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Guest Post July 23 2024

Statistics show that approximately 71% of all small businesses have a website. Statistics also show that 1 in 5 business owners struggle with website traffic.

Having a website is one thing, but getting it to pay off is another. One method you could use to expand your website is to write a guest post.

A guest post is when you write an article for a website that is not your own. That website will publish it, redirecting its readers back to your website.

Keep reading to find out how guest posting can benefit your website.

Greater Website Backlinks

Wondering what is a guest post? This is simply an article you have written that is not meant for your website.

Another website will post this article, providing backlinking opportunities. A backlink is a link on another website that directs readers to your website.

This helps you to gain new traffic and more recognition. But there are other huge benefits to having more backlinks to your website.

Backlinks show Google that your website is high-quality. It uses these links as an indicator of what websites provide the most value and should be easier to find.

A website that does not have these links will not be considered a credible source. Depending on what industry you are in, this can be extremely important.

It is also worth mentioning that you want backlinks from other credible sources. That is why you should only guest post for high-quality websites similar to your industry.

Better Domain Authority

Another one of these guest post benefits includes your domain authority. Domain authority is part of the search engine ranking system used to rank websites.

This will dictate what websites are more successful and put in front of readers. Having a high domain authority means you will get more organic traffic to your site.

This is because Google will see your site as being high-quality and useful. This is another reason why it is important to only guest post on good websites.

The site you are posting to should have high domain authority. This will increase your own website’s domain authority through that connection.

Having a high domain authority is important for all websites. But it is especially important for industries that provide specific kinds of services or content.

For example, if you are in the healthcare industry, you need to have a high domain authority. This shows Google that you are qualified to talk about healthcare.

More Recognition

Your business website should focus on guest posting to gain more recognition. When you guessed post, your brand is being presented to thousands of new readers.

These are people that you may not have ever been able to connect to yourself. This means that your business is going to get far more recognition than it would organically.

Not only will new readers learn about your business, they will be directed to it. This helps to get your name out there, resulting in more readers and even customers.

Referral Traffic

Guest post saying doesn’t just provide recognition for your business. This also helps you to gain referral traffic from that website.

Referral traffic is traffic that lands on your site without searching for your site. These are visitors who have followed the link from your guest post.

A benefit of referral traffic is that it is more controlled. Depending on where you guest post, you can have better control over the type of audience you are reaching.

If you are launching a new product, you could attract referral traffic that would be interested in that product. When it comes to organic traffic, you can’t control who is coming to your site.

Improves Industry Recognition

Guest posting not only increases your business recognition with readers, it spreads further. This will also help you to receive industry recognition among other professionals.

This is important since you may want to collaborate in the future. This is very common in the online world as it is beneficial for both parties.

Guest posting also opens the door for more posting opportunities. A business may see that you have done this and offer to do a guest post for you or you for them.

Industry recognition opens up more opportunities for future endeavors.

Expands Your Portfolio

Depending on the industry you are in, you may have a portfolio. Most of the time, your website will be your direct portfolio as it shows your work.

But it is always better to have an expanded portfolio as well. One way to do this is to guest post on other websites that you can link back to.

For example, if you are a ghostwriter, your website is your main portfolio. But potential clients may want to see that you have written for other websites as well.

You will be able to direct them to your guest post to see other examples of your work.

Social Media Growth

Guest posting is also a great opportunity to grow your social media platforms. Most of the time, websites will also direct their readers to your social media.

This is a great opportunity to grow these platforms to get better brand recognition. Your social media is closely connected to your website, making this beneficial for both areas.

In a roundabout way, this will also help to boost your authority. Your brand will become more recognized online, helping you to get on Google’s good side.

This is also something that BIPPER Media can help you grow to benefit your website.

Guest Post Benefits to Consider

If you are considering writing a guest post, you may be wondering what the benefits are. There are many benefits to guest posting, including generating referral traffic.

This is also the best opportunity to increase your website’s backlinks. Backlinks and your domain authority will help your website to be of higher value.

Guest posting also helps you to do all of this in a faster way. You won’t have to dedicate as much time to your website as these benefits happen after guest posting.

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