authority to select pages.

The impact of implementing this strategy across many topics and pages has been strong growth in organic search traffic.

Another great example of a site that does this really well is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has long been my SEO classroom where, by studying their pages, internal linking structures, and overall content strategies, I’ve been able to gain a much better understanding of the role site structure has on a website’s (and web pages’) visibility and rankings in search.

For example, if you were to Google “Abraham Lincoln”, you would find the Wikipedia page in the #1 search result.

In the contents of this page, you’ll see 15 sub category topics and many sub categories within those.  For example, in sub topic #6, the sub topics go from 6.1 to 6.13.

What you won’t find is 15 other articles that could easily constitute it’s own page within Wikipedia.

Instead, all the content is consolidated into one highly authoritative page.

This shoring up of content and high level site structuring is one of the reasons (certainly not the only reason, but one of the main reasons) why this page performs so well in search.

The same site structuring methodology can be performed within your website.

By doing so you’ll shore up authority within your site and concentrate your ranking power to just the few most relevant and authoritative pages.

When you do this, you’ll see (as we have, and many of our clients have as well), your traffic increase by over 240%.

And this traffic will be coming from a much higher quality audience of prospects, which mans your business will start to see proportionate growth in leads and sales.

Bobby Holland
Bobby Hollandhttps://bippermedia.com
Founder and contributor at Bipper Media.

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