How the logo appeared: A brief history of its origin

June 23 2024

We are today living in an era that is running heavily on branding and marketing. From companies to people, no one seems exempt from having a brand in possession. When we talk about branding and marketing, a distinct logo is a part of a company’s brand image. Logos are so common today that they are style statements and conversation starters for brands.

But have you imagined a world without logos? Before the origin of the logo and its link with brands, there was no singular image that stood for a particular brand or company. We have to trace back the origin and evolution of the logo to know why it is so important for companies to be defined by their logos.

Why is it important to trace the history of logos?

The use of logos in the digital space has been very recent, but if we track down the history of logos, it has been in use for ages. The official logo design and creation of companies goes back to the 1950s. However, if we see the evidence in ancient history, the first logo was seen during the Egyptian civilization era. 

The Egyptians were very adept at using a special graphic language called Hieroglyphics, that was based on images and could be the first type of logo ever designed. Sacred symbols related to different gods of Egyptian mythology and royal insignia could be examples of the earliest logos, even though they were not used by any company. These signs, however, stood for certain values and characteristics, so they can be likened to the earliest forms of logos.

Earliest Logo examples

If you look at examples from Roman and Greek society, in the earlier times, many signs and symbols were used to symbolize certain gods, royal houses, wars, and public events. Even before the internet entered the fray, people designed and used logos. However, it is only with the advent of digital devices and networks that designing logos and creating them has become easier. Yet, there are examples of some vintage logos that still retain their charm. In fact, in the time of oversimplified and minimalistic logos, many people want a return of the vintage, hand-designed logo, which is unique but relatable.

Modern Industrialized Logo

The modern logo as we know it can be traced back to the 13th-century period of the Renaissance. As artistry got a new lease of life during this time, craftsmen, sculptors, and stone men were eager to carve symbols and signs of their workmanship into their new works. With the evolution of society and industry, the creation of logos and brand design became more industrialized

With the advent of printing and industrialization, there was extensive use of lithographic printers across the world, which were used to print logos for upcoming companies. By then, new printing companies had been established where professional artists and printers were employed, but artists no longer got direct assignments in logo design.

If we go into the history of the first ever trademarked logo of the world, which gave rise to the revolution of company logo, a very early prototype of what logos look like today, then it would be the trademark of Bass Brewery with the red triangle and the word Bass written beneath it in cursive. Color Psychology, which is extensively used in designing the logo and its accompanying theme, also emerged strongly during the late 1800s. 

Today, the modern logo has evolved into the unique identity of a company and its visual representation. Today, there are logos everywhere, with some being more popular than others. The Coca-Cola logo and the brand is the most popular and recognized brand logo in the world, as 94 percent of the world’s population recalls it.

New Age logos and their popularity

Another popular and iconic logo is that of Apple, which was designed after the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden. The forbidden fruit in its first bitten state was chosen to be the symbol of Apple company because when something is forbidden, it becomes highly desirable to humans, and there is freedom in choosing what is forbidden to you. 

As Apple wanted to stand for the characteristics of highly valuable and desirable products, the symbol was chosen and refined as a logo. The symbol and the implied name Apple was a very simple one that the founders thought would stick with the audience, and it worked. Today, the Apple logo has made its own niche and is pretty popular.

How to create and market a logo?

In the present time, a logo is very easy to design with the help of free and paid logo design tools. There are a number of online and offline tools that design logos. However, to infuse substance and character into your company logo, you need to hire a good logo design team or at least one good logo designer

Logo designs are very important for companies, and if you can get it right for them, you can make a lot of money. In both offline and online marketing, the logo plays a pivotal role. However, there are different ways in which the logo might be used. For example, in the offline sector, the logo is mostly used as a part of the product packaging and placement. 

In the online sector, the logo design is integrated with the website, Google Ads, social media posts, stories, and even email marketing. To create good prospects for your company, the logo should be used in both external and internal communications. The company should maintain concurrency between the online and offline persona for the logo to be highly successful. There should be no gaps in the experience that a customer gathers from your brand in either channel.

The logo is important for the visual representation of a company. A company logo’s importance increases when the logo is backed with the display of the values it stands for and translates into the customer experience and services offered to its customers. A logo is only as successful as the company it stands for. By creating marketing and branding strategies around the company logo, the enterprise can become very popular.

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