8 Ways Content Marketing Services Benefit Your Business

Content Marketing Services June 13 2024

Blogs are an effective marketing tool for nearly 80% of businesses. In fact, a blog could boost your conversion rate by six times. Blogging four times a week could drive 3.5 times as much website traffic, too.

If you don’t have time to develop your own content marketing strategy, that’s okay! Instead, you can utilize content marketing services this year. With great, engaging content, you can educate, inform, and attract new customers.

Not sure if content marketing is right for your business? Here are eight reasons you should consider requesting content creation services this year.

After discovering the benefits of content marketing, you can make a more informed decision with your business in mind.

Read on to discover the benefits of producing high-quality blog content for your website today!

1. Reach Ideal Customers

Consumers head online to search for products and services every day. In fact, about 68% of online activities start with a search engine. Another 46% of Google searches are location-based.

About 51% of all website traffic comes from organic searches, too.

Creating high-quality blog content and using search engine optimization (SEO) will help you appear when someone searches for your product or service. You won’t have to convince consumers they need your offerings. Instead, you can appear in front of ideal customers who already have an interest in what you can provide.

Using content marketing services could help you save valuable time and money.

You won’t have to use outbound tactics like cold calling to convince consumers to choose your business. Instead, you can use inbound marketing strategies like content creation to draw people to your website. Then, you can leverage their existing interest in your offerings to generate more leads and sales.

In fact, search engines generate 300% more traffic for websites than social media. About 14.6% of SEO-generated leads convert, too. About 60% of marketers say SEO generates high-quality leads.

Meanwhile, about 82% of consumers feel more positive about companies after reading custom content.

Generating blog content and developing a content strategy will help you reach more customers online.

2. Demonstrate Your Value

You can also use content marketing services to demonstrate the value only you can offer customers.

An experienced content marketing agency will focus on showing consumers your experience and expertise. They can also demonstrate EAT (expertise, authority, trustworthiness). Establishing EAT within your blog content will help consumers perceive your value.

In fact, you could position yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

You can use your content to educate your consumers, rather than using sales language within your posts. Consumers will start to see you’re able to help. They’ll begin relying on your expertise when looking for solutions to their problems.

Demonstrating your value could help you foster brand trust. Consumers will keep returning to your blog content for advice.

They’ll begin relying on your business above any other in the industry, too.

3. Generate Brand Awareness

Adding content creation and SEO to your marketing strategy could help you generate more brand awareness.

It takes multiple impressions before consumers become aware your brand exists. If they don’t realize you exist, they’ll choose one of your competitors instead. With blog content, you can keep appearing in front of customers online.

Each time you appear, you have the chance to turn brand awareness into recognition. Consumers will know how to recognize your brand on sight. You’ll have an easier time remaining top-of-mind with your audience, too.

The next time they need your product or service, they’ll recall seeing your blog content. Then, they might decide to visit your website directly.

4. Get Ahead of Competitors

A strong SEO and content strategy could help you rank ahead of competitors on search engine result pages. Higher rankings can boost your credibility, encouraging brand trust to grow. Remember, consumers will see your content before any other business’ posts, too.

Small businesses could get ahead of big corporations as well.

You can even share your content on other marketing channels, such as social media platforms. Developing an omnichannel marketing strategy can expand your reach. You can continue appearing in front of potential customers before competitors get the chance.

5. Attract Website Traffic

Are you struggling to attract traffic to your website? Gather keyword research to determine what questions your customers are asking. Then, create content that answers those questions.

As consumers search for answers online, they might come across your blog content. Then, you can start generating more traffic.

Gaining more website traffic will give you the chance to show off your offerings, experience, and expertise.

About 74% of consumers get frustrated when website content has nothing to do with their interests, though. Another 45% won’t spend time with branded content that’s not relevant to their interests. Over 50% will switch brands if a company doesn’t personalize.

You can use personalization within your content marketing strategy to appeal to consumers based on their distinct needs. You’ll have an easier time drawing them to your website as a result.

Meanwhile, creating content throughout the year will ensure your website content is always fresh!

6. Build Trust and Loyalty

Remember, demonstrating your experience and expertise could encourage more people to trust your business. In time, trust can turn into loyalty.

Retaining loyal customers will help you generate repeat sales. You can reduce your cost-per-acquisition while improving your ROI.

7. Educate and Engage

You can also use content marketing to learn from your customers.

Look at the comments they leave on your posts. Take the time to answer their questions. You can even create follow-up posts based on those questions.

8. Improve Your ROI

Content marketing is three times more efficient for lead generation than outbound marketing. About 72% of companies say content marketing increases leads. Another 92% say content is a valuable business asset.

Marketers who prioritize daily blog posts are 13 times more likely to experience a positive ROI, too.

With a content strategy, you can generate more leads and sales to improve your ROI. Improving your search engine rankings could generate long-term results, too.

Boost Your Business: 8 Reasons to Use Content Marketing Services Today

Set your business up for lasting success. Consider these eight reasons to use content marketing services this year. With a strong content strategy, you can expand your reach and draw more customers to your business.

Then, you can generate more leads and sales to boost your ROI.

Eager to get started? We’re here to help.

Contact us today to learn more!

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