Why Is SEO for Higher Education Important?

Seo for Higher Education May 25 2024

When most people think about education, they don’t think of it as an industry or a business. However, the United States industry for colleges and universities brings in more than $558 billion every single year! More than 3 million people are employed in the higher learning industry around the country.

With those numbers in mind, it becomes clear how much competition there is for students who want to pursue higher education. That is one reason that SEO for higher education provides so many benefits.

Done in the right way, search engine optimization can help a college or university gain the students it is looking for. But what are the other benefits that SEO for higher education can provide?

Read on to learn all about search engine optimization and what it can do for a college or university!

College SEO Can Help You Gain More Students

There are two phases in how a student decides which institute of higher learning to attend. Most people focus on the second stage, which is where students compare candidate institutions they are considering and weigh the pros and cons of attending each.

However, the first stage in the process may be even more important. This first stage is where students decide which educational institutions end up on their list of candidates in the first place.

This phase in the process is somewhat less visible, so many people underestimate it. However, the vast majority of educational institutions never end up on the list of candidates most students are considering.

Instead of focusing on doing better during the second phase of the students’ selection process, it may be more efficient to focus on the first phase.

If an educational institution can get on more students’ lists of candidates, they can increase how many students want to enroll with them. That is where search engine optimization comes in.

When students search for potential colleges or universities, you want to show up on the first page of search engine results. Only ten colleges at most can show up on the front page of Google, so competition is stiff.

However, achieving this feat can mean receiving tons of organic growth in interest in attending a particular institution. If an institution desires, that means it can enroll more students.

University SEO Can Help You Gain More Successful Students

Of course, not every college wants to enroll more students. But receiving more applications can still be a good thing. If nothing else, it’s always nice to be able to point to specific numbers to demonstrate how much demand there is to attend your institution.

On top of that, the more applications a college receives, the pickier it can afford to be. Most colleges have a policy of accepting the best students they can among those who applied.

Although it is impossible to reduce the idea of a “good student” to a single metric, there are still some students that do more for the colleges they attend than other students do. Colleges excel when their graduates are people with ambition and who are willing to work hard.

With enough applications, colleges can decide to accept only those students that tend to perform the best. That can provide a long list of benefits.

Education SEO Can Improve Your Prestige

Prestige can be a subtle thing. One way of looking at prestige is measuring whether or not people have even heard of a certain institution or not. The more people have heard of an institution, the more prestige it has.

That is where search engine optimization can help. Good search engine optimization means that more and more people will be familiar with a college even if they do not attend it. When people talk about colleges they considered, those colleges with better search engine optimization will tend to come up more.

Although it can be hard to measure, the ultimate effect is that people begin to think of the colleges they hear about the most as the ones with the most prestige.

This may seem counterintuitive. But being the college that many people considered is much better than being the college that few people considered. That is true even when people ultimately attend another college.

Search Engine Education Marketing Can Be Affordable

There are many strategies for improving education marketing. However, most of them cost a lot more than search engine optimization. The cost of a search engine optimization job varies depending on the unique situation of a college or university.

However, search engine optimization tends to be much more affordable than options like paid ads.

Search Engine College Marketing Can Be Permanent

One of the best things about search engine optimization is that it is somewhat permanent. Once you invest in improving your search engine rankings, your rankings will stay higher for years to come.

Other kinds of marketing tend to require paying costs over and over again. But if you pay the cost of search engine optimization today, you can enjoy the results forever after.

SEO Can Improve Website User Experiences

Some people imagine that search engine optimization for a college does not do anything for the students already attending. However, that is not true.

Search engine optimization also makes it easier to navigate websites with many pages. The pages that are most important to people will be the easiest to find.

That means that current students will be able to navigate the college or university website with a minimum of hunting around for what they are looking for. That can also reduce strain on the college support line. Fewer and fewer students may need to call in for help to find something on the website.

Enjoy the Benefits of SEO for Higher Education

The more you know about the benefits of SEO for higher education, you better you can appreciate why so many successful educational institutions invest so much in it. The world of education is as competitive as other industries, so it is important to stand out from competitors.

To learn more about how to improve the search engine optimization of your educational institution, reach out and get in touch with us here!

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