8 Common Blogger Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Blogger Mistakes May 25 2024

There are over 600 million blogs published on the internet today. And while many people may think blogging is a walk in the park, that’s not the truth. Getting your blog seen is challenging in today’s age, and it’s a highly competitive market to enter.

That being said, blogging is a rewarding hobby and even a career path for those who dedicate time to it. You can start a blog to express yourself, speak your mind, or market your business. But what are some of the most common blogger mistakes to avoid?

Today we’ll cover eight of the most common blogging mistakes and show you how to avoid them. So if you want to run an efficient, successful blog, then keep reading!

1. Not Thinking of Your Audience

One of the most common issues bloggers fall prey to is neglecting to serve their audience. Many bloggers fail to research their target audience before creating blog content. This can cause your audience to feel misled or uninterested in your words.

You may come up with all kinds of great ideas for fresh content. But the truth is, if your target audience isn’t interested in the topic, you shouldn’t post it. To address this, always identify the key problems your audience faces and answer their needs.

2. Writing Content That’s Overly Formal

This is a common problem for anyone who’s been to college and has written many papers. You may think that a formal writing style seems more “knowledgable,” but blog readers could care less. In fact, rigid blog writing styles will bore them to sleep.

Your audience desires connection and personability—they want to be able to connect with your message. So writing with a casual, friendly tone is ideal. To fix this, write like you’re talking to your best friend—and don’t be afraid to use a little humor!

3. You Neglect to Refresh Old Content

Many bloggers write an article, publish it, and then move on to the next, never thinking about older content again. This can leave old content dead in the water as it becomes less relevant. It may have been popular before, but what can you do to update it now?

The practice of updating existing content is good for your blog and SEO, and Google takes notice. So refresh old content that’s starting to receive fewer views. It could be as simple as updating a section or two, which could increase clicks and views to your site.

4. Using Too Much “Fluff” Content

Fluff is any content that doesn’t add value to the topic you’re writing about. For example, you write a section about cooking eggs and begin to go off-topic about the history of spatulas. People are reading your content to get answers, so write content concisely!

Some people use fluff intentionally to fill up space, and some use it without realizing it. But the universal truth is that fluff will bore your readers and lose their attention. To avoid fluff, write with intention, use fewer words, and stay on topic when possible.

5. Not Structuring Your Article

Some bloggers believe that “letting it flow” is the best approach to blogging. While this can be true, you also need to have some structure in your writing. Without structure, your readers won’t be able to scan your article for what they came to find.

Instead of writing like you’re journaling, follow a basic structure for your articles. Decide on the post type; for example, is it a how-to or a top-ten list? Additionally, use headers to organize and break up content; your readers will greatly appreciate this.

6. You Forget to Edit Your Content

Another common mistake is believing your article is finished as soon as you stop writing. Unless you’ve edited your content while writing, this isn’t the case. Every great writer takes some time to review what they wrote and improve on what they have.

This process can help you delete fluff content, correct spelling mistakes, and improve the flow of your writing. So take 15 to 30 minutes to review your content. You can even use writing tools like Grammarly to help you perform a solid round of edits.

7. Not Choosing Niche Topics for Blogs

Bloggers who don’t choose a niche may not get the audience they actually want. Additionally, writing about too many random topics will confuse your readers. People who visit your site won’t know the purpose of your blog and won’t connect well.

You don’t have to severely limit yourself, but choose a niche that covers your main interests. For example, you like health and fitness, so create a lifestyle blog! You’ll attract a stable target audience that you’ll be able to market products to as well.

8. Not Writing Enough Content 

It’s hard to gain blogging momentum when you don’t consistently create content for your readers. It’s like a TV series that releases an episode once a year—how will you ever create enough attention for your TV show? Consistent posting is key to getting views.

In addition, regular blog posts will make you feel more determined and connected with your goals. You’ll form a stable habit and increase your ability to create content. And in turn, your blog’s audience will continue to grow and become more popular.

To create a simple writing schedule, decide how much content you’ll need to write per week to reach your goals. This can be one post per day, one every other day, or three posts per week. Decide on a number and stick with it for a while.

Avoid These Common Blogger Mistakes 

Blogging is an excellent way to support your business or channel your passions for life. You can grow an audience, market products, and speak your truth to the world. And by avoiding these common blogger mistakes, you’ll be many steps closer to a successful blog!

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