History of Elvis Presley: The King of Rock and Roll

On June 24th, 2022 the new movie Elvis was released starring Austin Butler as Elvis Presley. Since the movie hit theaters, many people have sparked an interest in learning who Elvis Presley was and the life he lived. In this article we will go [...]

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8 Websites to Analyze Your Spotify Stats and Listening Habits

There are many websites where you can check your top artists, genres, listening habits, and more. Ever since Spotify Wrapped came out, people began creating other websites to mimic that data collection. Whether you want to seriously analyze your listening habits or [...]

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Green Day’s Headlining Performance at Shaky Knees

On the first night of the three-day Shaky Knees music festival in Atlanta’s Central Park, Green Day garnered a huge crowd for their headlining performance.  Green Day was the first headliner to take Peachtree Stage on Friday night, starting promptly at 9:20 [...]

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Athens Based Musicians You Need to Add to Your Favorite Playlists

Music is a staple in the Classic City, and the city is home to many prominent bands like R.E.M., Widespread Panic and The B-52s. While those bands deserve the fame and recognition they receive, Athens remains a birthplace for artists who are [...]

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Papadosio Performs at the Georgia Theatre

Papadosio, a band based out of Athens, Ohio, traveled to Athens, Ga. this past week to perform at the Georgia Theatre on March 31.  After taking a lengthy break from touring due to Covid-19, the group announced their spring 2022 tour on [...]

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Spotify’s Algorithm Explained

Have you ever wondered why Spotify always seems to recommend music that you want to listen to? The home screen features playlists titled “Jump Back In”, “Daily Mix” and “On Repeat” which always seems to feature music you’d want to listen to.  [...]

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How to Find New Music and Diversify Your Listening Habits

It’s easy to get stuck in a music rut where you’re listening to the same songs over and over again until you grow to hate them. Even with our unlimited access to millions of songs, we continuously go back to the songs [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Peach Pit From 2 to 3

The Vancouver based quartet returns with their third album “From 2 to 3.” The indie pop group formed when the four members were in high school and decided to embark on a musical project in 2014. The band consists of lead vocalist, [...]

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Top Picks for Female Vocalists in the Indie Music Scene

Potential unpopular opinion: I’m tired of seeing albums with malnourished, skinny jeaned men who seem to always be looking off camera make the top charts in the indie music scene. They’ve had their time to shine, and truly, I’m over it. Well, [...]

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