ALBUM REVIEW: Peach Pit From 2 to 3

March 1 2024

The Vancouver based quartet returns with their third album “From 2 to 3.” The indie pop group formed when the four members were in high school and decided to embark on a musical project in 2014. The band consists of lead vocalist, Neil Smith, lead guitarist Christopher Vanderkooy, bassist, Peter Wilton and drummer, Mikey Pascuzzi. 

Peach Pit describes themselves as “chewed bubblegum pop” while others tend to denote their sound as soft, warm and slightly bittersweet. With distinct vocals coupled with strong guitar melodies, Peach Pit definitely creates their own unique sound. 

Imagine this: It’s a warm summer day. You’re hanging out with your friends without a care in the world. Your only concern is who’s going to pick you up to go to Tommy’s house. As the night progresses you wonder if the girl next door will deign to look your way. She rejects you, so you continue the night with your friends – albeit slightly disheartened. Basically, life is one big party full of love, heartbreak and good times with friends. While that description might oversimplify the lyrical storytelling, it basically summarizes the gist of Peach Pit’s discography. 

Each track feels like your friend comes up to and says “man you won’t believe what happened last night,” and then proceeds to explain the events of the night before. What’s truly mesmerizing is that Peach Pit is able to take seemingly mundane life experiences and turn them into captivating stories that transport you into the scene. 

This lyrical ingenious shines through the band’s first three albums, and their newest release dives even further into intricate storytelling through catchy lyrics and iconic guitar solos. 

The first track, ‘Up Granville’ opens the album with a distinct guitar riff paired with lively and easy-going vocals that remains staple elements in Peach Pit’s work. It’s fun and easy – it’s a song that sounds familiar to long time fans and will entice new fans to continue listening. 

The next song, ‘Vickie’ elicits a similar sound with a steady, quick paced beat coupled with a folk-twang rhythm. The nostalgic, soft lyrics tell the relationship of Smith and the titular Vickie where he is trying to figure out if he likes her and ultimately comes to the conclusion of “thank God you don’t live next door to me.” The two opening tracks on the album remain light-hearted and breezy with catchy guitar solos mixed throughout. 

‘Lips Like Yours’ slows down the pace with vocals that elicit feelings of longing and melancholy. The song takes a darker outlook on love and relationships and claims that love with “leave you out there, hung to dry.” The deep, mellow guitar melodies add on to the vocals to musically create the feeling of the ebb and flow of love throughout the song. 

The most energetic song on the track, ‘Pepsi on the House,’ couples fast-paced rhythms and flirtatious lyrics to bring about a song that could easily be a standalone track. It’s placement in the album gives the listener a break from the previous dark, pessimistic energy. 

‘Look Out’ is a stripped down, acoustic staple in the album. This song feels like something you’d sing sitting around a campfire. With stripped down guitar melodies and a harmonica, the song evokes feelings of love and longing. Vocalist Smith admits that he’d “crawl right through this phone” to get back to the girl who got away. 

Taking a hypnotic, wistful turn, ‘Everything About You’ features lyrics that stay true to Peach Pit’s sad boy tunes. The somber rhythm takes the background to give attention to the haunting lyrics. 

Shifting towards a more country, folk sound, ‘Give Up Baby Go’ features a soft twang that gives the band a firm standing in the indie-folk genre. The song expertly contrasts fun, folksy sounds with deeper lyrics that elicit regretful feelings. 

‘Last Days of Lonesome’ continues the subdued, sorrowful theme from the previous songs as vocalist Smith croons about feeling lost and stuck in life. This is a beautiful song that creates feelings of longing for a better life while recognizing your current situation isn’t what you want from life. 

Slower paced chords shift towards catchy and upbeat rhythms in ‘Drips on a Wire.’ The song goes back and forth between slow and fast paced rhythms with beautiful guitar solos mixed throughout. The repeated lyrics “honey, I want you like yesterday” truly elicits nostalgic and warm feelings. 

‘2015’ brings in a slight funk sound that’s the perfect summer song. The song prompts an almost youthful, optimistic outlook on life and relationships with the words “without you, there’d be no color.” The catchy melodies and sweet-sounding choruses evoke the same feelings as a warm, carefree summer day. 

The title track ‘From 2 to 3’ closes the album with a song chocked full of longing desperation. The percussion elements create a feeling of anxiety that this moment is final and something must be done to prevent the end of a relationship. The lyrics pair nicely with this sentiment as Smith builds up to the yearning words of “do you wanna make it, Annie? / Do you wanna make right off with me tonight.” 

Peach Pit’s newest album brings in a full range of emotions from love, to spending time with friends, to being disillusioned with the party scene. The band truly understands how to connect the nuances and intricacies of life into one album, and they do it flawlessly. With the album being released in March, this is the perfect transition album from spring to summer. The upbeat melodies and distinct vocals remain a staple for Peach Pit and the sounds in their album are the equivalent of taking a long drive with nowhere to go. 

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