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Are you struggling to generate brand awareness, website traffic, or online leads? Consider using search engine optimization (SEO) this year. With SEO, you can boost your website to the top of a search engine results page (SERP).

Nearly 70% of online activities begin with a search engine. In fact, over 50% of website traffic starts with an organic search. About 46% of Google searches are local, too.

With SEO, you can reach more customers and draw them to your business. It can take time to develop a strong strategy if you lack experience, though.

Don’t waste your time! Instead, consider hiring the best SEO company around. With their help, you can improve your rankings with ease.

Not sure who to hire? Here are nine questions to ask before hiring SEO services.

With these tips, you can narrow down your options before hiring an SEO company. You can feel confident knowing they have the expertise you need.

Start your search for an experienced, knowledgeable SEO company by asking these SEO questions today.

1. How Long Have You Offered SEO Services?

Not every digital marketing agency you find online offers SEO services. Some agencies specialize in SEO, too. During your search for the best SEO company, consider how long they’ve offered SEO.

An agency that only recently started offering SEO services might lack experience. They could make costly mistakes when developing your SEO strategy. They might neglect the latest SEO trends when strategizing, too.

An experienced SEO company, on the other hand, will know how to build your SEO strategy efficiently. These teams won’t waste your time.

They’ll also have a better understanding of the SEO best practices they’ll need to follow.

Hiring SEO services from an experienced team will give you peace of mind in their abilities. They won’t waste your time with months of trial and error. Instead, they can develop a strong, effective SEO strategy from the get-go.

2. What’s Your Approach?

Before hiring for SEO services, learn more about each agency’s approach. How will they develop your SEO strategy?

Remember, an experienced team will already have a plan in place. However, it’s important not to choose a company that uses a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, they should adjust their plans based on your goals, needs, and business.

The agency should start by researching your industry and audience. After all, no two industries are exactly the same. If you’re focused on a niche, you’ll want to reach a specific group of customers, too.

Understanding your target audience will help you appeal to their search intent. Otherwise, people who visit your website might leave. As they leave, your bounce rate could rise, causing your search engine rankings to drop.

Lower rankings will make it more difficult for future customers to find your business online.

3. Are You Up-To-Date With Trends?

Google’s search engine algorithm changes throughout the year. As the algorithm changes, new SEO trends emerge. If you’re not following these trends, your SEO rankings could drop.

Competing businesses might start appearing at the top for search queries that are relevant to your business instead. If you’re not ranking at the top of the page, consumers might not find your business. They might decide to trust a brand with a higher ranking, too.

Instead, consider hiring an SEO company that’s up-to-date with the latest trends.

For example, you might want to talk to them about voice search, Google’s Core Web Vitals, and featured snippets.

4. Can I See Case Studies?

The best SEO company will have proof they’re the best. Ask each company on your list for case studies. If they’ve worked with a business within your industry, review that case study first.

Case studies will prove the SEO company was able to help its clients.

Ask each agency how they helped achieve those results, too.

5. Can You Provide Reviews?

Before hiring an SEO company, learn from business owners who were once in your shoes. Ask each company for references and reviews. Try to speak with three of their recent clients.

Ask each client if they were satisfied with the SEO company’s services. Determine if the client encountered any problems, too.

6. What Other Services Do You Offer?

As part of an effective SEO strategy, you might need to make a few changes to your website. A slow, outdated website could hurt your ranking. Google also uses mobile-first indexing to determine rankings.

As you create your list of SEO questions to ask, consider asking the agency about their additional services. For example, you could benefit from a team that offers web design and development services.

Ask about the different types of SEO they can help you with, too. They should mention on-page, off-page, local, and technical SEO.

Before hiring an SEO company, ask about their link-building services.

Backlinks are one of Google’s top three ranking factors. Unfortunately, 66% of pages don’t have backlinks. Without backlinks, you might struggle to improve your rankings.

Consider hiring a company that offers all the services you need under one roof.

7. How Do You Measure Success?

Before hiring an SEO company, consider how they measure success. They should track key performance indicators like website traffic or rankings.

Otherwise, they might waste your time and money. If you’re not meeting your benchmarks, the agency should make adjustments.

8. How Often Will We Communicate?

It’s also important to find an agency that will communicate with you every step of the way. Determine how often they’ll provide updates. Ask if they’ll call or email, too.

Without regular updates, you might not realize the company isn’t improving your rankings.

9. What Will Your Services Cost?

Before hiring SEO services, consider asking three different companies for an estimate. Get an itemized list of their services, too.

If one price seems too good to be true, it’s possible the company cuts corners. Gathering multiple quotes can help you pinpoint the average price.

Stronger Rankings: Questions to Ask When Searching for the Best SEO Company

Don’t rush when hiring an SEO company. Instead, ask these SEO questions to find the best SEO company around. Hiring the best team will ensure you improve your search engine rankings.

With higher rankings, you can set your business up for lasting success.

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