SEO Pro: The Importance of Quality Backlink Building

Backlink Building June 25 2024

Backlinks correlate with higher Google rankings. Meaning websites in higher positions have remarkably more backlinks. The top result has 3.8 times more backlinks than the second to the tenth results.

A backlink is nothing more than an incoming link to your site. It comes from other websites. If you want higher rankings, invest in backlink building.

Backlinks have a big effect on your SEO efforts. Keep on reading to learn its importance.

Benefits of Backlink Building

First, what is backlink building? Simply put, it’s the process of obtaining backlinks for your website.

There are many ways to do this, but why go through all the effort at all? Here are some convincing reasons why.

1. It’s a Vote of Confidence

A single backlink serves as a vote of confidence. To Google, it’s a signal that a certain website trusts your site enough to link back to you. The more “votes” you have, the more the search engine sees your website as a credible source of information.

As a result, it boosts your SEO efforts and allows your website to get higher rankings on the SERP. If your site is good enough for many websites and readers, it should be good enough for the search engine as well. Your site authority goes up depending on the number of your backlinks.

However, before you go about earning as many backlinks as you can through unethical means, remember that Google also considers the quality of the link. It uses factors like the credibility of the website linking back to you. The more authoritative it is, the better the “vote” looks.

2. You Get More Traffic

With backlinks, you get an increase in both organic and referral traffic. Organic traffic is an indirect effect, resulting from your higher rankings on the SERP.

Referral traffic comes from the readership of the websites that link back to you. Their visitors may click on the link to learn more about your establishment or organization.

The quality of the traffic depends on the website it’s coming from. If it’s relevant to your industry, your referrals are relevant too. You’re more likely to convert traffic into sales and conversions.

Referrals are also good for your SEO. Google tracks them and uses this metric to determine your ranking as well.

3. It Raises Brand Awareness

With backlinks, websites acknowledge you. It’s not only Google that sees this as a vote of confidence since it applies to readers as well. They won’t link back to any website knowing it affects their reputation negatively.

A simple mention of your site raises brand awareness. However, getting referral traffic is even more effective.

Even if that traffic doesn’t lead to a lead, sale, or conversion, you’re still getting your name out there. The visitors will know your brand and keep it at the back of their minds. They may contact you in the future or come back if they find your site useful.

4. It Helps You Build Relationships

One of the proper methods of backlink building is contacting webmasters to endorse a link on your website. It doesn’t always work, but the relationships you can build during the process are priceless.

The outreach connects you with key influencers in this industry. Even if you don’t get a backlink, you can form long-term relationships that help you out in the future.

Having connections with authoritative people makes people trust your business more. Someone might even contact you to ask for your help.

How to Build Backlinks

How do you build backlinks in the first place and get the benefits above? Note that there are bad and good ways to do this.

Unethical practices might get you lots of backlinks in a short time. However, they won’t give you long-term results. Google has rules against these practices and penalizes anyone exploiting them.

Rely on white hat link building if you want to see good results. It’s intensive and time-consuming, but the results are worth it. That said, below are some common strategies.

1. Blog Commenting

Commenting on blogs with a huge readership helps gain visibility. As long as your comment is relevant to the post with helpful information, it’s a good way to get a backlink.

Remember, comments usually have a no-follow tag. It means no authority will get passed from the website to yours.

Google also treats no-follow links as a hint rather than a directive. However, blog comments can still give traffic. It’s also a great way of getting people to notice you.

2. Contacting Webmasters

Like we said above, reaching out to webmasters is a great way of building quality backlinks. Contact them to endorse your content, infographic, and others.

For example, find sites with a broken link. If you have similar content, pitch it to the website owner. It’s a win-win since they remove a broken link while you gain a backlink.

3. Writing Good Content

Sometimes, you get backlinks without doing anything. As long as you write good content, other sites will want to link back to it.

If you want to increase your chances of getting natural backlinks, it’s better to write informative articles. If you can, publish data from your research. Other people won’t find the information elsewhere, so they have no choice but to link back to you.

4. Writing Guest Articles

Guest posting involves contacting websites and offering to write an article for them. It allows you to target high-quality and authoritative sites.

The guest post must be relevant and high-quality, though. Websites won’t agree with anyone wanting a backlink from them otherwise.

Learn More About Backlink Building

Backlink building is an intensive process. It’s time-consuming and you won’t get results right away.

However, it’s an essential part of SEO as it contributes to your efforts. Learn how to start backlink building or contact us today.

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