What’s the Main Difference Between SEO and PPC?

Difference Between Seo and Ppc May 22 2024

Your team has finally built a website that they’re proud of. From the colors to the font to the copywriting, everything has been curated to perfection.

You sit back, relax, and wait for the sales to roll in. But then, why isn’t anyone engaging with your website?

Your first course of action? Investing in PPC advertising. No one will be able to access the internet without seeing one of your company’s sponsored ads.

It works for a while, but inevitably, you see engagement tapering off again.

Want to know what you’re missing? You’re missing the benefits of SEO services.

Read on to learn about the difference between SEO and PPC!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Explained

PPC is an advertising technique in which your company pays to put an ad online, likely on a search engine. Then, whenever someone clicks on your ad, you owe a fee to the advertiser.

Pretty straightforward, right?

PPC ads most often are seen on search engines like Google, but they also appear on social media such as Facebook.

The goal of PPC is fairly simple, to put your ad in front of as many eyes as possible. PPC pushes your ad to target customers that may not otherwise have stumbled upon your website.

Essentially, with PPC, you’re paying for visibility.

Principles of PPC

Now that you know what PPC marketing is, how exactly does it work? 

For a PPC ad, such as a Google Ad, there are two sides to the equation: the ad itself and the target customer.

To find your target customer, you can choose what demographics of people should see your ad. You can also associate your ad with keywords so that people who search with certain keywords are more likely to see your ad as well.

After you have your target customer decided, you actually need to make them click on the ad. After all, you can put the ad in front of them, but making them click is a whole other story.

You will design your ad to be concise and relevant, meaning that whoever clicks on your ad will be more likely to buy your product.

Pros and Cons of PPC

PPC benefits include the speed at which you can increase your user engagement. Once your ads are out there, you’ll likely see a quick turnaround in the number of clicks.

PPC also allows you to target more specific groups of customers. This means that your product or ad can truly reach those who would benefit most from it.

However, PPC advertising isn’t the holy grail of marketing. There are disadvantages when it comes to PPC, such as how costly it can be.

Over-investing in PPC ads can quickly deplete your marketing budget. Additionally, ads aren’t usually a long-term solution for marketing. The longer your ads are up, the more they will be ignored.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Explained

SEO is not necessarily a paid strategy for marketing your website. More so, it’s a principle for how to design your webpage to be optimized for search engines.

This means that by simply based on following certain practices, your web page will be more likely to come up in a web search.

You can implement SEO strategies on your own, or you can pay for a professional to implement these strategies for you.

Principles of SEO

SEO principles dictate that certain practices make your website easier to find on a search engine. 

The most common and perhaps easiest to implement is the use of keywords. Integrating strategic and relevant keywords into your website makes it more likely to come up when potential customers are performing a search.

These keywords should be concise and focused.

Additionally, SEO focuses on using backlinks on your website. By incorporating links to other relevant pages on your website, you’re connecting your business to a wider network.

Finally, SEO works to ensure that a search engine can find and correctly categorize your website and bring it to the target demographic.

Pros and Cons of SEO

The biggest benefits of SEO are related to the ease of implementing these strategies. Whereas PPC advertising may require a lot of money upfront and ongoing money to maintain, SEO advertising can be free.

SEO services are an excellent start for businesses that may have a smaller budget to allocate for marketing. SEO is an extremely accessible strategy. Therefore, there is really no reason to not use SEO techniques.

Plus, if your SEO strategies are working, research shows that results will be long-lasting. Once your website is trending online, that engagement is more sustainable.

However, seeing the impacts of SEO marketing may be slower to start, as there is more competition for certain keywords on the internet. If everyone is using the same keywords, your business won’t stand out.

One drawback is that your business competitors are likely using similar keywords and backlinks. Therefore, what works for one business likely works for another. Or, your efforts are canceling each other out.

Additionally, learning SEO strategy is a skill. It may be more beneficial and effective to employ professional consultants than go about it on your own.

Know the Difference Between SEO and PPC

Ultimately, there are several types of digital marketing out there, all with varying effectiveness levels and costs to implement. By integrating a variety of strategies and staying true to the core of your business’s brand, you’re in a better position to increase user engagement.

SEO and PPC don’t need to be seen as adversaries or opposites. They’re simply two different strategies that can be combined for optimal results.

If you have a larger budget and need faster results, PPC may be a worthy investment for your business. For those who want a more organic and long-lasting strategy, SEO is the better bet.

If you need assistance in integrating SEO strategies from experts who know the difference between SEO and PPC, check out our local SEO packages. We’ll evaluate your business needs and implement strategies to boost your visibility.

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