8 Interesting Netflix Original True Crime Documentaries

Netflix continues to be the most popular streaming service, garnering 221.8 million global subscribers since it was founded in 1997.  Originally, the streaming platform was a service that allowed people to rent DVDs by mail. Now, viewers can binge-watch more than 3,600 [...]

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ALBUM REVIEW: Peach Pit From 2 to 3

The Vancouver based quartet returns with their third album “From 2 to 3.” The indie pop group formed when the four members were in high school and decided to embark on a musical project in 2014. The band consists of lead vocalist, [...]

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The 8 Most Creative and Humorous Commercials from Super Bowl LVI

The 2022 Super Bowl bounced back after last year’s low viewership, attracting more than 112 million viewers across television and streaming platforms.  The commercials shown during this year’s Super Bowl varied drastically from last year, including light-hearted, creative, and sometimes weird storytelling [...]

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Top Picks for Female Vocalists in the Indie Music Scene

Potential unpopular opinion: I’m tired of seeing albums with malnourished, skinny jeaned men who seem to always be looking off camera make the top charts in the indie music scene. They’ve had their time to shine, and truly, I’m over it. Well, [...]

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Best Podcasts to Listen to Broken Down by Category

Podcasts are nothing new in our society. Nearly 41 percent of Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts monthly, and that percentage has only increased in the past couple of years. It’s no surprise why podcasts are so popular. Over [...]

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