SEO for Plastic Surgeons: 7 Trends for 2023

Seo for Plastic Surgeons June 25 2024

An estimated 46% of Google searches are local. Businesses that operate in a specific city or region must keep up with their SEO strategies if they want to be seen. This includes your plastic surgery practice.

If your website isn’t optimized, you lose customers to the competition. 

If you want to stay on the cutting edge, you must study the latest trends. These are seven SEO trends for 2023. Keep reading to learn all about SEO for plastic surgeons. 

1. Presenting the Information Customers Need Online

When someone considers plastic surgery, they usually begin by conducting research. For instance, maybe they’re comparing reconstructive and cosmetic procedures or trying to learn more about the recovery period. 

Very few people make snap decisions about getting plastic surgery. Therefore, you must present yourself as an expert in the field of plastic surgery by providing the information they need. 

Improving customer trust and establishing yourself as an authority begins with SEO. There’s much you can do to inform people, from providing an FAQ section to posting informative blogs. 

2. A Heavy Focus On Local SEO 

The key to SEO for plastic surgeons is to focus your efforts on your target market, and that includes focusing on the cities or areas where customers live. Very few people are willing to drive far for plastic surgery, as it’s much more convenient to stay within their neighborhood.

Therefore, you must use local SEO

Include the cities you serve on your website, ideally in multiple locations. Add it to the “About” section, the contact page, the CTAs in your blog post, etc. Work the city name into title tags, meta descriptions, and picture file names as well. 

Visitors to your website should find out where your plastic surgery practice is relatively quickly to determine if you’re within their range or not. 

3. Video Marketing Is on the Rise

Video marketing platforms such as YouTube and TikTok remain popular, and this type of marketing is on the rise across many industries. In fact, 54% of consumers want more video content from the businesses they support. 

People pay more attention to video content. They may lose patience or interest when skimming written content, but a video tends to hold someone’s attention. 

There are many benefits to using video in your SEO strategy. For one, it improves your chances of appearing higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

People spend more time on pages with videos. You’re also more likely to acquire backlinks when you upload useful video content. So, your SEO plan should definitely incorporate this trend. 

4. More Voice Searches

Services and AI such as Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant mean there’s been a steady increase in voice searches. Approximately 71% of consumers prefer to use voice search compared to typing. It’s faster, convenient, and you can search for answers hands-free. 

People ask their smart devices all sorts of questions, such as where to repair a broken phone or their favorite coffee shop’s hours.

You can bet that there are people out there asking their devices questions about plastic surgery, especially when it comes to finding a nearby plastic surgeon, the cost of procedures, or what to expect. 

Voice search also helps the visually impaired and those that have difficulty typing. You can expect this trend to continue, so you must optimize your website for voice search if you don’t want to fall behind. 

5. Optimizing Images to Increase Speed

No one likes waiting around for a web page to load, and you may only have a few precious seconds before that visitor hits the back button. 

If your plastic surgery clinic’s website takes too long to load, reducing image sizes can decrease your bounce rate and help your ranking. Speed is key, which is why one trend for the year is to ensure your pages load fast. 

As we mentioned, most people looking into plastic surgery conduct research first. They won’t wait forever for informational pages to load. Rather, they’ll likely leave your website or “bounce” and head to a competitor. 

An advertising and marketing company can optimize your images, speed up your website, increase traffic, and much more. 

6. A Blog That Answers Questions

Yes, blogs are still useful in 2023. They’re the ideal place to insert keywords you want to rank for and a way to give your customers valuable information. 

Blogs are great for topics that cover what to expect during a procedure, how to prepare, whether surgery is right for them, the benefits of surgery, and so on. Once you know what your customers are searching for, you can answer those questions on your blog. 

Visitors who land on your website after finding a blog post are more likely to check out the rest of your pages. They may click on your “About” page, read about your services, or fill out an inquiry form. 

You can direct these visitors where you want them with a great call to action (CTA), which is SEO 101. 

7. Making Websites Mobile Friendly

In 2023, all websites should already be mobile-friendly or strive to reach that goal.

More than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Each year the number of people that browse the web on these devices increases, meaning you must keep up with this trend. If your website isn’t optimized for a mobile experience, you’ll lose customers. 

Making your website mobile-friendly is easier than you think with the help of an SEO company. They’ll give you tips on how to optimize your site, increase online traffic, and appeal to all your customers on whichever device they choose to use. 

SEO for Plastic Surgeons: Making the Most of Your Marketing

Understanding the latest trends for search engine optimization lets you make the most of your marketing. You’ll learn what your target audience wants and how to improve their experience. These seven tips will let your practice thrive and attract new customers through 2023 and beyond. 

Here at Bipper Media, we’ve been helping clients like you grow by increasing their rankings and online presence, all with SEO. Implementing SEO for plastic surgeons starts with a call and consultation. Schedule a strategy call today to discuss your needs and goals.

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